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ATAR: 99.80 | USYD Dentistry and Science | North Sydney Girls School DUX

English Adv: 98 (state rank external mark)
Mathematics Ext 1: 99
Mathematics Ext 2: 95
Physics: 93
Chemistry: 92
Visual Arts: 97 (theory component: 49/50)

Hello! My name is Melissa and I graduated as School DUX from North Sydney Girls High School in 2018. I am currently studying Doctor of Dentistry/ Bachelor of Science at University of Sydney.

I have had tutoring experience at Pre-Uni College, Kumon Education, Maxx Academy and have been a private tutor for 4 years. Over this period of time, I have had the pleasure of teaching over 100 students! At university, I have achieved the Dean's List of Academic Excellence every year.

I feel passionate about teaching, and thrive in an interactive environment. I am trustworthy and always put my 100% into helping you achieve your goals in the HSC, so you're in safe hands! If anything, I know how daunting the last years of high school are, and I hope to make your journey a little bit smoother.

With a competitive mark of 98 in the external HSC exam (a STATE RANK mark), I am extremely familiar with the marking criteria and nuances within the English Advanced syllabus. I not only tutor English, but also offer essay marking at $60 per essay for Yr 11/12 students. Additionally, I mentor junior high school students in years 7-10 who seek to build a foundation to do well in the future and help them accelerate their studies.

I also have extensive experience in tutoring math. In my most recent Year 12 graduates, one student improved from below average to top 15 in Extension 1 Mathematics at North Sydney Girls High (with over 100 students in Ext 1 Math). Math is a passion of mine - I hope to bring this to all my students too :)

In my lessons, I seek to:
- Identify your areas of weakness and strength
- Create a personalised study plan
- Provide resources on a weekly basis to enhance knowledge covered
- Have topic quizzes every few weeks to solidify understanding
- Improve exam techniques and tips to assess full marks

Additionally, every student receives a TERMLY REPORT, in which I go through detailed feedback on their progress and areas they need to focus on. In this way, parents are also engaged in the tutoring process and can have a thorough understanding of what the students have covered in tutoring every term.

I am willing to travel to CBD, Chatswood, though most lessons are held in State Library of New South Wales or Hunters Hill. NOTE: CURRENTLY ONLY HOLDING ONLINE LESSONS

✅ In 2019, a student graduated with an ATAR of 99.80 and an English mark of 95
✅ In 2020, a student's external HSC mark for Mathematics improved by 8 marks compared to their internal school mark, after coming to tutoring for just a month prior to their HSC
✅ In 2021, a Visual arts student who averaged a 13/20 for his essays in Year 11 ranked 1st in Year 12 after a year of tutoring.

$75/hr - Year 7-10
$80/hr for Math, $90/hr for English - Year 11
$85/hr for Math, $100/hr for English - Year 12
$80/hr for Visual Arts (all year groups)
**Prices will be cheaper for group tutoring.


  • English Advanced 98
  • Mathematics Extension 1 99
  • Mathematics Extension 2 95
  • Visual Arts 97
  • Physics 93
  • Chemistry 92
  • North Sydney Girls High DUX
  • University of Sydney - Dean's List of Academic Excellence 2019
  • University of Sydney - Dean's List of Academic Excellence 2020


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 99.80 (verified).
Currently studying Doctor of Dental Medicine and Bachelor of Science at The University of Sydney.


Melissa is honestly the best tutor ever. She helped my math improve from below 50% in my internal exams to almost a Band 6 in just a few months. My mark for external HSC was 89/100.
- By Kathleen Juwono on 4th October 2021

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Currently not doing any home visits. Lessons will be held online, in my home in Hunters Hill or in State Library of New South Wales.