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SPECIALIST ENGLISH TUTOR | 6+ YRS EXP | UNSW DEAN'S LIST RECIPIENT IN ENGLISH LITERATURE + CREATIVE WRITING SPECIALISATION (HIGH DISTINCTION + UNSW DEAN'S LIST) | HISTORY OF EXCELLENT REVIEWS (see below) | EXCELLENT STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS (eg. 99.95 ATAR from one of my 2022 HSC students + 99.90 ATAR from three of my 2022+2021+2020 HSC students) | UNSW DEAN'S LIST GRADUATE Hello! My name is Janelle and I am a private tutor with 6+ years of experience, specialising in English essay writing and creative writing. My expertise arises from not only my high marks and top rankings in HSC English, but also my in-depth research and further university studies completed in the specialisations of English Literature and Creative Writing (graduating with High Distinction). My experience tutoring many years of HSC and senior high school students also makes me extremely familiar with the new syllabus and marking demands. I currently privately tutor over 25 students. Additionally, I have also mentored many younger students, helping them build strong foundations in analysis and creative writing, as well as fostering their love for literature. I also have built up a rapport with past English HSC markers and experienced high school teachers, enabling me to give you a well-informed answer regarding what the markers are looking for in the HSC. Many of my university English Literature and Creative Writing courses are also the compulsory courses undertaken by NSW Department of Education English teachers, which my further research and literature specialisation also extends upon. ✔ LONG HISTORY OF STUDENT SUCCESS (see below) ✔ UNSW DEAN'S LIST FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE (in English Literature and Creative Writing) ✔ DOUBLE DEGREE BACHELOR OF LAW + ARTS (English Literature and Creative Writing specialisation) at UNSW ✔ UNSW 1st Round Guaranteed Offer ✔ SYDNEY GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL graduate (4th in NSW academically selective school in my graduating year) ✔ VERIFIED MARKS ✔ 99+ ATAR ✔ HIGH DISTINCTION UNIVERSITY AVERAGE MARK ✔ Taught by multiple Cambridge University PhD English Literature professors ✔ 2 PROFESSIONAL TEACHING STUDIOS + ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORM ✔ LONG HISTORY OF POSITIVE REVIEWS (see below) 💯 2021 ACHIEVEMENTS FROM A FEW OF MY HSC STUDENTS: 💯 💯 99.90 ATAR 💯 99.70 ATAR 💯 99.65 ATAR 💯 98/100 English Advanced 💯 97/100 English Advanced 💯 95/100 English Advanced 💯 90/100 English Advanced 💯 93/100 English (EAL/D) 💯 48/50 English Extension 1 💯 47/50 English Extension 1 💯 45/50 English Extension 1 💯 multiple full mark school assessments from my Yr 7-12 students ✅ (FOR MORE INFO AND RESULTS SCREENSHOTS: please feel free to Google my tutoring business AGS Consulting (Australia) by searching: agsca student results) ✅ 🌟 2020 ACHIEVEMENTS FROM A FEW OF MY HSC STUDENTS: 🌟 🌟 99.90 ATAR 🌟 99.85 ATAR 🌟 98/100 English Advanced 🌟 96/100 English Advanced 🌟 94/100 English Advanced 🌟 95/100 English (EAL/D) 🌟 48/50 English Extension 1 🌟 47/50 English Extension 2 ✅ (FOR MORE INFO AND RESULTS SCREENSHOTS: please feel free to Google my tutoring business AGS Consulting (Australia) by searching: agsca student results) ✅ ********************************************************* SOME OF MY PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Sydney Girls High School (English): • English Advanced: Ranked top 3 in both Year 11 and Year 12 • English Extension 1: Ranked 1st in Year 11 + Ranked 1st in HSC Trials • English Extension 2: Ranked equal 1st in Yr 12 • Ranked 1st in Year 7 English • Ranked 1st in Year 7 Creative Writing • Ranked top 5 in Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 English UNSW (English Literature): • HIGH DISTINCTION average mark across all my UNSW English Literature Courses (analytical/essay writing) • TOP OF UNIVERSITY COHORT + High Distinction in Shakespearean Drama university course (including The