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Currently Booked out for 2024 -------------- Don't get left behind. Everyone has dreams. Sometimes maths and physics is an important key to open doors. Those doors may be medicine, commerce, or engineering science, it does not need to be hard. Hi ! I'm Benjamin. I inspire and get results for my students by using a teaching strategy that works every time. I have an extremely BIG passion for teaching Math & Physics and getting high results for my students. Topics I offer: - Mathematics (all levels & topics): Methods, Specialist, General Math, Further Math, etc. - Physics: Demystify mechanics, electricity, and more! - Accounting: Master the numbers that make businesses tick. - Financial & Investment skills for kids (I help kids setup a brokerage to learn how the capital markets work) - Exam preparation: Ace those tests with confidence-boosting strategies. - Study skills: Learn efficient techniques to maximize your learning time. I'm not just a tutor, I'm an inspiration coach, focused on career direction and real purpose for my students. With my proven teaching strategies, I'll help you not only understand complex concepts but also build confidence and achieve real results. Your success is my priority, and I don't believe in charging without seeing progress. My background is mechanical engineering with years of real-world experience applying what I teach in computing, programming, digital marketing, and commodity trading. I know how math and physics work in the real world, and I can break down even the toughest concepts in a way that's clear, engaging, and even... dare I say it... fun! Don't just take my word for it. See what my students and parents (past and present) have to say below: Ready to launch your grades to new heights? Call today for an introductory free complimentary lesson.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mech) - With Honours
  • Research engineer at SUT for nanomedicine project aimed at cancer treatment
  • Received an award from Engineers Australia for "Excellence in Design"


Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical). (Majoring in Physics) Associate Degree of Engineering My extensive experience in mathematics, physics and engineering subjects has greatly help me teach these topics effectively so that students can understand the concepts quickly and effectively use them to ace there assessments. I also have experience in tutoring students in mathematics, physics and engineering during high school and university.


  • Weight Training
  • Building Computers/Linux
  • Programming & Coding
  • Investing - I help run a family investment company
  • Motorcycle Racing
  • Cookery


Benjamin is a very kind and patient person and always encourages Sophia to do her best. He would email/text either myself or Sophia each week to check what topics she required assistance with at the next session so that he always came prepared. Benjamin also provided old maths papers and exam techniques throughout the term to help Sophia. Benjamin is thoughtful and considerate and is very passionate about his job, so much so that he almost always goes over time at each session without giving it a second thought.
- By Laura on 16th January 2024

Ben has been an amazing tutor for both my girls. He has helped them so much understand and learn Maths to another level. We have had Ben over 2 years as he tutored my yr 12 daughter in 2022 then again with my other daughter in her yr 12 this year. His professional and outstanding commitment to teaching is amazing and nothing was ever a problem for Ben. He went above and beyond which we are very grateful for. His teaching is gentle yet thorough and gets the results through. We highly recommend Ben. He is an amazing tutor.
- By Kim Lawless on 20th December 2023

My daughter has had a few tutors through high school, and I never came across such a dedicated and talented tutor as Benji. Benji goes above and beyond to ensure my daughter is well prepared for SACs and exams, and is constantly providing material and guidance.
- By Ligia on 20th November 2023

Benji is so extremely talented and a dedicated tutor. My son has had him for Yr 11 math and physics. Benji covers more than just content, he works on helping kids understand how to approach their studies, revision and bound reference techniques and critical thinking. He is always providing additional study resources to help stretch them and best prepare for SACS and exams. He is thorough, he prepares and follows up on work to be completed, communicates well with parents and is genuinely invested in their learning. We are thrilled to have him on our team!
- By Carol on 6th September 2023

Ben has been tutoring my son, currently in Yr 9, and not only has my son's motivation increased but its also followed thru with improved results. Ben is incredibly professional and keeps parents abreast of progress which I find incredibly useful. My son thoroughly enjoys his classes with Ben. I highly recommend Ben.
- By Minnie on 27th June 2023

Thank you Benjamin for all the hard work and support you provided for our son during his final year of school in tutoring Maths and Physics. With your help, he not only achieved better results but his attitude became more positive. The support flowed through in increasing his confidence, general organisation, and approach to life, which was so great to see. We are grateful!
- By Anna on 23rd January 2023

Benji has completely changed our grade 6 year old son from being intimidated by maths to loving it and seeking more tasks to complete. This has not only had a profound effect upon his school work but upon his general well being and his confidence. Benji's ability to gain the trust of our son was pinnacle. Benji's kind, gentle nature has resulted in him becoming more than simply a tutor but a mentor. To create excitement from schoolwork is a gift. By not pushing him too hard but still challenging him he has transformed our son. We are forever grateful to Benji - a true gentleman and a scholar.
- By Scott McKinnon on 12th December 2022

Benji is an enthusiastic and motivated tutor who actively seeks to draw out the best in his student. Benji uses appropriate and relatable language and works with the student to build knowledge and understanding. Benji is passionate about learning and regularly follows up to ensure the student is applying the concepts discussed. Our family has appreciated Benji's dedication, commitment and friendly nature and would unreservedly recommend Benji to prospective students and families.
- By Glen Harrison on 10th October 2022

