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Given the current circumstances, I've moved my tutoring to Zoom. I've found that lessons run smoothly, with little compromises compared to in-person lessons. I run lessons using my tablet and stylus, with students able to clearly see everything I'm writing, which creates a seamless system integrating Microsoft Onenote, PDFs of practice SACs and textbooks, and email correspondence. Quite frankly, online classes that students are having with their school are really not a good learning environment, since from what I've heard, school teachers are having a tough time transitioning online. This makes the present a perfect opportunity, especially for Year 12s, to get ahead of the competition. Students need 1-on-1 help now more than ever, and I am well equipped to facilitate that.


Hi, I graduated with an ATAR of 99.60, as Dux of Westbourne Grammar School in 2017. I'm currently studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

Being a successful student myself, I completely understand the personal needs and wants of a VCE student, whilst sharing my expertise of the subject. In my experience, I've found that my tutors have often been uninvested, boring and even unintelligible at times (especially those who have English as a second language); so I make every effort to provide students a holistic and efficient teaching method to ensure complete understanding of the concepts without any unanswered questions. I tutor each of the subjects given below at a 7-12 level. Also note that I completed all of my subjects in the current study design. Other tutors who graduated pre-2017 are likely not up to date with the new requirements of the course.

ATAR- 99.60, Dux of Westbourne Grammar 2017
VCE Study Scores (Scaled score in brackets):
Specialist Maths- 46 (54)
Methods- 46 (49)
Biology- 46 (47)
Chemistry- 45 (47)
English- 42 (42)
Feel free to verify them here: https://www.theage.com.au/interactive/2017/vce-honour-roll-2017/
Each of these scores put me in the top 1~2% of the state in some of the most competitive subjects available.
I also completed Extension 1st Year Mathematics (UMEP) at The University of Melbourne and scored a High Distinction

During our classes I will be guiding you and helping you with the following:

• Explanations of difficult concepts
• Understanding and application of concepts
• Practice questions tailored to your needs
• Correctly approaching and structuring answers to exam style questions
• Techniques for SAC and exam preparation
• Correcting practice exams and providing detailed feedback
• Effective time management strategies for SACs and exams

Students will also have access to my library of Westbourne Grammar past SACs, commercially made notes and external exam papers. I also provide extensive out-of-class help (via texts, emails or social media) at any time during the day or night for any spur of the moment questions or doubts.

I am available to tutor in Geelong + anywhere in the west on most days of the week. I can also drive to your house, which can be negotiated, just send a message!

Feel free to contact me


Year 12 completed in 2017.
Mark achieved: 99.60.
Currently studying Bachelor of Biomedicine at University of Melbourne.


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Travel policy

I am happy to travel to: - Geelong Library - Point Cook Town Centre - Sunshine Library - Footscray Library - Williamstown Library. Even if you live outside of these areas, just send me a message and we can probably figure something out!