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Hi, My name's Dave and I'm currently enrolled in a Graduate Degree Package for engineering in University of Melbourne.

I graduated in 2019, so I am well aware of the current study design. I am a passionate tutor who has a lot of interest in Math.

I am well aware of what students want as I have helped a lot of my friends throughout my high school.

I will be bringing different style of teaching method for each student that I take as every students have their own pace. If they need more foundation, I will be going back to previous chapters to build firm foundation. If they already have a good foundation, I will move along with their school study plan for them follow the school work well and fluently. Also if they follow well, I will be pre-teaching the chapters so that students have at least a brief understanding of the content before going into school classes.

I can also answer questions through messenger at anytime.

Hourly rate may differ depending on group, individual and year level.

Can speak Korean as well.


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 96.00.
Currently studying Engineering Graduate Degree Package at University of Melbourne.


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