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💥 2 CURRENT STUDENTS 1ST IN JAMES RUSE MATHS 💥 98 4U Maths (State Rank Mark) 💥 100 3U Maths (State Rank Mark) 💥 99 UCAT 💥 James Ruse 💥 UNSW Medicine 💥 Hi, I'm Edmund! I graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High School, currently studying a Doctor of Medicine. I have already mentored over 100 students in English, Maths and Science. I have tutored extensively both privately and at a major HSC tuition centre, therefore having built up the entirety of the insider knowledge from experienced HSC markers about the demands of the new HSC syllabus and exactly what markers are looking for. Due to high demand, I have specialised my tuition towards Mathematics, a passion of mine, for the entirety of the past 3 years. I can personally assure that the Mathematics results of you or your son/daughter, HSC or otherwise, will drastically improve, with the mindset and knowledge instilled by my lessons. WHAT YOU GET: 💪 Lessons are HIGHLY INDIVIDUALISED - I structure my lessons around what you want, adjusting my method by your preference. (A comprehensive and result-backed default weekly teaching program is also at disposal) 💪 WEEKLY INDIVIDUALISED HOMEWORK - Comprehensive and appropriate allocation of relevant and high-yield questions. It isn't how many questions you do, it's what you learn from each question. 💪 FREE AND UNLIMITED QUESTION BREAKDOWN AND EXPLANATION - Past papers and worksheets are an inevitable part of high school mathematics. This is often the cause for copious amounts of stress during exam season, exacerbated by the often lack of quality solutions to homework allocated by school teachers. Anytime that you or your son/daughter has a question that they cannot solve and understand, my email, Facebook Messenger and Instagram are open and I will promptly ensure that the question is dealt with. 💪 FREE AND UNLIMITED EXAM AND ASSESSMENT HELP - The new HSC Mathematics syllabus requires that one internal assessment be in assignment form. I will personally guide you to differentiate you from your internal cohort, boosting your internal rank. 💪 DETAILED UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS ADVICE - I researched deeply into a diverse selection of career pathways, including Medicine, Law, Engineering, Science, Mathematics and Arts, before deciding on a career in Medicine. I would love to share all of my knowledge and experiences to help provide an informed pursuit of future goals. 💪 Schools taught: James Ruse, Baulkham Hills, Sydney Grammar, Sydney Girls, Sydney Boys, North Sydney Boys, North Sydney Girls, Abbotsleigh, Meriden, Pymble Ladies' College, Shore, PLC Sydney, Ascham, Knox Grammar, Cranbrook School, The King's School, Normanhurst Boys, Hornsby Girls and more. 💪 Most importantly though, I will not quit on you, ever. I will give you CONTINUOUS PATIENCE AND MAXIMUM EFFORT TOWARDS EVERY ASPECT OF YOU OR YOUR SON/DAUGHTERS EDUCATION - One major tidbit that I want to share is that even amongst the best Mathematics students in James Ruse, known for it's truly jawdsropping Mathematics results, every single student has still struggled with fundamental HSC questions CONTINUOUSLY throughout every day of their high school lives. Everybody truly does start from the very beginning, and ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE is born with innate mathematical skills that determine whether they are more inclined to achieve highly. Results that you can be proud of are solely due to hard work, determination and the correct guidance, and I would be honoured to have your trust placed in me to guide you or your son/daughter through this journey. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Rates: 1 on 1 Mathematics hourly rate is $100 $50/hr - Small Group Class UCAT and Medicine Interview Training - $100/hr 🥰 2 HOUR TRIAL LESSON FULLY REFUNDABLE IF UNSATISFIED


  • UCAT: 99th percentile (Highest possible percentile)
  • Mathematics Extension 1: 100 (State rank mark)
  • Mathematics Extension 2: 98 (State rank mark)
  • Accepted by 8 medical schools across Australia


Year 12 completed in 2021.
Mark achieved: 99.75 (verified).
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine at The University of New South Wales.


Edmund has honestly made such an impact on not only my marks in mathematics, but how I approached studying math in general. Before I started tutoring with Edmund, I honestly found no enjoyment at all in doing maths and often did not pay much attention during class. However, Edmund's fast paced, energetic and friendly teaching style did a complete 180 in my attitude towards studying (maths especially); I found myself actually willing to do more questions, and even trying my hardest to complete as many maths questions as possible before my next lesson with Edmund. I also appreciated how he would even be available late at night for lessons despite his busy schedule. I also really enjoyed how he would converse with me in an extremely friendly manner, as it made me feel comfortable in asking as many questions as possible throughout the lesson. Edmund would also answer any questions I had outside of lesson times (no matter how late at night I would contact him for help!!). His enthusiasm in teaching math was evident in my marks too; for example, after approximately a term of tutoring with Edmund, I went from being a consistently bad maths student (around bottom 50 in year 11) to top 30 in 4unit maths for my HSC task 1 (at James Ruse). I really recommend Edmund as a tutor for his ability to actually help you ENJOY maths :)
- By A. Lee on 21st November 2023

Edmund has been an outstanding tutor for HSC mathematics. Edmund is an expert in explaining relevant Extension 2 Mathematics and is able to foster ease of application for even the most difficult topics. Edmund’s teaching style caters to every individual need, providing plenty of examination style questions to make sure that problem solving technique is effective, detailed and to the level of a band-6 response. Edmund is extremely enthusiastic about teaching, his lessons are engaging and he is extremely supportive and most importantly patient, guiding you through a concept until a full understanding is gained. Through Edmund’s tutelage through HSC mathematics, my fundamental understanding has improved by leaps and bounds, shown by top ranks in mathematics school examinations in the competitive James Ruse cohort as well as difficult and conceptual olympiad examinations. I can definitely vouch for Edmund: choosing him as my tutor was definitely the best choice for my HSC and school career. I heavily recommend Edmund as a specialist tutor to provide your son/daughter with a supportive yet challenging and enriching environment, an understanding of even the most challenging topics and a guarantee of top ranks in any examination or opportunity.
- By Josh on 9th January 2023

Edmund is a reliable and compassionate tutor who provides tremendous help for high school students. He truly cares for the students, constantly morphing and editing his teaching style to fit the student's needs. Preparation skills, personal insights on test taking procedures and general homework help is offered by Edmund; all which are top quality and catered for every individual's worries. All in all, he is a dedicated and caring individual who will bulldoze any of your academic worries. He truly does know how to make maths easy.
- By Jackie Wu on 10th June 2022

After one of Edmund’s lessons, you will feel like you’ve stepped out of a different world, as his enthusiasm and dedication and drive to help you understand the lesson shows through every minute of his teaching.
- By Rachel on 6th June 2022

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