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Strive45 Tutors are the highest calibre of IB alumni who excelled in the IB. 70% of our tutors scored 45/45 (99.95 ATAR), and all tutors scored a minimum of 43 (99.55+ ATAR). Our tutors only tutoring subjects where they received a strong 7, have demonstrated excellent teaching and are all highly passionate about guiding our students towards IB success from their own valuable experience. Our tutors come from IB schools across Sydney, predominantly MLC, Trinity Grammar, Ravenswood, Newington and Redlands. Many of them graduated as Dux of their respective schools and have on to pursue degrees including Medicine, Law and Engineering at a tertiary level.

Our private tuition enables you to complete coursework at a pace that enables you to excel. As a tutoring team comprised of the highest achieving tutors, we have compiled an extensive collection of quality resources, assessment exemplars and notes for subjects that our tutors use to provide you with the most comprehensive tutoring experience and beyond the resources given by an individual tutors. You can also receive individual guidance with course requirements such as Internal Assessments, Extended Essays, and TOK requirements. We also offer small group sessions at lower rates if you have peers that you work well with, or we can arrange a group with other students at a similar level. Reach out also if you would EE/TOK/IA review, i.e., guidance on idea development, content analysis and detailed feedback.

We also offer Holiday Intensive Courses in the January, April, June and September holidays, which will help you reinforce and accelerate coursework to ensure that you are in the best position for the coming school term. This is perfect if you want to guarantee your success without the commitment of weekly private tutoring or to consolidate your private tuition. Our holiday courses are taught by our high performing tutors who are very experienced teaching in small groups.

The subjects that our tutors can help you in include:

Biology SL/HL
Business Management SL/HL
Chemistry SL/HL
Economics SL/HL
Environmental Systems and Societies SL/HL
French SL/HL
Geography SL/HL
History SL/HL
English Language & Literature SL/HL
English Literature SL/HL
Latin SL/HL
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL/HL
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL/HL
Music SL/HL
Physics SL/HL
Psychology SL/HL
Spanish SL/HL
Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL/HL
Theatre SL/HL
Visual Arts SL/HL
Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

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