Tempest, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, etc.) • High Distinction in Australian Literature course (including poetry, contemporary Australian fiction, migrant stories, short stories by Nam Le, Aboriginal literature) • High Distinction in English Literature courses focusing on gothic literature, romantic poetry, science-fiction literature • High Distinction in English Literature course on manifestos, utopian and dystopian writing • High distinction in Literary Modernism course (avant-garde films, literary experimentalism, Samuel Beckett's absurdist plays) UNSW (Creative Writing): • HIGH DISTINCTION average in UNSW Creative Writing Courses • High Distinction in analytical and theoretical essay on character development in Creative Writing course • High Distinction in Creative Writing course focusing on life writing (including character development, character voice, imagery, moving descriptions etc.) • experience writing personal reflections on creative stories • High Distinction on major creative work (3000 words) • Distinction in Philosophy course, which enables a deep philosophical grounding to the crafting of existentialist imaginative writing, often examined with Modernism or in HSC Advanced/HSC Ext 1 ********************************************************* My major in English Literature and minor in Creative Writing also adds to my skills and abilities in helping students write both critically within essays, and creatively to craft emotionally moving stories and imaginative works that stand out from the crowd. My specialisation in English and Creative Writing also renders me extremely capable and familiar with: • high level literature analysis • advanced language techniques • essay writing techniques and structures • Shakespearean Drama & explanation of Shakespeare's plays (+ Aristotelian and Senecan tragedy conventions) • explanation of literary movements (modernism, sci-fi, gothic literature, utopian literature etc.) • creative writing methods based upon character psychoanalysis and fiction-writing theories • crafting an effective character voice and character development within creative writing Where applicable, lessons for more advanced students often work towards understanding more complex and in-depth theories and literary concepts, to supplement and enhance work being done at school. My method of teaching has proven to be extremely effective through the testimonies and reviews from many of my past students and their parents (see below!). ********************************************************* TWO PRIVATE, PROFESSIONAL TEACHING STUDIOS: 1. Sydney CBD (World Tower Commercial Suites, 2 min walk from Town Hall Station) 2. Burwood (Deane Street GM Commercial Tower, 1 min walk from Burwood Station) Currently, all my students are utilising my professional online interactive teaching platform which enables efficient and safe lessons during the COVID-19 period. Feel free to message me if you would like to begin tutoring or have any further questions. I'm quite fully booked so availabilities will be limited but I’ll do my best to organise a suitable time for you. Apart from private tutoring which I normally provide, I'm also happy to take small groups of students for tutoring, at the hourly rate of $130/student. ********************************************************* COMMON IMPROVEMENTS FROM MY STUDENTS: • increasing number of full marks and marks higher than 90% • maintaining a rank within top 5 of the cohort in English • drastic improvement in ranks (for example, one of my students, S.W improved from rank 138 to 15 at a Selective School, another one of my students S.L was achieving 13/20 and 14/20 in her recent 2 assessments and eventually ranked 1st for her HSC Trials) • a better understanding of the English concepts taught in class • improvement in the quality and speed of essay and creative writing • increased confidence to contribute to class discussions [I also have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC) qualification.]


