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One thing that I am confident sets me apart from other tutors and even coaching schools is that I tailor my tutorials for the individual student. I keep close communication with families to monitor progress.

What do I teach? My expertise in teaching is in Mathematics in secondary and university level. However, I also have students who I teach not just Maths, but also English, Science, History and Geography in primary and secondary level, and Biology in secondary level. I have tutored, lectured and marked university students in both undergraduate and postgraduate level in General Maths, Maths for Life Sciences, Health Economics, Statistics, Operations Research, and many other courses. I can assist with tertiary coursework and reviewing for assessments in any Maths course, in some Science courses such as Immunology, Genetics, General Biology and Public Health courses. If you also require any assistance in thesis writing, essay writing, or even just setting up referencing (bibliographies) for your writing, I can also help.

When and where do I teach? I am available on weekdays from 1pm-9pm and weekends 8am-9pm. I prefer to teach students at my home office, as I have a vast collection of resources available at arms reach to the students' advantage. In extraordinary circumstances (e.g. multiple students, longer hours of tutoring required) I am able to consider coming to your home. I may be able to meet in agreed locations (e.g. public libraries and schools) where facilities are suitable.

How do I teach? It is important to help the student build their confidence in their learnings especially as an independent individual, so that they can face other struggles they encounter over and beyond the classroom and private tuition they receive. I work hard with the student to help them identify their weaknesses, so they can understand where they should improve. I believe in hard work to achieve results, so I encourage my students to work on as many different problem sets or other types of tasks in order to gain mastery of a topic. I provide a lot of material from various sources and also additional tasks aligned with the NSW curriculum or university course outline.

Why do I teach? I enjoy helping students in their journey to achieve their scholastic goals and/or overcome their difficulties in understanding concepts. It is a pleasure to see them also acquire improved marks in their class after helping them go through their struggles in learning. Seeing how pressure and stress is relieved within families when kids are able to get ahead with their studies is also an achievement for me.

My Qualifications: I am an experienced Maths tutor with a background in Mathematics in both academia and industry with 20+ years experience doing teaching and research in Mathematics. I hold a Masters and PhD and have taught kids in primary, secondary and university level Maths. I have extensive experience as a mathematical biologist, hence I am able to assist in learning biology and other general science concepts. I have a Working With Children check, tutor accreditation from the Australian Tutoring Association and other training certifications.

My current rates (2020) are between $45-$120 per hour depending on the year level, timing and amount of support needed.


  • PhD Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Mathematics


University of New South Wales
Recipient, Postgraduate Research Scholarship


  • Knitting/Crochet
  • Board games
  • Tolkien, Harry Potter and Disney enthusiast
  • Card games (Bridge, Poker, Trading card games such as Magic - The Gathering/Pokemon, etc.)


Thank you Dr Penny, for building my confidence and helping me manage my anxiety during exam times!
- By Emily on 28th June 2019

She is easily one of the best math tutors. She has so much patience for her students and is so friendly, that you don’t feel nervous asking her questions. She consistently pours 100% into her teaching and her students and it pays off. You won’t find this amazing and dedicated of a math tutor. She simplifies everything and I’m now able to learn concepts so much easier with her help. Thank you so much for everything Ms Pen!!!
- By Marcus R on 12th June 2019

Ms Pen is amazing! Not only is she incredibly sweet, but you can see the dedication she puts into all of her lessons. Her style of teaching is incredible and she tailors lesson to fit your needs! She is passionate about math and it shows. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
- By J on 21st May 2019

Pen has been very helpful with my biology assessments! She made it very clear and simple to understand what I thought to be very difficult. She is so passionate about teaching and would not hesitate to help even if I did asked for such a short notice. I would highly recommend Pen not only because of her remarkable qualifications, but also because of her warm and friendly personality! Thank you Pen for all the help
- By Sheryl G. on 19th February 2019

Ms. Pen has been my daughter's Maths tutor for more than a year now. She is such an amazing tutor. She shows an enormous amount of patience when teaching my daughter. She is like a second mum to her! My daughter used to hate Maths but with Ms. Pen's help and guidance, she has learnt to appreciate and love it more. She has in fact improved here grade from a B to an A. Thanks for all the help, Ms. Pen!
- By Margot on 19th February 2019

Ms. Pen takes "seriousness" to a whole new level! Why? Because you learn stuff without actually feeling it, and I believe that's how learning is supposed to happen to begin with. When things start to make sense, and you get into that "aha!" moment, everything else just follows. That's how Ms. Pen teaches and tutors. She sees the strengths in her students and uses them to make learning more engaging and productive. All of a sudden, learning does not feel like a chore. Not every student learns the same way and she knows when and how to adapt her tutoring techniques to take advantage of the student's strengths while also improving their weaknesses. I have learned a lot from Ms. Pen and she's one of my favorite teachers of all time. Her Math expertise is superb and her ability to assess my needs is basically unequaled. She is enthusiastic and professional, patient yet firm. My improved grades can attest to that!
- By Lucky M on 19th February 2019

Penny is a very patient and friendly tutor, she helped me gain the confidence I needed to catch up with Year 8 Maths. Thanks
- By Lisa on 13th February 2019

Character references

I met Penny while completing my PhD at UNSW Sydney. She was very encouraging and gave me useful, practical advice from her experience of having done a PhD.

Penny is not only a warm and lovely person, but is also very passionate about teaching and research. We completed the UNSW Foundations of University Learning and Teaching course together, it was fun to be her fellow student.

Penny and I have become good friends over time. I would love to collaborate with her on a research or teaching project some day.
- By Sameera Ansari on 18th February 2019


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