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ATAR 99.95 || Maths Prodigy || Dux of Scotch College || Specialized in VCE & Competition& Uni Maths || Masters Degree at UniMelb in Mathematics & Statistics || If you don't learn and improve yourself, no matter what title you have, you never become a specialist in maths field. * A YOUNG MATHEMATICIAN SPECIALIZED IN MATHEMATICS ONLY. *I graduated from Scotch College and received ATAR 99.95 in 2019. *I was the dux of Scotch College in two consecutive years (2018 & 2019 ). *I'm a member of Old Scotch Collegians' Association (OSCA) which enables me to access the latest mathematics materials with the school and other members and is a valuable resource to me as a private tutor. You can check my achievements by searching "SCOTCH COLLEGE ATAR 99.95 IN 2019" online. * I received the full marks on maths methods, specialist maths, uni maths and Latin on VCE in 2019 * I’m a quad linguist: English, Japanese, Mandarin & Latin *I received Melbourne Chancellor's Scholarship from University of Melbourne In 2019. * I received the bachelor degree in Science majoring in Mathematics and Statistics from University of Melbourne . WAM was 95.5 and 98.5 respectively, first class honours, one of top one students in Australia in 2022 and 2023 in maths field. *At the moment I'm studying mathematics and statistics at university of Melbourne with a full scholarship for Masters Degree and PhD combined for 5.5 years. *My strengths are on those subjects - Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, University Maths, Informatics Maths, Australian Competition Mathematics , International Mathematics Olympiad Competition, Algorithms, Calculus, Function, C++, Python, Rust, Javascript and Linux development. * I’m involved in Artificial Intelligence research with UniMelb since Dec 2022 up to now. My master research subject is Topology ( One of the hardest mathematics subjects). * I have been providing individual maths tutoring for 4.5 years, my students mainly came from Scotch College, MLC, PLC, Melbourne Grammar, Haileybury, Huntingtower , Mac Robertson, Melbourne High, Knox, Wesley, Brighton Grammar , Carey Grammar, Caulfield Grammar, Oakleigh Grammar, Glen Waverley Secondary College, etc. My aims are to help students to achieve high scores and obtain scholarships. *I'm offering individual tutoring in VCE Maths Methods, Specialist Maths , Uni Maths, Informatics Maths, Australian Competition Mathematics , International Mathematics Olympiad Competition, International Olympiad in Informatics Competition, Algorithms, Calculus, Function, Masters degree maths courses as well as computer programming courses C++, Python, Rust and Javascript. *At the moment, i can provide tutoring online and in person , i use tutoring online facility “zoom” & “TEAMS” to provide the same quality of tutoring services. Thank you for reading my profile ! Look forward to being your tutor! PS: For all types of mathematics competitions and programming, the hourly rate is $138 (one to one only ) For maths methods and specialist maths, the hourly rate is $138 (one to one only). P.S: due to a high demand of my tutoring services, I can take a group of 2 students (maximum), you organize your group, 2 students must study the same level of maths. The hourly rate is $100/ student.


  • Awards of John MacFarland Exhibition in Mathematics from University of Melbourne 2020
  • Awards of Dean's Honour List 2020 in Mathematics from University of Melbourne
  • International Mathematics Olympiad Competition
  • Dux of English @ Scotch College
  • Dux of Maths @ Scotch College
  • Dux of Latin @ Scotch College
  • ATAR 99.95 in 2019
  • International Mathematics Olympiad Competition


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.95 (verified).
Currently studying Masters Degree at University of Melbourne.