  • 98/100 HSC English Advanced
  • 48/50 HSC English Extension 1
  • High Distinction average in UNSW English Literature Courses
  • High Distinction average in UNSW Creative Writing Courses
  • 1st Place in the SGHS Cohort for Preliminary English Extension 1
  • English Advanced (ranked top 3 in both the Yr 11 and Yr 12)
  • English Extension 1 (ranked 1st in HSC Trials, ranked 2nd in Yr 12, ranked 1st in Yr 11)
  • English Extension 2 (ranked equal 1st in Yr 12)
  • Rank 1st for HSC Music 2 and Preliminary (Year 11) Music 2
  • 96/100 HSC Music 2
  • Current Working with Children Check qualification


UNSW BACHELOR OF LAW + ARTS (Double Degree) • Specialisation in English Literature (focussing on analytical and critical analysis), achieved High Distinction or Distinction in all subjects • Specialisation in Creative Writing, achieved High Distinction or Distinction in all subjects • Also studied History (analysing and dissecting modern world history and its global movements), achieved Distinction • Also studied Philosophy (Distinction) SYDNEY GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL (2013 - 2018) • Academically Selective State School • HSC Subjects Studied: English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Music 2 and Chemistry • Preliminary Subjects Studied: English Advanced, English Extension 1, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Music 2, Chemistry and Chinese ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS FROM SYDNEY GIRLS HIGH: 2013: • The John Stott Memorial Prize for First Place in Cohort • The Ernest Stanley Davies Prize for First Place in English • The Lilith Norman Prize for First Place in Creative Writing • The Class of 1970 Prize for First Place in Technology • 2013 Science Merit • 2013 Geography Merit • First Place in Sydney Girls High School Debating Tournament • Distinction in 2013 Australian Science Innovations Junior Science Competition • Finalist in 2013 Red Room Poetry Object Competition • Distinction in 2013 Australian Mathematics Competition • High Distinction in 2013 Australian Geography Competition • Represented Sydney Girls High School in the 2013 NSW Da Vinci Decathlon 2014: • The P&C Prize for First Place in Chinese • Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement • First Place in 2014 Chinese Poetry Eisteddfod • Distinction in 2014 ICAS Science Competition • Distinction in 2014 ICAS English Competition • Distinction in 2014 Australian Mathematics Competition • Represented Sydney Girls High School in the 2014 NSW Da Vinci Decathlon • 2014 Science Merit • 2014 Music Merit 2015: • First Place in 2015 International Da Vinci Decathlon • Second Place in 2015 International Race Around the Renaissance Competition • Represented Sydney Girls High School in the 2015 NSW Da Vinci State Decathlon • High Distinction in 2015 International Languages Competence Exam (Chinese Listening) • High Distinction in 2015 International Languages Competence Exam (Chinese Reading) • Finalist at 2015 Sydney Girls High School Science Conference • Distinction in 2015 Australian Geography Competition (Intermediate Division) • Granted admission into the 2015 University of Sydney Gifted and Talented Science Discovery Program July Workshop • Distinction in ICAS Science Competition • Distinction in 2015 Australian Mathematics Competition • Distinction in 2015 Australian National Chemistry Quiz (Junior Division) • Finalist in 2015 Sydney Girls High School Music Festival 2016: • 2016 UNSW School of Chemistry Prize for Excellence and Enthusiasm in Chemistry • State Rank Third Place in New South Wales in 2016 Australian History Competition • 2016 Science Merit • Distinction in 2016 ICAS Science Competition 2017: • The Ernest Stanley Davies Prize for First Place in English Extension • Distinction in 2017 Australian Mathematics Competition • Distinction in 2017 Australian National Chemistry Quiz


Janelle is an excellent essay and creative story writing tutor. My son in yr 11 and daughter in yr 9 both received their recent exam results back and they both received top 3 ranking in their year group, and are very happy with their work! Me and my husband has clearly seen the improvement from both our children since starting lessons with janelle, they are more confident with their essays, and the comments from the teacher are also fantastic, we extremely recommend janelle! her teaching is fantastic and really helps elevate her students
- By Gabriella Hu on 19th June 2023

Janelle is best tutor my son has ever had, we saw huge improvements and big difference once we switched from previous english teacher to Janelle. My son’s attitude towards essay writing and creative writing is now improving a lot, and he recently improved +20% and +30% in two sections of his exam he received back, and his teacher at parent teacher night told me he improve a lot and is make big progress. Our entire family is very happy and proud. Janelle’s teaching is very excellent, detailed and my son says the lessons is always very relevant and helpful to what he is studying at school Janelle is best tutor, we are very thankful for her continued help and support to our son
- By Mary Lu on 6th June 2023

Janelle is the best tutor I’ve ever had! She is so helpful and helped me improve when I was really stressed about barely passing my first exam at 10/20 and after Janelle explained everything and helped me improve my skills now i got 19.5/20 and 20/20 in my recent assessments for English advanced and extension! :) She really helped me build my confidence back and helped me tremendously, thank you so much Janelle!!
- By Alicia K on 4th June 2023

janelle is an absolutely fantastic tutor, you can tell from her lessons that every lesson is thoroughly prepared and considered to suit my daughter's needs as a learner, and helpful to what she is doing at school. my daughter has shown huge improvements and reignited interest in english since starting with Janelle 3 months ago. janelle is also very knowlegeble and experienced, and explains essay writing strategies crystal clearly - she is a world of difference from the tutors my daughter has had in the past, we could not be more thankful! definitely recommend! she is a gem!
- By Allison L on 31st March 2023

Janelle is an excellent English teacher who has a very effective way of teaching, and she has helped me tremendously in achieving 1st in the grade last year. She is very clear in explaining how to do essay writing and creative writing, and she is a very patient and really understands where common areas of confusion are, and knows the syllabus inside and out. She is a wonderful person, and always really cares about my progress, and has also helped me become more confident in my exams too. She is fantastic, I highly recommend her!!
- By Elisa Kam on 15th February 2023

