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My name is Chantelle and I graduated from Nossal High School in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.10 and an enthusiasm to help others like you achieve the same.

I have tutored over 40 students, helping them achieve results both themselves and I were very proud of, and which enabled them to get into their desired university courses or eligible to study their preferred VCE subjects. Following a move interstate, I will now only be offering online tutoring services.

I believe I have a passion for helping people to the extent that I am strongly considering going into the Education field in the future and becoming a teacher, and I see being a tutor as an excellent opportunity to develop the required skills and see if this is really something for me. As I have battled through VCE myself and come out as a high-scoring student, I feel that tutoring is a great way for me to share my experiences with others like you in the same situation that I was in and pass on tips and tricks that helped me along the way – not only with getting those grades but with organisation, time management, having a good balance throughout Year 12 and most importantly having fun and making the most of the year!

As I am still very fresh with the content, having just completed VCE, and have my own set of organised intensive notes and endless practice papers for each subject I hope to easily pass on my knowledge and assist you with any of the subjects I’ve studied and succeeded in - English Language (47 -> 48), Psychology (47), Further (46), Health (45), Italian (41 -> 45) and Methods (39 -> 44). I believe I am persistent and understanding of the difficulties some may experience if they do not understand a concept but can come up with creative ways to explain something or help it stick, as I have done many times for myself, with my students, friends and sister. I have been described by my peers, students and teachers as being great at patiently and clearly communicating and explaining various concepts and having excellent interpersonal skills that help me build and maintain a strong rapport with others and I am additionally highly self-motivated, committed, efficient, punctual and proactive with an excellent can-do work ethic and organisational skills which I believe are essential for a tutor if they are going to be helping other people learn and succeed.

I am more than happy to meet as often as you’d like, answer any questions over the phone or text/email and for the lessons to be flexible – if you’d like me to decide and teach you certain content then that works, or you can ask me to go over what you’ve been learning at school… we can annotate and discuss some practice texts/questions/problems in the lead up to SACS or for general practice, plow through homework tasks, get ahead of your class or look at your weaknesses and teacher’s feedback and focus on what you need to improve – basically there doesn’t need to be a rigid structure and we can make sure its whatever will benefit you the most!

FURTHER MATHS - Further has always been something that I’ve really enjoyed and hence put in the effort to learn each skill in depth and to an examinable level and that’s something I hope to be able to help you with too. Having completed endless practice papers, and having lost only one mark in Exam 1 and two in Exam 2, for the silliest of reasons, I feel I am knowledgeable in the areas that tend to slip up students as well as the areas of content VCAA will definitely examine, and have ways to ensure you aren’t tripped up, particularly with the ever-confusing yet highly applicable Financial Math. I obtained perfect scores in both Module sections of the exams and also won the subject excellence award at my school for both Further ½ and ¾, graduating with a 46 raw.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Despite never particularly liking English, I was still able to persevere and come through on top - with tonnes of advice on the subject - and that’s a skill I’d like to share with you, especially if English was never your favourite subject but you’re still aiming high. I obtained almost perfect marks on each section of the Exam and also won a subject excellence award at my school for English Language ¾ and a silver certificate in The Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad (OzClo), graduating with a 47 raw.

ITALIAN – Being a non-native speaker and studying this subject through Distance Education, I have certainly seen the challenges of learning a language, but believe this has made me more skilled with a greater competency in the language than I otherwise would have achieved, having had to keep myself motivated and on top of things and teach myself various ways for verb tenses and vocabulary to stick, not to mention the detailed study and general conversation. Starting Year 12, completely terrified of how I’d survive the 15 minutes of doom, I went in to the Oral exam in October feeling more excited than ever about being able to share all that I had learnt with someone and a feeling of pride that I had finally learnt a language other than English – something I’d hope to have you feeling too by the end of the year, with all nerves aside! For me, finding someone (my teacher) who was always ready to practice speaking with me and read through every single essay I wrote was the best thing for my studies, and I now intend to be that person for you. I absolutely love learning Italian, the language and Italian culture and have a passion for it which would no doubt transfer across in my tutoring. I am planning to co-major in Italian at uni this year, obtained almost perfect marks in my Oral Exam and Reading section and also won the Victorian School of Languages Best Effort Award in 2015 and 2016, achieved a Certificate 2 Distinction in the Assessment of Language Competence and an Elite Award in the Language Perfect World Championships in 2016 and 2018, graduating with a 41 raw which scaled to a 45.

PSYCHOLOGY – Having accelerated into Psychology in Year 10 and completed the ¾ course in the first year of the study design with an absolute love for the content, I believe I learnt this course in impeccable detail and have thorough notes and explanations which can help you share the same level of knowledge. For me, the key to Psychology was realising how much it applied to daily life and consequently enjoying the subject. I am currently pursuing Neuroscience at university too, which broadens my understanding of the subject and will definitely be advantageous to you. I also won a subject excellence award at my school for Psychology ½, graduating with a 47 raw.

HEALTH AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT – Having studied this subject in the first year of the study design, with very little support and insight from VCAA regarding the exam, I feel I have learnt the key skills and content to a great degree of depth as well as mastered the required way to answer questions and know which areas tend to be heavily examined, graduating with a 45 raw.

MATHS - In 2017, I was selected as a Maths Peer Coach at my school, which replicated tutoring, in that at lunch times I was there for any peers who needed help with Year 9, Year 10, Further or Maths Methods and spent much of the year sharing my maths knowledge with a wide range of students. I accelerated into Maths Methods in Year 10 and hence had extra time to dedicate to learning the course in-depth and mastering the required skills. I also won a subject excellence award at my school for Maths Methods 1/2, graduating with a 39 raw which scaled to a 44.


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 99.10 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Cognitive and Brain Sciences.


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