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Hi there!

I'm currently a head tutor at MS Learning, which specialises in Maths, English, Business Studies and Legal Studies tutoring for Years 3-12. I've been tutoring there for many years and I'm also studying a double degree in Law / Commerce at UNSW.

As an experienced tutor, I would like to emphasise that finding a good tutor is not as simple as finding a high achiever. Instead, focus on finding tutors with the skills and experience to be able to break down complex problems and make them look easy.

My focus has always been to bring students up to speed as fast as possible. I understand the importance of giving students the right training to help them build a strong foundation and develop the right skills for more challenging problems.

I’d love for you to benefit from my teaching! Please contact me if you have any queries.


  • HSC All-Rounder
  • HSC Distinguished Achiever
  • 2 State Ranks
  • 99.80 ATAR


Law / Commerce at UNSW


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