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Hello, my name is Mikhail and I am a dedicated and new-syllabus ready tutor on Sydney and the Central Coast, with over 4 years of experience.

I graduated from Gosford High School in 2020 with an Atar of 99.80 and am currently studying at UNSW, doing a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (Co-op).

I am available around Terrigal, Avoca, Wamberal, Erina and Gosford on the Central Coast and Hornsby, Epping, Macquarie, Pennant Hills and Chatswood in Sydney. Furthermore, I can provide online tutoring to at almost any time on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, over the phone, or through messaging, something that I understand may definitely be preferred by clients.

I completed my HSC in Extension 1 and Extension 2 Mathematics in 2018, obtaining high E4's for both (96 and 95 respectively) and ranking first in my Gosford High School cohort in the latter, as well as a high Band 6 for Advanced Mathematics in 2017 (97). I completed my HSC in Advanced English, Chemistry, Economics and Physics in 2020, achieving marks of 95, 96, 95 and 91 in these subjects respectively. As a result, I received the HSC All-Rounder Award.

Through my experience in tutoring students of all ages, backgrounds and levels, I have developed a flexible teaching style that caters to each of my clients. I have tutored students with learning disabilities in the past and am adaptable to best cater my teaching style to your child's needs. I am new syllabus ready and have a range of valuable resources gathered both through my time in high school and that I have developed myself.

I offer competitive rates: $60/hr for one person and am willing to give substantial discounts for group tutoring.

I have a string of top results in high-level maths contests and olympiads at regional, state, national and international levels, ranking first regionally, in NSW or in Australia on several occasions. Thus I am able to provide additional insight into mathematics if necessary, as well as tutor students of Years 2-12 in various extra-curricular maths competitions, including but not limited, to the ICAS, APSMO, the Australian Maths Competition, the Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition, the Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad and the Colin Doyle Maths Competition.

Also, I am selling many of my resources. These include 15 question sets for all subtopics in the Year 12 General, Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 Maths syllabi and notes and essays in English, Economics, Chemistry and Physics. I have put in hours of extensive research into each resources, consulting the syllabus, multiple textbooks, past papers and NESA published questions when creating each resource.


  • School Chapman Award (Year Dux) 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Gosford High School Outstanding Individual Achievement Award 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Gosford City Learning Community Certificate of Commendation 2017
  • Colin Doyle Memorial Prize 1st Place 2017 - 1st Place for year group across Northern NSW
  • Australian Maths Competition Medal and Perfect Score 2015 - 1st place in year group for NSW
  • ICAS Maths Competition Medal and Perfect Score 2015 - 1st place in year group for NSW
  • Australian Intermediate Olympiad Perfect Score 2017 - 1st place for high school students from Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia and Hong Kong
  • AMOC Senior Contest Gold and Perfect Score 2019 - 1st place for high school students from Australia


Graduated from Gosford High School in 2020 with an ATAR of 99.80


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I have been getting tutored by Mikhail for about 3 months now and my results at school have noticeably increased. He teaches both the theoretical and practical aspects of maths which has helped me learn so much better. Honestly, I'd give him a 5/5.
- By Mathew Downing on 28th January 2019

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As a close friend of Mikhail, I can say he is an excellent tutor and is extensively knowledgeable in mathematics. He has received several academic accolades and is more than qualified to teach. He is very patient with his students, encouraging them to ask questions. He is able to cater to all levels of learning and is familiar with the secondary school syllabus.
- By Sanjana Dinesh on 28th January 2019


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Very available and Gosford, Erina, Terrigal, Wamberal and Avoca on the Central Coast as well as anywhere between Hornsby, Epping and Chatswood in Sydney. Avaliable for online tutoring anywhere.