Janelle is a wonderful tutor, and helped my daughter tremendously in guiding my daughter to receive a 99.95 ATAR this year, and 98/100 in advanced english as well as 48/50 in extension english. She has really supported my daughter’s learning throughout the years and helped her improve from someone who hated english to now excelling and loving English. Janelle is a very special teacher as she teaches my daughter not only the content, but lifelong academic and study skills and how to analyse and write essays about books and literature, and the ways of thinking and analysis Would not all be possible without Janelle’s mentorship 🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you Janelle, our family highly recommends her if you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable English tutor who has excellent teaching style!
- By Amy Wang on 15th December 2022

Janelle is a very knowledgeable teacher who has helped my son a lot in his English studies at school. My son recently finished his hsc exams and school trial exams and he ranking first in the year under Janelle’s guidance. He also really enjoy English now that he has followed Janelle’s guidance, and I have seen his essay writing improve so much since starting tutoring in 2020. Highly recommend Janelle for a high quality and very responsible tutor who cares about students progress! Thank u janelle
- By Haowu on 3rd November 2022

Absolutely outstanding tutor! Hard to find a tutor like janelle these days. My son is in Year 12 this year and has been absolutely aceing his exams at school with multiple full marks in 3 recent examinations. Huge improvement since learning from janelle. She has a clear pedagogy for teaching, explains essay writing clearly, my son finds janelle’s lessons very helpful.
- By Paige T on 28th May 2022

Janelle is truly a gem of a tutor. I agree with many of the other reviews about her. she has really encouraged my daughter to be more confident in approaching her essays and creative writings and exams, and we have seen my daughters marks double - no joke, from 9/20 to 18/20 under Janelle’s guidance. My daughter says Janelle is extremely good at clearly explaining tricky things, and always is encouraging, patient, got heaps of knowledge and inspires my daughter to keep excelling. Janelle is a wonderful, genuine tutor who always makes her lessons great
- By Brandon MK on 15th April 2022

My daughter has been learning from Janelle since 2020 and I can personally see my daughter developing her essay writing, confidence in school and being able to talk about the English concepts in a much more cohesive and formal manner. Janelle definitely has a lot of expertise in developing her students’ English skills and creative writing, and she also teaches a lot of extra theory that my daughter said she doesn’t learn at school. Highly recommend Janelle for English tutoring. She is a tutor that truly cares about her students
- By Annalisa wang on 20th December 2021

Highly satisfied with Janelle as my daughter’s English tutor. My daughter has been excelling at school with janelles guidance, and has seen amazing improvements to her essay writing marks and her confidence at school. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending janelle if you are looking for a knowledgeable and reliable tutor
- By Kimmy Li on 10th September 2021

I highly recommend Janelle for an English tutor, she is my daughter's tutor and my daughter has seen significant improvement in both her marks in essay writing and creative writing. my daughter after learning from janelle is also more confidence in english and learning in general. Janelle is a very experienced knowledgeable and unlike any other tutor my daughter has had before as janelle very very good at explaining exam skills and teaching how to write, and my daughter says she explains things in a way that is very interesting and engaging, and she also takes her through the writing process and explains everything in detail. thank you Janelle! we highly recommend her!
- By Jenny wang on 21st June 2021

Janelle is an absolutely amazing english tutor who is really good at teaching english analysis and creative writing, and really helped my daughter excel at school. My daughter has really grown to love reading books and also now takes pride in the essays she has written as she has seen both improvement personally, and through the marks she gets at school which have been increasing ever since she started learning from Janelle. My daughter also said janelle is a really passionate tutor who is super experienced and knowledgeable at analysing many of her school texts and modules, and always explains things clearly. My husband and i also recently received a call from my daughter's school english teacher to let me know about her improvements in english, and her improved attitude towards learning. we definitely owe this to janelle's mentorship at both helping our daughter excel at english and develop a very good attitude towards learning. We highly recommend Janelle, she is an excellent mentor, english tutor - you defintiely won't go wrong choosing her
- By Helena Roberts on 11th May 2021

