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In 2022 I will commence the first year of my undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Biomedical Science with an Assured Pathway to the Doctor of Medicine commencing in 2025, at UWA.

In 2021 I completed Year 12 as a student at Hale School. I achieved an academic report that situated me amongst the high achievers in my year. My final scaled academic record (from TISC) gave me an ATAR of 99.80 with a TEA of 389 (out of 430). My marks immediately before scaling were 96% in Accounting and Finance, 95% in Physics, 94% in Chemistry, 90% in Mathematics Methods, 84% in Mathematics Specialist and also 84% in English and after scaling were 91%, 95%, 94%, 91%, 90% and 80% respectively.

I have also represented Hale School in numerous STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) competitions and have achieved various Distinctions and High Distinctions in competitions like the RACI ANCQ Chemistry Competition, The Australian Maths Trust and The UNSW Maths Competition.

I have completed studying IGCSE (internationally recognised qualifications) Chemistry, Physics and Additional Maths and achieved three A* (highest achievement possible) on an average of 93% for Additional Mathematics and Physics and a 91% average for Chemistry - one of only three at Hale in my cohort to receive an A* in all three exams (done in Year 11).

I have over 100 hours of tutoring experience with students ranging from Years 7 to 12 and even with university students aswell. This experiences has granted me the ability to understand how I can have the most comprehensive impact on the learning ability and confidence of my students. I found an approach of prioritising long term understanding over short term competence to be the most beneficial, and aim to implement this strategy into my teaching the best I can. Whilst I think this is an ideal strategy, I am always willing to catering my teaching methods to fit my student's needs to align with what works best for them - as no two students are the same!

Areas I can assist in include but are not limited to, providing important support and help when studying and preparing for tests/exams, understanding content from usual classes and boosting understanding and confidence in relevant topics during times like school holidays - to help my students gain an early advantage over their peers and start the year on the front foot.

If need be, I am more than happy to offer online tuition and at a decreased rate of $45 per hour. Also, tuition for Year 7-9 students is at the decreased rate of $45 per hour ($40 per hour if online).

I also have a valid Working With Children Check.


  • Distinctions and High Distinctions in various Maths/Chemistry competitions
  • Past Academic Excellence awards
  • Level 1 Accreditation in Cricket Coaching via Cricket Australia
  • Three A* Grades in Cambridge University (IGCSE) Courses
  • Academic Colours and Accounting and Finance Prizes
  • 99.80 ATAR in 2021


Year 12 completed.
Mark achieved: 99.80 (verified).


  • Most sports especially Cricket, Formula 1 and Basketball


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I am willing to travel to most areas around Floreat, Menora/North Perth and UWA