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I graduated from Fort St High School in 2020 with an ATAR of 99.6 and came 5th in my cohort. I currently study Law/Economics at ANU on a Tuckwell Scholarship. I have over 400 hours experience teaching 15 students since completing my HSC at the end of last year.

My HSC marks were as follows:
Economics - 95/100
English Advanced - 94/100
French Continuers - 96/100
History Extension - 47/50
Mathematics Advanced - 97/100
Mathematics Extension 1 - 46/50
Modern History - 95/100

For essay subjects the HSC is still very much modelled on wrote learning, and thus a certain amount of memorising statistics and definitions is required alongside conceptual understanding. Because of this I give my students plenty of past papers to complete, which I mark and comment on. I also give my students an appropriate amount of newspaper and Jstor articles to add depth to their essays.

Maths is somewhat different, and requires a combination of conscientious study and a knowledge of the ebbs and flows of the ever-changing Maths Advanced syllabus. I base my teaching on past papers but ensure students know important definitional concepts (particularly in the statistics component) required for some questions.

I have a vast bank of past papers for all subjects that I tutor, including papers from the new English Advanced, Maths Advanced and Modern History syllabi, and my students get access to these as well as my summary notes and stat banks.

My normal hourly rate for one-on-one tuition is $50 but I offer group tuition for $35 an hour (capped at 4 people).

In terms of group lessons I currently run a 2 hour HSC Economics class on Saturday afternoons from 12-2 and an HSC English Advanced class from 3-5.


  • 2nd overall in cohort in year 11


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: 99.60 (verified).


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Great tutor and great guy. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their economics marks.
- By Nicholas Duffy on 28th November 2021

Max C is a great tutor, and has assisted me in boosting my English Advanced marks through thorough and specific feedback. Max has been able to clear up many difficulties I have had with english in the past, allowing me to consistently increase my marks across all modules within the course. I would highly recommend Max C as a tutor for any student struggling with english.
- By Thomas Green on 25th October 2021

Max C. is an extremely, well-developed tutor who offers insightful comments as well offering a well organised structure for his lessons. His extensive knowledge in English as well as his strong verbal communication skills allows him to effectively teach well. However, his broad understanding of the subject isn't restricted not only to English, but to Modern History as well. I would personally recommend Max C. as he is adaptable to each student limits and capabilities.
- By William on 12th October 2021

Max is an awesome tutor. He covers the content very thoroughly and gives me plenty of practice questions for homework.
- By Gordon Tran on 21st September 2021

Max has helped me a lot and I'm very grateful to have him tutor me this year
- By Jenny Guo on 6th September 2021

I've had a very positive experience with Max. He's tutored me in prelim eco and english since the start of the year and I feel I've come a long way in that time. Particularly, I like his table approach to english analysis which has been real helpful to structure my notes.
- By David S on 28th August 2021

Max started tutoring me a few months ago in english and economics and he has helped me immensely. My marks in both subjects increased considerably, and I feel much more comfortable going into the HSC exams than I did for my assessments at the beginning of the year. Max is patient and knowledgeable and I couldn't recommend him highly enough as a tutor
- By Frank K on 23rd August 2021

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