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99.90 ATAR | JR 2019 | 98 ENGLISH ADV HSC EXAM |

Hi, I'm Edwin! I graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High School in 2019, currently studying Medicine at Monash University.

I'm a tutor who innovates with teaching methods, constantly improving the quality of my lessons. I push students to achieve maximum results quickly and effectively, having taught HALF OF AUSTRALIA'S 2020 INTERNATIONAL Earth Science Olympiad Team.

2019 HSC Results
English Adv = 96 (98 exam)
Maths Ext 2 = 97
Maths Ext 1 = 99 (100 exam)
Physics = 94

I achieved ranks within James Ruse of:
2nd in Maths Ext 2, 4th in Maths Ext 1, 7th in English Adv

I have experience as a Science Olympiad tutor for James Ruse students. I taught a class of 10 students who started with NO knowledge of the subject. Under my direction, 4 students placed inside the TOP 24 NATIONWIDE, with 2 STUDENTS placing inside the TOP 4 IN AUSTRALIA.

Being a tutor has made me realise what works and what does not work when teaching students. Everyone knows that good results are derived from a platform of strong knowledge. But, how do you build that platform both better and faster? Most tutors will NEVER realise that the crucial step is for them to LOVE the subjects that they teach. I know exactly how a tutor's passion can easily influence their students, and that's why my focus is always on helping my students become passionate about their subjects.

My goal is to help you achieve the highest results OVERALL - NOT JUST the subjects I tutor you in. I am entirely happy to take spontaneous questions across ANY subjects that I did. I will extensively mark your essays and practice papers ANYTIME. Lessons are HIGHLY individualised - I structure all my lessons around WHAT YOU WANT. I adjust the way I teach based on your preferences.
I will analyse your drafts based on the SPECIFIC requirements and preferences of YOUR SCHOOL.

For English, I don't just want my students to be satisfied with producing well-written essays. I teach them exactly how to make their writing STAND OUT in any exam. How I achieve this is by:
- Breaking down all the complexities of essay writing into a SIMPLE system that guarantees top marks every time
- Facilitating your development of a comprehensive understanding of the prescribed texts
- Developing your skills to analyse quotes in highly unique and insightful ways
- Helping you achieve outstanding written expression + clarity, in both essays and creatives
- Walking you through fully analysed essay examples, that show you exactly what to do and what NOT to do, which you then get to keep.
- Collating wide readings to help you understand context and authorial intent, so you can actually use them FLEXIBLY and EFFECTIVELY in exams

As a result, my students become highly adaptable during exams (despite already having 20/20 essays under their belt) and are capable of answering the most unexpected of questions.

Having been the first cohort to go through the new English syllabus, I know exactly what is required to achieve high marks despite the course demands having experienced a significant shift.

For Year 7 - 11
1 student - $70/hr
2 students - $60/hr
3+ students - $50/hr

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any further information.


  • ATAR 99.90 (2019)
  • UCAT 3220 (99th percentile)
  • Science Olympiad Summer School 2019
  • HSC All Round Achiever



  • Languages
  • Sports
  • Piano


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