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99.95 ATAR tutor with a proven track record of student success.

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Hi! I’m John Xie, a 2020 graduate of North Sydney Boys High School. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine double degree at The University of Sydney, majoring in Neuroscience and Finance.

Here is a snapshot of my HSC results:

- ATAR: 99.95
- 99 in Extension 2 Mathematics
- 98 in Extension 1 Mathematics
- 97 in Economics with an internal mark of 100/100 (1st in North Sydney Boys)
- 96 in English Advanced with an internal mark of 99/100 (1st in North Sydney Boys)
- 96 in Chemistry
- State Rank 6th in NSW for Information Processes and Technology

Having taught 50+ top achievers across Sydney Grammar, PLC, Knox, Ascham, NSB, NSG and Ruse, I have extensive experience teaching all levels of Maths, Economics, and English to deliver proven results. In 2021, 7 of my Economics students placed in the Top 10 internal ranks at North Sydney Boys High School (including Ranks 1 and 2). Several of my Extension 2 Mathematics students have also achieved improvements of 20-30% in their assessment marks since commencing.

I will take a holistic interest in your child's learning by devising a personalised learning schedule for each student. I also dedicate a significant amount of focus on developing the student's conceptual understanding, as opposed to rote learning. Each lesson revolves around a specific topic with prepared material/questions for students to get well ahead of school, prepare for upcoming examinations, or consolidate gaps in their knowledge.

I am currently onboarding new students in Yr 11 and Yr 12 for Economics, 2U-4U Maths, Chemistry and English Standard/Advanced. Online lesson delivery is strongly preferred. Group lessons start from $40/hr. Limited 1-1 availabilities.


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: 99.95 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine at The University of Sydney.


John is a competent and engaging tutor. Learning Economics and English from John, I became much more confident in my short and extended responses. He pinpointed my exact flaws and described how to improve them, providing exemplar responses and thorough critiques. Also, learning 4U maths from him, he was able to take complicated ideas and make them easy to understand. I would highly recommend John to anyone who aims to excel in their subjects.
- By daniel on 27th December 2021

John’s teaching is nonpareil, a blend of concise teaching materials matched with his vast understanding of economics is something many tutors aspire to achieve. Not only is his teaching methods effective as reflected through his own multitude of accolades in his HSC year, it is apparent in the many students that achieve a single digit rank in both economics and maths under his ‘falcon’ wing. If success is what you desire, John is the key that opens the door to the ranks in which you want.
- By Martin Ngo on 15th November 2021

John is a fantastic tutor who tailors to his student's needs. I did extensive 1-1 tutoring with John for Maths and Chemistry in the term leading up to the Trial HSC, and improved my rankings for 4U & 3U maths and Chemistry to Rank First at Cheltenham Girls. I highly recommend John to anyone looking to excel at high school.
- By Sunny on 13th September 2021

John Xie is an enthusiastic, dedicated and overall outstanding tutor for all of the subjects he offers tutoring. Before joining his Economics lessons, it was becoming more likely that I would drop Economics as my marks and ranks were near the bottom of my cohort. However under his guidance, I managed to skyrocket my rank into the top 5 and achieve an average assessment mark of 92% in Year 12.
- By Nelson Yang on 3rd July 2021

Without a doubt, having John as a tutor will allow you to make bounds throughout all aspects of high school. Whilst a 99.95 ATAR is a testament to his depth of knowledge and expertise regarding 3U, 4U Maths, Economics, English Advanced, and Chemistry, ultimately it is his dedication to his students and a flexible teaching style that ensures visible improvements and results. With personalized feedback and resources, detailed insight and explanations into exam techniques, invaluable advice for interviews, and applications to medicine, STEM, and commerce courses, John offers an experience like no other tutor that ensures you achieve the best possible results in all aspects of your high school career.
- By Chris Li on 2nd July 2021

An excellent tutor for an affordable price. He tutors me for maths and is dedicated to our learning, creating personalised lessons to match our needs. Also very fun to have around and talk to and is always available if I have questions.
- By Dylan Liang on 2nd July 2021

As a student at North Sydney Boys High School struggling with economics, I decided to begin tutoring with John Xie along with a few classmates. Thanks to his great teaching, in which he provided weekly marked short answer, multiple choice and essay practise homework, as well as in depth in class tuition which provided me with an expansive knowledge of the course which far outweighed that of students at my school, my classmates with John and I all rose to be within the top 5 ranks for economics at North Sydney Boys, with us yet to begin our final HSC exams. I would highly recommend John for economics students of all levels, thanks to his teaching I guarantee that your rank will rise exponentially like mine has done.
- By Aidan Gilling on 2nd July 2021

Marvellous economics tutor, helped me go from rank 68 to rank 3 after my first exam.
- By Nelson Luo on 2nd July 2021

John is an excellent tutor, having helped me greatly with year 11 mathematics. I would highly recommend him to any high school students wishing to excel.
- By Jackson Wait on 2nd July 2021

John Xie is a reliable and compassionate tutor who provides tremendous help for highschool students. He truly cares for the students, often morphing and editing his teaching style to fit thr student's needs. Preparation skills, personal insights on test taking procedures and general homework help is offered by John; all which are top quality and catered for every individual's worries. All in all, he is a witty and fun individual who will minimise any of your academic worries.
- By Victor Mok on 1st July 2021

John has provided me with math tutoring at a great rate, accelerating my understanding of the year 11 Math content and allowing me to feel a lot more confident throughout the daunting and new experience of the preliminaries. If it wasn't clear enough, I highly recommend attending tutoring with John!!! :)
- By Jayden Wang on 1st July 2021

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After joining John for Economics, my rank skyrocketed from Rank 3 to Rank 1. John has been very helpful with answering questions and teaching content in a sophisticated yet concise manner which surpassed the superficiality of simply depending on school content. Highly recommend.
- By Byron on 3rd July 2021