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My name is Lindsay. I am an archaeologist, anthropologist and ancient historian. I have researched extensively on the history of ancient cities around the world. I studied ancient history at Scotch College, and continued my studies at Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts, Deakin University with a Master of Arts by thesis which studied the evolution of ancient city design in South America. I am now completing PhD at University of Western Australia on Roman and Incan cities in Classics and Ancient History. After many years researching in South America I have two books published on Andean ancient history. I have researched for Unesco, directed excavation and expeditionary investigations and have lectured and tutored both in Australian and international universities and conferences. Now I am looking for a little part time work that won’t impact on my PhD studies. Understanding the past is about bringing it to life, and understanding where we came from.


  • PhD Candidate at UWA in Ancient History.
  • Masters of Arts at Deakin University in Heritage Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University años UWA in anthropology, archaeology and history
  • Lecturer at Deakin University in Heritage and Environmental Management
  • Published book “Urban Continuity in the Andes: a pre-historical planning tradition” 2009, Oxford, Archaeopress
  • Published book “The Choro Trail: an archaeological hiking guide”, ancient highways of Bolivia series, Perth, Freshwater Bay Press.
  • Director of Heritage Aid Foundation, Bolivia
  • Researcher for UNESCO
  • Curator at Museum of Victoria
  • Lectured at many national and international conferences


Year 12 completed in 1986.
Mark achieved: 78.00.
Currently studying PhD in Classics and Ancient History at The University of Western Australia.


  • Writing
  • Fossil hunting
  • Travel
  • Hiking
  • Photography


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