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Hi there, I'm Edwin! ATAR 99.65. I am currently studying the Doctor of Dental Surgery at The University of Melbourne and was fortunate enough to have received an offer for the Doctor of Medicine at MelbUni too. I graduated from the B.Biomedicine at MelbUni, with High Distinctions in university Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Congratulations to all my students! Having tutored over 200 students throughout the past 4 years, I have extensive experience helping students significantly boost their academic confidence. Here are a few statistics from students who have been tutored by me: 2022 cohort: Highest student = 99.6, Median ATAR = 96.65 with 1 IN 5 STUDENTS SCORING 99+ ATARs 2021 cohort: Highest student = 99.2, Median ATAR = 96.5 2020 cohort: Highest student = 99.15, Median ATAR = 96.2 2019 cohort: Highest student = 99.2, Median ATAR = 95.1 Most importantly, all of my students have successfully have been able to study their desired course - including extremely competitive ones such as medicine, dentistry, and double degrees. Furthermore, various students have also been able to score scholarships for their desired course. Despite all the complications that have arisen throughout recent years, almost ALL my students have boosted their SAC scores from D/C/B's all the way up to consistent A's and A 's, with a few hardworking students even topping their cohort as rank #1 at academically competitive and prestigious schools such as Scotch College, MLC, PLC, Mac Rob, Haileybury, Camberwell Grammar, Melbourne Grammar, Melbourne High School, Mentone Girls Grammar, Box Hill High, Vermont Secondary College, and many many more. I am hosting fully prepared lessons across the 2023/2024 summer holidays which aim to give students a major headstart. This program has been extremely successful in previous years (all my top students joined this program) as it is designed to help students start off 2024 with a significant boost in confidence whilst having their workload and stress immensely eased. My subjects: - Chemistry (46) - Physics (46) - Biology (43) - Maths Methods (47) - Specialist Maths (42) - Further Maths (42) What is the secret to my personal success, and the success of my students? I host jam-packed lessons for each of the aforementioned subjects, accompanied with a weekly booklet full of: - tips & tricks (such as calc shortcuts or nuanced differences in particular command terms which many teachers are unfamiliar with themselves) - past-exam questions, and all the sneaky variations of a question that exams will try to trip you up on - and most importantly, explanation of concepts and theories in simple human English, none of that confusing jargon/terminology. My teaching approach strongly encourages students to understand the content, rather than to simply memorise random facts/formulas. These lessons will fast-track you so that you're ahead of your school's timeline. As a result, you'll already understand all of of the content before you even start it in class. I’ll also supply year 12 students with weekly practice exams starting from April-June so that you'll have OVER 6 MONTHS to begin nailing exams. My lessons are tailored for students of all levels, not just those at the top end. As a testament to my teaching ability, two of my students from 2019 started the year off with mere 30% averages, but ended the year with 75% averages. Furthermore, I've worked with another student who came to me at the end of 2019 who only scored a 40% on his end of year 11 exam. However, with my fun/silly analogies and high-yield practice questions, he was able to build up a much deeper and more conceptual understanding for all topics, enabling to climb up to the top of his yr12 Chemistry cohort for 2020. If you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me!


  • Attained an ATAR of 99.65 in 2018
  • Kwong Lee Dow Scholar at The University of Melbourne
  • Recipient of various scholarships at Monash University
  • Academic Excellence in all subjects for 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • High Distinctions in Melb Uni Biology, Maths, Chemistry and Physics
  • Entry into the Doctor of Medicine at The University of Melbourne
  • Graduated from the Bachelor of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne



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I've had my fair share of tutors and I can vouch that Edwin is the best tutor I've ever had. He literally knows how to explain EVERYTHING in a really clear and easy to understand manner, and he also outlines a very methodical method to solve those dreaded worded questions which I totally sucked at. On top of that, he's so kind and encouraging which is what I liked most about him. He genuinely cared about his student's performance and wellbeing - evident through his quick messages outside of class to make sure I was on track with my schedule, and I really appreciated it when he would encourage and cheer me up when I was feeling a bit demotivated or lazy from school work. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to score a 98.7 atar - thank you Edwin!!
- By Jennifer L on 20th January 2021

Edwin is a fantastic tutor! He has tutored my daughter for a variety of subjects including Maths Methods, Chemistry and Physics. My daughter was initially a mediocre student before joining Edwin, and was relatively weaker in science and maths. After having joined him, her confidence, grades, and overall enjoyment for school and the above subjects have sky-rocketed. It's amazing that throughout the year, she did not receive a single SAC score below 90%. I've seen him teaching, and he is extremely patient and explains things in a really fun way that my daughter enjoys thoroughly. Definitely would recommend Edwin!
- By Shirley M on 26th December 2020

Edwin, I just wanted to thank you for this whole year. You've been an amazing teacher and tutor, and online classes still worked really really well with your great setup and helpful booklets. My marks have boosted from 40% back in year 11 all the way to 80%s and 90%s in year 12 because of you and I'm so grateful for that. You even helped me rank #1 in the cohort in terms of sacs. Thank you so much for everything Edwin. I couldn't be more thankful for everything you've done!
- By Kris D on 26th November 2020

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