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✅ 99.95 ✅ USYD MED ✅ RUSE DUX YR11&12 ✅ 4 MED SCHOOL ✅ 99 (3260) UCAT

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⭐ About Me
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I hated studying. Then I topped James Ruse and got 99.95. Here's my story.

I transferred from Baulkham Hills to James Ruse in Year 11. It was brutal. Not only was the competition 10 times harder, it was the start of senior years so the content was much harder.

In my Ruse half-yearly exam, I was below average. My parents sent me to expensive tutoring for years with their hard-earned cash, and I had nothing to show for it. I had liked studying before. Now I hated it. I really was seriously considering moving back to Baulkham Hills (This was possible until the end of Term 2).

In the middle of Year 11, I had a reset. I realized that I didn't understand the fundamentals. Tutors and teachers had been flooding me with useless information which I naively memorised.

So, I decided to be brutal. On that day, I tore up and threw out 3 binloads of useless school and tutoring worksheets.

I decided to focus on the basics and cut out all the junk. I couldn't have done it without my father. He was a famous tutor in Korea and he is very good at explaining simply, easily and concisely.

My Yearly exams came up. I was 🥇 Dux (rank #1) of Year 11. I also had scored full marks and first place in the infamously hard James Ruse Maths, Chemistry and English exams.

I was called to the Principal's office at the end of Year 11. The Principal personally told me that I was the Dux. I shouted "What? That's impossible!"

I kept at it. In Year 12, I became the 🥇 Dux again and got 99.95. I was accepted into the 4 top medical schools: USYD, UNSW, WSU, UQ. Not even in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible. Not bad right?

I hate tutors who harm more than they help.
I hate tutors who can't come up with the most perfect and easy explanation.
I hate them. Why? Because I had suffered under them.

I love easy-to-understand teaching.
I love making students achieve their dreams.
I love these things, and that's what I will give you :)

📌 My Credentials

- ATAR : 99.95
- UCAT : 3260 (99 Percentile, Verbal Reasoning : 830)
- University of Sydney Medicine
- University of Sydney Chancellor's Award
- James Ruse Agricultural High School Dux of Year 11 and 12
- Young Scientist Award (awarded by Science Teacher's Association of NSW, for Year 11 Physics Depth Study)
- HSC Subjects : 3U Maths (99), 4U Maths (98), Chemistry (96), Physics (96), English (96), Modern History (96)
- Offered places in 4 Medical Schools : USYD Medicine, UNSW Medicine, WSU Medicine, UQ Medicine

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⭐ Tuition
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📌 Math

- Group: $50/hour, 2 hours/lesson, $100/lesson
- 1-to-1: $70/hour, 2 hours/lesson, $140/lesson

📌 Chemistry

- Group: $32 /hour, 2.5 hours/lesson, $80/lesson
- 1-to-1: $70/hour, 2 hours/lesson, $140/lesson

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⭐ My Teaching System
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📌 99.95 Quality Teaching

I teach the hidden tips that only the top-ranking students know. E.g. How to minimise silly mistakes or scaffolding long answer responses

📌 HARP System (Hands-on, Advanced, Reinforced, Progressive)

- (H)ands-on Study
With other tutors, students just watch the teachers write on a whiteboard, copy it down, then end of lesson. Even if the student's didn't understand, the teacher has no idea. With me, that's not good enough. All students write on an online whiteboard with a pen tablet. I monitor this whiteboard in real-time, allowing me to check if they are actually understanding and can solve questions properly.

- (A)dvanced Study
Usually in Year 7-10, students just play at school and actually learn very little. In Year 11-12, students are overwhelmed with tons of content. 99% of students can't cope with this. So, many students can't get the marks they want. Use your common sense! Who will be better at playing piano? Someone who has been playing for 3-4 years or someone who has been playing for 1 year? So, I spread out the workload of Year 11-12 to earlier years with a tailored and well-designed educational system. My students learn Year 11-12 content 3-4 years early. So, in Year 11-12, my students become absolutely unbeatable.

- (R)einforced Study
I teach the content over 3 passes.This has been scientifically proven to be better for memory and proficiency.

- (P)rogressive Study
I teach with progressing difficulty. When learning the basics, I explain very easily. Then, I slowly increase the difficulty so that students can adapt. This is how I make students feel that the HSC isn't so hard which makes them motivated to study. This is how even a Year 9 can learn Year 12 content.

📌 V11 System (Virtual 1-to-1)

I use individual online whiteboards to create a V11 (Virtual 1-to-1) Learning Environment. I have built a proprietary system using Wacom technology to simultaneously monitor all student's writing in real-time. So, I can see immediately if somebody's falling behind in understanding, memorisation or problem solving. No students will fall behind as I can check their writing immediately and give personalised feedback.

📌 LCM System (Live Commenting and Marking)

Working out accounts for 80% of the marks in your HSC. Most tutors and centres never check their student's work. Even when they do, they only check the final answer and not the working out. I monitor, comment and mark the student's full working out in real-time using my V11 system. To ensure that all students get attention, I use assisstant tutors who specialise in commenting and marking during the lesson.

📌 M System (Metacognition)

Most tutors and centres just deliver the content and expect students to figure it out on their own. I use my metacognition system which means telling students what is the best way to understand, memorise and how to use schematics to easily solve hard calculations. (Metacognition: an awareness of one's thought processes and an understanding of the patterns behind them.)

📌 CS System (Catch-up and Support)

- (C)atch-up Lessons
All lessons are recorded so that students who miss lessons can catchup easily. Students are not recorded, only the teacher is recorded.

- (S)upport Lessons
Students who are struggling will be invited to 1-to-1 support lessons where they can be helped individually.

📌 M&M System (Management and Maintenance)

- (M)anagement
Many students study hard, but still don't do well. This is because they are too young to know how to manage their study. Study is like running a company. You need to set an overall strategic direction with professional time allocation. I provide this management service until the student finishes their HSC.

- (M)aintenance
One of the common misconceptions about advanced study is "You will forget everything anyway" This only happens if you don't maintain the knowledge that you learnt ahead. After students finish learning the content with me, I run regular maintence classes so that students can retain their knowledge to a top standard until their final HSC exams.

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⭐ Contacts
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So what are you waiting for? Contact me now and join the path to your dream ATAR.

Thank you.


  • ATAR : 99.95 (Highest Possible Score)
  • UCAT : 3260 (99 Percentile, Highest Possible Percentile, Verbal Reasoning Section : 830)
  • University of Sydney Medicine
  • University of Sydney Chancellor's Award
  • James Ruse Agricultural High School Dux of Year 11 and 12
  • Young Scientist Award


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.95 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine at The University of Sydney.


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