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Hi my name is Benjamin, I inspire and get results for my students by using a teaching strategy that works every time.

Your excellence is my priority, and I will not charge without results. I provide a simple, easy to follow approach to all areas of maths and physics that you may be having trouble with.

My background is engineering and I work in the financial market sector.

I have an extremely BIG passion for teaching Math & Physics and getting high results for my students.

Topics I cover :

- Mathematics (any level or any topic---Methods, Specialist, General Math, Further Math)

- Physics

- Exam preparation skills

- Study skills

I make maths and physics fun and enjoyable.

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  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mech) - With Honours
  • Research engineer at SUT for nanomedicine project aimed at cancer treatment
  • Received an award from Engineers Australia for "Excellence in Design"


I have a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Mech).

My extensive experience in mathematics, physics and engineering subjects has greatly help me teach these topics effectively so that students can understand the concepts quickly and effectively use them to ace there assessments.

I also have experience in tutoring students in mathematics, physics and engineering during high school and university.


  • Investing- I run a holding company where we invest in Agriculture, stocks and precious metals
  • Boxing
  • Motorbikes


Benjamin has been working with our son for over 2 years now and has successfully supported, guided and helped Austin to excel in his studies, and as a young man.

Austin has gone from strength to strength since working with Benjamin. Benjamin has tutored him in maths and physics and has taken Austin from not passing, to now gaining consistent high grades and with a solid understanding of the foundations of maths and physics.

Benjamin is kind, caring, considerate and compassionate. His attention to detail is second to none, and his approach to education is outstanding. He is extremely thorough and detailed in his teaching style and the results speak for themselves.

Benjamin has also become a strong positive role model for Austin and is like a life coach for him, guiding him not only with his studies, but also with important life decisions.

Benjamin is a valued part of our family now and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Working with Benjamin has helped Austin’s confidence on his learning journey, and also as a young man building confidence and strong values.
- By Farah Mak on 21st May 2021

Character references

I was Benjamin’s Lecturer and Tutor in a number of units at Swinburne, including
Machine Design and Final Year Research Project units. I also supported Benjamin as
one of his supervisors during his final year capstone project.
In my interactions with Benjamin, I was very impressed with his contributions during our
tutorials, workshops and capstone project sessions. Benjamin achieved a High
Distinction score for his application of advanced mathematical and computer skills in
developing a MatLab model during his final year capstone project. Benjamin’s academic
successes not only attest to his intellectual capabilities, they are also indicative of his
professionalism, commitment and hard work.
I have no reservation in Benjamin’s capability to apply his learning and training in Maths
and Sciences to mentor young students. I am happy to be contacted via mobile 0431
553 433 or email at
Yours sincerely,
Dr Kenneth Igbo, BEng (Hons), MSc, PhD (Mechanical / Industrial)
- By Kenneth Igbo on 6th February 2020


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