Benji is an excellent tutor! Not only does he help me with my maths for electrical, he is able to help me to understand the electrical subject with things other then just maths. He is always happy to help and he takes the time to make sure I’m understanding the maths before moving on to new topics.
- By Amy on 7th September 2022

We engaged benji to help our son Mikey in preparation for a selective entry exam. It was the best thing we did and look forward to an on going relationship with Benjamin. His manner is so warm and he is punctual and reliable. But more than that is his ability to break down difficult problems and teach the student solutions to working it out. His knowledge in mathematics is stellar and his ability to teach it is where we saw such great value. I would not hesitate in recommending Benjamin Conway as a tutor.
- By Karen megahan on 30th August 2022

Ben has been tutoring my daughter Isabella in Math Methods and Specialist Maths for over 6 months. Ben is an amazing tutor who has an ability to understand the students strengths and weakness and structure the tutor session to their learning style and ability. He challenges Isabella and breaks down complex problems to real life examples. Bens back ground in Engineering and Computers means he can provide great guidance on various career paths. Ben has build up Isabella's confidence and is always available to assist to ensure she succeeds. Isabella's results have improved immensely over the last 6 months and I recommend Ben to all parents and students who a looking not just for Tutor but someone who takes pride in seeing his students exceed their own expectations.
- By Joanna Tantotero on 28th August 2022

Benjamin has been tutoring my daughter for over a year in senior school mathematics and physics. We have found Benjamin to be caring, incredibly patient and he is genuinely invested in the process of improving both her knowledge and grades, as well as her confidence in her own abilities. He is always well prepared for lessons and makes extra effort to ensure that she is ready for assessments. He will take the time to answer any queries outside of the actual lesson times, which shows his dedication to his students. We would not hesitate to recommend Benjamin as a tutor.
- By Judy A on 13th June 2022

Benji is super organised and has great communication with both parent and student. Benji is patient and clear with his teaching which is helping my son a lot.
- By Karen Seager on 28th May 2022

I have used Benjamin as a tutor for my bookkeeping course, Benjamin is organized pushes you to stick to schedule and pursue your goals in a nice way. I found Benjamin very helpful, he used p cloud to see my work and would sometimes provide feedback. Also he has a lot of experience with computers and has a passion for teaching although he is not limited to computers he has alot of general knowledge and loves to learn and teach more. You get the feeling he cares a lot about his clients progress and cares about you.
- By Levi Szmerling on 28th April 2022

Benjamin has helped me enhance my maths/physics skills greatly, and is always willing to go above and beyond to help. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone wanting to improve their academic ability.
- By Toby on 11th April 2022

Benjamin has been tutoring my son for year 11 and 12 this year in specialist maths, maths methods, physics, time management, exam planning and study habits with a holistic approach and personalising his approach to suit my son’s learning style. We are really lucky to have found Benjamin who keeps our son focused, motivated and enjoying his vce subjects.
- By Kim Wareham on 18th July 2021

Benjamin has been working with our son for over 2 years now and has successfully supported, guided and helped Austin to excel in his studies, and as a young man. Austin has gone from strength to strength since working with Benjamin. Benjamin has tutored him in maths and physics and has taken Austin from not passing, to now gaining consistent high grades and with a solid understanding of the foundations of maths and physics. Benjamin is kind, caring, considerate and compassionate. His attention to detail is second to none, and his approach to education is outstanding. He is extremely thorough and detailed in his teaching style and the results speak for themselves. Benjamin has also become a strong positive role model for Austin and is like a life coach for him, guiding him not only with his studies, but also with important life decisions. Benjamin is a valued part of our family now and I would not hesitate to recommend him. Working with Benjamin has helped Austin’s confidence on his learning journey, and also as a young man building confidence and strong values.
- By Farah Mak on 21st May 2021

Character references

I was Benjamin’s Lecturer and Tutor in a number of units at Swinburne, including Machine Design and Final Year Research Project units. I also supported Benjamin as one of his supervisors during his final year capstone project. In my interactions with Benjamin, I was very impressed with his contributions during our tutorials, workshops and capstone project sessions. Benjamin achieved a High Distinction score for his application of advanced mathematical and computer skills in developing a MatLab model during his final year capstone project. Benjamin’s academic successes not only attest to his intellectual capabilities, they are also indicative of his professionalism, commitment and hard work. I have no reservation in Benjamin’s capability to apply his learning and training in Maths and Sciences to mentor young students. I am happy to be contacted via mobile 0431 553 433 or email at Yours sincerely, Dr Kenneth Igbo, BEng (Hons), MSc, PhD (Mechanical / Industrial)
- By Kenneth Igbo on 6th February 2020


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I am happy to travel to the following council areas. Bayside (Hampton, Brighton, Brighton East, Sandringham) Glen Eira (Caulfield,Caulfield South, Elsternwick, Bentleigh, McKinnon, Ormond) Port Phillip (Elwood, Ripponlea ) Also McKinnon & Ormond