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I am currently a uni student studying engineering at UNSW having graduated high school in 2018. I have been a tutor since early 2018 and have tutored many different students of varying ability, helping them to improve their technical abilities as well as improving confidence and developing exam specific skills.

I believe I am a successful tutor because I am able to effectively convey information in an easy to understand manner, allowing students to understand all content thoroughly, no matter how complex. Everyone learns differently and I make sure my students are taught in a way that helps them learn best.

My long term goal is to eventually become an engineer, but for the meantime, I plan to expand on my abilities as a tutor ensuring I am the best I can be at what I do. Both of these pursuits are a passion of mine and stem from my affinity for helping others wherever I can and my inquisitive and technically minded nature.

$50 is the base price, which may be negotiated in some circumstances. The pricing is also subject to additional fees for reasons including long travel distance and extension subjects.


  • Student Representative Council
  • STEM Award


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 92.60 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Engineering at The University of New South Wales.


  • Soccer
  • Music (guitar)
  • STEM
  • Gym


Character references

Has a fantastic understanding of mathematical, engineering and science concepts and can very effectively convey his understanding to his students.
- By William Skene on 28th June 2019


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