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Hi, my name is Vaishvi, I am currently studying Bachelor of Computing Science (Honours) at UTS. I graduated from Macarthur Girls High school in 2018 with an ATAR of 94.30, scoring E4 in Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2. I was ranked top 5 in all my subjects at my school and have attained high academic achievements throughout my high school. I am willing to tutor students in high school and give them additional support and practice to achieve the same high academic results.

Along with the theoretical knowledge of concepts in Maths I have also gained tutoring experience where I have been trained to be a professional tutor.

I tutor students to do well with their current assessments and prepare them with skills and tools that will be useful in Grade 11, 12 and beyond.

I am extremely capable in:
- helping you improve your level of achievement
- enhancing your understanding
- providing critical feedbacks
- offering advice on preparing for assessments and how to interpret criteria
- helping you manage your studies and become a more effective, efficient student

All my lessons will be flexible and I would focus on teaching the fundamental concepts in depth, specifically focusing on what the student has trouble with and constantly practice the practical applications to ensure the accurate understanding of the theory.

I offer to tutor for various years, and my hourly rate varies depending on the subject and year level. I have my own supply of resources to provide to my students, such as my hand-made notes on every topic, past topic test questions and answers, assessment papers and more.

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  • 2018 - Teaching and Learning Head Teacher Award
  • Credit Achiever in 2013 NSW Maths Competition
  • Distinction Achiever in 2017 NSW Maths Competition
  • E4 - in Maths Ex 1 and Maths Ex 2
  • Achieved Diversity Merit Scholarship ($5 000) from UTS
  • Ranked 1st (internally) - in both Maths Ex 1 and Maths Ex 2
  • Academic excellence award (Year: 9, 10, 11 & 12)


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 94.30.
Currently studying Bachelor of Computing Science at University of Technology Sydney.


  • Tutoring
  • Dancing
  • Reading


I am in year 5 and I think Vaishvi's teaching is very good because she is an amazing teacher ,she is kind and very fun to learn with. we go through the maths syllabus very fast and even though she gives me homework I learn very fast because she gives me fun and fast homework to do.Vaishvi is a GREAT teacher.
- By Erum on 21st February 2020

Vaishvi is a great teacher. As a year 12 student struggling with math, she has helped me learn and understand my content which has resulted in my marks increasing as well as my knowledge
- By Alishba on 12th February 2020

Vaishvi was super helpful!! Always made going through hsc papers easier :)
- By Ram on 22nd October 2019

I highly recommend this tutor for maths. She has helped me achieve higher marks and have provided great help in the topics I don't understand. She explains well and gives me helpful practice questions to do at home. Highly suggest you get her!
- By Jillian Capistrano on 14th October 2019

Great tutor for mathematics. Highly recommend her as she explain ideas and concepts thoroughly and goes through any problems you have with the question and shows you how to do it clearly. She is also easy to talk to and is always willing to help.
- By Preetam Telugu on 7th July 2019

As a 5.3 Year 10 Mathematics Student various topics I face can be challenging. Vaishvi is a fantastic Math tutor as I am able to depend on her to help me through the areas I find difficult. She prepares me for upcoming exams and helps me to be ahead of the rest of my class. She gives me appropriate homework to practice throughout the week in order to strengthen the areas I struggle in most. Highly recommend Vaishvi!
- By Demi on 3rd July 2019

Highly recommend this tutor for math. This is because she helping me get higher marks and grade on my take-home assignments and in-school tests. This done by simplifying the topic to make it more understandable, going into deep explanations and giving practice questions. Therefore Vaishvi is an exceptional math tutor.
- By Laurie Spiteri on 3rd July 2019

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