Janelle has been privately tutoring both my son and daughter for a very long time now, and both my children say she is the best English tutor ever. From a parent's perspective I have really seen both my son and daughter's grades improve drastically, and now they are receiving A+'s and full marks for their recent assessments. They also know a lot more about literature, and a lot of literary theories which Janelle has taught them. Her expertise and understanding in English analysis and creative writing is really deep and it really shows in her teaching. She is also an extremely passionate teacher and really knowledgeable and great at explaining complex and confusing school english concepts to my children. I would highly recommend Janelle for anyone who is seeking an English tutor for senior high school students!
- By Alice Munro on 9th March 2021

Janelle is an absolutely fantastic tutor who is extremely knowledgeable, and explains essay writing and creative writing really clearly. I recently graduated with a 96/100 in English, and I ranked first in my school for English despite getting B's in year 11. honestly I could not have succeeded without her teaching and guidance. I truly learnt so much from her, as she really built a strong writing basis for me, and also took me through a lot of critical essays and creative writing theories which helped me immensely. Thank you so much Janelle! I definitely recommend Janelle, she is the best English teacher I've ever had and her expertise in English is amazing!
- By Jessica on 22nd January 2021

Janelle is the best tutor I have ever had. She has deep and sophisticated understandings about literature and writing. She is not simply knowledgeable but is also experienced in teaching, each of her lessons catered to my needs and progress. It was also enjoyable to learn English with Janelle. She really made writing much easier for me. Thank you, Janelle, for helping me to rank the 1st in my cohort for English.
- By Grace on 20th December 2020

Janelle has been our daughter’s english tutor for almost 2 years now, and our daughter has seen incredible self-improvement, and an increase in her passion to read and learn. Our daughter really enjoys Janelle’s lessons, and she says janelle teaches a lot of interesting concepts that really facilitates her learning at school, and helps enhance and build up her essay writing skills, and think about her creative writing ideas. Her further english specialisation at a higher university level also enables her to teach our daughter so many in-depth and interesting things, and she also has many writing tips and tricks through her experience. She is overall an amazing tutor, lovely person and our daughter loves learning with her. We wholeheartedly recommend janelle to anyone seeking an English tutor.
- By Joe and Wendy Harris on 6th December 2020

Janelle explained essay writing to me in a really clear way, and taught me many new language techniques and how to express my point clearly across, and come up with a sophisticated point for the unseen HSC paper 1 responses. She is a super patient and kind tutor, and she answered all my questions and confusions really clearly. She also taught me many skills and tips on how to write, and is very very knowledgeable and with her help, essay writing is so much easier and clearer to me. She is definitely a tutor that goes above and beyond, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her. her lessons helped me tremendously
- By Mitchell on 21st November 2020

I was previously studying at the big tutoring colleges and honestly swapping to having Janelle as my tutor is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Janelle really caters her lesson towards working with areas I need help with, and also really helped me further improve my strengths. She is also really good at explaining where I went wrong in my previous essays, and really talked through the process of essay writing and creative writing in a step by step way which was super easy to understand. She explains things with a lot of detail and shows me examples of how to improve my analysis. That is really helpful to me. I never thought I would be able to gain full marks for my past 2 assessments, but I feel like I’ve really learnt so much from her. Honestly her style of teaching is so good, and she is also a really supportive and lovely person. I would definitely recommend her.
- By frances zhou on 6th October 2020

I highly recommend Janelle, she is a very experienced and knowledgeable tutor, and she is amazing at explaining English concepts clearly to my daughter. My daughter’s essay writing and imaginative writing ability really improved drastically over this year, and she came 1st in her grade for English Advanced and 3rd in the grade for English extension 1. My daughter also likes English much more since studying with Janelle, and Janelle also gave her many hsc study tips which were extremely helpful, specific and easy to follow. I have no doubts in recommending Janelle, she is an amazing, professional and very skilled tutor.
- By Melanie King on 28th September 2020

Janelle has a wealth of knowledge regarding essay writing and creative writing and has really helped me improve my marks and my understanding since I began with her 2 years ago. She definitely explains complicated language techniques very clearly and easily, and lessons with her have always been super easy for me to understand. I could not have ranked 1st in my cohort for English without her help, and i definitely recommend her if anyone is looking for an experienced, understanding and very knwoledgeable english tutor! 10/10
- By Madison on 7th July 2020

