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Hello, I am a 3rd-year University student studying a bachelor of Social Work at Curtin and have a passion in tutoring primary to high school students. I have had experience assisting in classroom teaching in schools. My favorite subjects are English, Maths, and Health. My teaching style is flexible and will be tailored to meet the learning styles of my students. As a tutor, I can not only help students grasp concepts better but also help them build confidence and equip them with the right study techniques to conquer the academic struggles they face at school. I am interested in working with kids who struggle with studying techniques and motivation. I work a lot with children, adolescents, and young adults with disabilities, such as Autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. I have recently moved to the city, I was a support worker in Mandurah where I worked alongside clients with varying mental illnesses which has equipped me over the months on how to provide guidance appropriately based on the needs of my clients. Feel free to send me a message to further discuss any queries you might have, or to arrange a suitable time! Looking forward to hearing from you. I am happy to provide sessions face-to-face at a local library or run them from your home.


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 84.00.
Currently studying Bachelor of Social Work at Curtin University of Technology.


  • Yoga!
  • Gardening


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Roisin has been tutoring me since the beginning of 2022, I was really worried because I struggled with year nine last year and wanted to do well this year. She went through the syllabus with me to prep for my english class and I felt really confident heading into my class. Roisin also has a very kind personality which helped me feel really comfortable with her, this was so important for me :) I am excited to see how I progress throughout this year. Thanks Ro!
- By Daisy Rowley on 6th February 2022

Roisin has tutored me over the last two years throughout year seven and eight, prior to meeting her my grade was at an average of 40%. Gradually my results have been increasing and I now average at a 70%. Roisin has always been patient with me, which not many people are. I also get told off in class, struggle with concentrating and sometimes can't regulating how I feel. Despite my behaviour I found Roisin to be different from the rest of my teachers. She took the time to find ways to help me understand content better and she looked at ways how we can help with my ADHD, not only in class but with everyday living. Roisin has made a massive difference in my life and I am excited to be tutored by her this year. I have decided to take up english tutoring through her as well (as I suck at writing).
- By Angus Troett on 12th January 2022

I know Roisin for over half a year now and she has a the most wonderful personality suited for children/teenagers. She not only has the incredible ability to make you feel heard, but is able to tailor your needs to suit your learning style. She is very patient and has skills that I haven't seen in many tutors - being able to make a student love a subject they hate, on top of excelling in them. I highly recommend Roisin as a tutor, especially if you have a young one who lacks confidence in school/studies. Her gentle demeanour will help your child very quickly feel comfortable in the learning environment that she creates, helping them do really well in their studies.
- By Edwina Sim on 12th January 2022


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