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My name is Kate and I am a 2020 graduate of North Sydney Girls High School, achieving an ATAR of 99.50. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine at UNSW. Having graduated recently, I am very familiar with the new syllabus and can offer valuable insight and exam tips for the Year 11 and 12 Chemistry HSC courses. I am offering online one-to-one tutoring at a rate of $90 per hour.

During my 6 years as a student of a highly competitive Sydney selective high school, I have gathered effective methods of excelling at school, allowing me to achieve an internal rank of 3rd, and 95 in the HSC Chemistry exam. I am eager to pass on my enthusiasm for chemistry and effective tips to help my students achieve their personal best. In my lessons, I encourage a constant feedback loop between my students and I, ensuring everything is understood in a thorough way and catering to the individual needs of each of my students. I have experience tutoring multiple students towards HSC success, and years of experience offering volunteer homework help at a local community center.

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  • HSC Premier's Award for All-Round Excellence
  • HSC Distinguished Achiever
  • 99.50 ATAR
  • Christie Cunningham School Spirit Award
  • Academic Excellence in Modern History


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: 99.50 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at The University of New South Wales.


I have been tutored by Kate from early year 12 until my completion of HSC. Kate is very friendly and enthusiastic while teaching and solving student’s questions. I felt comfortable and motivated about her attitude and quality of knowledge. She will continue to explain things until you understand the information and is very patient and considerate. I highly recommend Kate as a tutor.
- By Vincent Nguyen on 19th September 2021

Kate is an extraordinary chemistry tutor who readily tailors her student's needs. She is incredibly patient and thorough with her explanations and knows the new preliminary and HSC syllabus inside and out. Kate's teaching differs from other tutoring centres, which relies on rote learning; she instead ensures all her students have a logical and deep understanding of all concepts and solutions of questions in order for them to tackle any questions in exams. With her exceptional teaching and support, I was able to place top 10 for the most crucial year 12 exam, and this was only after three lessons with her!
- By Jessica K on 14th September 2021

Kate is an impressive and amazing chemistry tutor as she displays encouragement and patience through her teachings. Throughout the term, she taught me the foundations and basics of concepts and with these foundations, I was able to develop my abilities to attempt harder and more challenging questions. She takes time and has great patience when helping me understand areas that I struggle with. I am able to ask her questions from school and she never fails to help me understand the process when deriving the answers. Kate is efficient when marking homework and gives detailed feedback on how to structure answers and how to approach questions. Kate is efficient, supportive and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for chemistry tutoring!!
- By Shirley Li on 12th September 2021

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Kate is one of the most patient tutors I've met. She can dissect any problem into a digestible form, and she is always willing to answer questions from students. Couldn't recommend more highly.
- By John Xie on 12th September 2021

Kate is a hardworking, dedicated tutor who takes extra care with listening and catering to the needs of her students. Anyone who has Kate as their tutor will find that she really puts a lot of time and effort into making learning content and exam preparation approachable for any student.
- By Emily L on 20th January 2021


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