I was struggling with my English advanced assignment so much so I decided to have a lesson with janelle. During my lesson with her, she explained all the concepts and ideas my teacher didn't explain at school and really really helped me understand everything and fix up my analysis. I would definitely recommend her so much, she has helped me immensely and I received 20/20 for that assignment all thanks to Janelle's explanations and help!
- By Cathryn on 8th June 2020

janelle's tutoring really helped my daughter improve in both her creative writing and her essay writing areas. My daughter has been with janelle since last month, and my daughter's grades which were previously at B- have now improved drastically. She recently got 20/20 again and has been consistently getting As in English, I would highly highly recommendd Janelle, she is so helpful and she is really experienced with tutoring english. Thank you Janelle for helping my daughter gain amazing results!
- By Veronica on 30th May 2020

Janelle is a really amazing tutor, she explains this so so well and in a way that makes complicated concepts easy for me to understand, she also teaches me a lot of language techniques and how to analyse texts which really helped boost my english marks at school a lot and my ranking is now in the top 3, I wouldn't hesitate at all in recommending Janelle, I'm so glad I found her to be my tutor
- By Amanda on 14th March 2020

Janelle is truly the best tutor ever, she's super knwoledgeable beyond any other tutor and she honestly covers the English content better than my teacher at school. i feel like essay writing is so so so much easier for me now, and im really grateful and thankful to her for her teaching. She can teach u lots of essay writing tactics and really go through detailed arguments and quotes for my texts, i highly recommend her and will definitely continue with her till year 12
- By Ash Si on 23rd February 2020

I just finished my HSC english and extension 1 exams and Janelle explained everything so well and helped me fill the gaps my teacher at school didn’t cover. The exam went really well because Janelle helped me with such thorough preparation, I really really recommend her, she will save your life for english exams.
- By Wendy on 3rd November 2019

Tutor Janelle is really good and she is so skilled at teaching me essay writing. I found her so helpful for my year 11 assessments. She explains things in so much detail in a really easy to understand method, and with her help, I received full marks for both english advanced and english extension. Highly recommend!!
- By Vincent on 25th September 2019

Janelle started tutoring me before trials and I just got my hsc trial marks back and I topped my grade in english advanced I'm so so so happy. I was previously struggling so much getting like 13 and 14 out of 20 and this time during trials I understood everything, and i ranked number 1. THANK YOU SO MUCH Janelle, you are the most helpful tutor ever ????????
- By Stephanie on 3rd September 2019

Really is a difference between janelle and all the other tutors, like seriously she's so dedicated, her lessons are so catered towards my needs and my assessments and shes so good at explaning english concepts and she always help me with wording and consolidating my ideas perfectly
- By Kelina on 24th August 2019

She knows so many things and is so good!
- By Charlotte Li on 8th August 2019

I switched from my preveious tutor to janelle recently and I notice such a big difference i feel obliged to write this review as she is just so good and smart. she makes lessons so engaging and I finally learn things and I feel like even just after 2 lessons my essay writing has gotten a lot better
- By Bohuan on 1st August 2019

Janelle is a really professional tutor she is so good at essay writing and creative writing and she really helped me and explained things super clearly. her lessons are catered towards my personal strengths & improvements which is so helpful, and her teaching studio is a really nice and quiet environment i can fully focus in, she helped me raise my grades so much, thank god she is my tutor
- By Karina W. on 27th July 2019

I am a parent who contacted janelle to be my son's english tutor and honestly I am so pleased with the results. My son was struggling a bit with the concepts and writing but now his marks have really improved and he seems to be liking english now. A tutor like Janelle is such a rare find and she's so patient and lovely and always prepares her lessons well. thanks janelle!
- By L.W on 17th July 2019

Janelle helped me with hsc trials prep and i understand my texts much better and i can write better essays too, i feel much les sstressed now
- By Jess on 16th July 2019

I have had Janelle as my tutor for a while now and she explains stuff so well and i finally understand english, it feels a lot easier to write essays and my marks are really improving. shes a lovely and super smart tutor
- By Richard Z on 16th July 2019

Janelle is an amazing tutor, she knows so much and is super passionate and dedicated, she helped me improve so much and i really understand everything sophisticated she teaches me, she explains things so clearly.
- By Amy on 14th July 2019

Character references

I have previously worked with Janelle in a teaching environment and I am certain that she would be a great tutor for high school students. She is an extremely supportive and encouraging person, expresses herself clearly, and always enjoys talking about English literature. She is also a really dedicated, timely, and highly organised person who is passionate about what she does. She is a great co-worker, an amazing person too, and I believe she would make a great private tutor.
- By Harry on 21st October 2020


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