Janet S
Tutoring near Sydenham, Melbourne, VIC


I have been teaching VCE Maths and VCE Chemistry to Yr 11 & Yr 12 students for more than 10 years and hence familiar with the study design of these courses. Besides I have been teaching Yr 7 - Yr 10 Maths. My experience, dedication and knowledge will certainly help you to improve your outcomes in these subjects as I am a qualified and respected teacher at a secondary school. My aim as a tutor is to ensure that the students are able to achieve their full potential by overcoming all difficulties, correcting misconceptions as they arise and developing confidence as a learner. Many of my students have gone on to achieve exceptional results, but perhaps more importantly- all showed significant improvement. I am a dedicated tutor who loves working on individual weaknesses. I have created my own notes and conduct my classes in a professional yet friendly manner. As I believe in interaction and learning through open communication, I conduct one on one tutoring using Zoom or Skype and my rates start from $60 /hour. I also, do one off lessons for students seeking clarification on certain concepts.


  • Number of my students have obtained 40+ study score


Bachelor of Science
Diploma in Education


  • Gardening, reading and listening to music


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