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Hey everyone! I'm Ibrahim. I state ranked 9th in Biology (New Syllabus) in 2019. I'm currently studying Doctor of Medicine (MD) alongside Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMed) at UNSW.

2019: Biology - State Rank (9th); Advanced Mathematics; Extension 1 Mathematics
2020: Chemistry; Physics; Advanced English

ATAR: 99.15

Your experience as my Biology tutee will be UNMATCHED. I know the ins and outs of every question type, every skill and every trick those exam writers will throw at you. You WILL see improvements, and we'll learn how to learn without endless study! You'll be spending the least time studying Biology, but see yourself getting the highest marks in it. I'll make you genuinely LOVE bio!

If you just want to build a solid foundation, top your class, or push for that state rank, I've got something for you! Along with tutoring, you’ll receive FULL access to my extensive notes, quick notes, posters, hundreds of flashcards, module mind-maps and everything else. You’ll be able to contact me for help at any time (yes 24/7 support) and get feedback on responses to get the mark you’re aiming for (yes again, 24/7!).

My services are tailored for Zoom video calls, with collaborative software utilisation and core session optimisation for an enjoyable session you won't want to sleep in! Professional hardware equipment so it doesn't feel like we're calling from inside an airplane engine!

I make several FULL and MODULE practice papers that you can USE AND ABUSE to become a top-scoring student!

Here's what my students had to say about their experience with me:
"I topped bio in the test and research task!!! thankyou so much... 95% !!"
*WSU Med Offer* "Thank you so much for everything you did... to this moment!!"
"I got accepted into USYD for law next year"
"I did the UCAT today and got a score of 3210!!... Thank you so much for all the advice..."


Note: I only take a very small handful students per year (2 in 2020, 2 in 2021, 3 in 2022), meaning your individual needs WILL be met and I will devote all my time to YOU!

Year 7-8: $60
Year 9-10: $70
Year 11-12: $80
*Currently only taking on Year 11 students hoping to get Y12 content started early!

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Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: 99.15 (verified).
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine (MD) at The University of New South Wales.


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