  • Snow skiing
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Computering
  • Tennis
  • Chess
  • Swimming
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  • Sculpture Drawing
  • Computer games


Tianqi tutored me specialist maths and maths methods for 2 years. He was a really knowledgeable mathematician. His teaching expertise was beyond my expectations. He taught me how to solve problems and gave me a lot of practices. I finished my VCE exams in 2022 and got ATAR99.90 and received a full scholarship from Unimelb studying science majoring in mathematics and statistics. We are schoolmates now. Thank you Tianqi again and you are truly my life changer. At the moment, my younger brother Jim is his private student studying specialist maths and maths methods. I hope my brother will achieve his academic goal in the help of Tianqi.
- By John Thomas on 16th April 2023

Tianqi has been tutoring me informatics maths for a year. He taught me Algorithms and C++ knowledges. The result was outstanding. I’m keen on computer programming, I will continue to be Tianqi’s private student in 2023. Thank you Tianqi
- By Brian Taylor on 26th March 2023

Tianqi has been my informatics maths tutor for a year tutoring me informatics maths , C++ and algorithms. His maths knowledge was far beyond my expectations. I learned those knowledges from him which i never learned from somewhere else. I will continue to be his private student and planned to win Gold Medal of Excellence in intermediate group on Australian Informatics Olympiad Competition in the help of Tianqi in 2023 and get myself ready to approach to senior group in 2024. Thank you Tianqi again
- By Wilson Tan on 19th March 2023

Tianqi was my maths methods & specialist maths tutor for year 11&12. He trained me how to solve problems. His outstanding skills and profound knowledge in mathematics impressed me. I achieved full scores on those subjects and received full scholarship from UniMelb in his help in 2022. Thank you Tianqi.
- By Kelvin Chen on 16th March 2023

Tianqi is the best tutor for Methods & Specialist Maths who I ever had. Incredible explanations and tips for SACs and exams. He is an excellent, knowledgeable and logical young mathematician. Thank you Tianqi again.
- By Wilson Andrews on 12th March 2023

Tianqi has been my private tutor since 2020 for year 10 maths. He is a super intelligent talent in mathematics. I received full marks on my maths methods exam. At the moment he is tutoring me specialist mathematics. I hope I will get a good result on my VCE Maths exam in the help of Tianqi. Thank you
- By Linda Chen on 8th March 2023

Tianqi tutored my son year 11 maths methods & year 12 specialist maths. He helped my boy achieved high scores at ATAR 99.90, got the scholarship from Monash University. Tianqi tutoring skills were beyond our expectations, we highly recommend him to all students. Thank you Tianqi again, wish you all the best.
- By Katherine Keenan on 2nd March 2023

Tianqi was my daughter’s private tutor for 2 years for maths methods & specialist maths, he did a great job and my daughter got high scores and additional scores and won the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship. And currently Tianqi is tutoring my son now. Thank you so much Tianqi.
- By Lynne Barnett on 26th February 2023

Tianqi has been an amazing maths tutor , he has assisted and helped me to develop my problem solving skills. I will consider him as my individual maths tutor for VCE maths subjects in 2023.
- By Ben Sutherland on 25th February 2023

Tianqi is a gifted maths tutor, he has an extraordinary ability and patience to solve my maths problems. He helped me with specialist maths for achieving high scores. I feel so lucky being his private student. I definitely recommend him as a VCE maths tutor to everyone.
- By Anthony Butler on 25th February 2023

I have had Tianqi as my individual maths tutor for 2 years. He helped me with maths methods and specialist maths. He built up my confidence and taught me a lot of techniques on how to solve problems. I achieved ATAR scores 99.90, maths subjects obtained full marks. Thank you so much Tianqi .
- By Anna Williams on 25th February 2023

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Tianqi and I have been school mate from Scotch College to UniMelb. His achievements in mathematics was extremely outstanding. He is a young mathematician. His structural and logical mindset are far beyond standard. I highly recommend him to all students as your individual tutor on all mathematics subjects. I wish you have good future years ahead.
- By Michael Chang on 18th March 2023

Tianqi was my school mate at Scotch College. He was always helpful and thoughtful in our academic study. His outstanding mathematics knowledge made the school standout in a lot of mathematics competition. His easy-going, knowledgeable and approaching in academic personality makes us becoming life-long friends.
- By Kevin Wu on 2nd March 2023

Tianqi is a super intelligent maths prodigy. He has strong problem solving skills. His confidence and logical mindset will help all young adults to achieve their maths goals.
- By Kara Rickard on 25th February 2023


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