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Hi! My name is Emily and I am a final year medical student at Monash University and PhD Candidate with a Diploma of Languages (French) and a First Class Honours in Women’s Health Medical Research. I have been passionate about the French language since I began learning it 19 years ago. In 2022, I completed my Diploma of Languages (French) with a High Distinction from Monash University, whilst maintaining a 4.0 GPA in my medical degree. I finished VCE in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.45 and a UMAT percentile of 99. At the end of Year 12, I was awarded the Principal's Prize for Dux of Year 12 at Korowa Anglican Girls' School which recognised my academic excellence throughout the entirety of my school journey. I am a passionate learner with a love for sharing my knowledge with fellow peers and younger students! I have 5 years of tutoring experience (working with over 25 students) and specialise in online tutoring French to middle school, high school and VCE students. I have a strong passion for French, a language that I speak fluently. In our tutoring sessions, I will help you navigate through your current schoolwork whilst providing extra resources and materials that will be helpful to your success. Together, we will practise grammar exercises, work through reading and listening comprehension material and improve oral conversation skills each lesson. I will also provide regular homework suggestions, such as practice French essay writing exercises. With a raw score of 44 (scaled 51) for French, I can offer you invaluable tips and guidance in essay-writing skills as well as techniques that have enabled me to excel. In our French lessons, I focus on a balance of oral, essay-writing and comprehension skills, tailoring our sessions towards your particular needs. I am a friendly and calm person with a love for helping and listening to others. I am always willing to do my best to answer your questions and help you fulfil your full potential. I currently conduct all sessions online via Zoom. I will be available to tutor on certain weekdays in the evening and on weekends during the day. I am always happy to answer any queries and would be more than happy to accomodate you in the best way possible. I would love to hear from you!


  • Principal's Prize for Dux of Year 12
  • Winner of School Valerie Miles Medal for excellence in academic, leadership and a wide range of other pursuits
  • School Dux in French (44 raw) and Geography (45 raw)
  • English: 48 (raw)
  • Chemistry: 40 (raw)
  • Year 11 Best Student in the State (Victoria) for Alliance Francaise Berthe Mouchette Competition
  • Year 12 Jury's Award for Written AND Oral for French Competition (Berthe Mouchette)
  • Consistent Academic Awards from 2011-2018
  • Chair of the Women's Health Interest Society of Monash
  • Secretary of the Monash University Medical Student Society
  • First Class Honours in Medical Research


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 99.45 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine, with a Diploma of Languages (French major) at Monash University.


  • Languages
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Travel


Highly recommend Emily! When my second child also took French , I did not look for another tutor as we were very happy with Emily the first time round . Emily catered well to their different needs and was encouraging, punctual and meticulous . Both kids got excellent scores in French and I attribute their success to Emily . She is worth the money spent .
- By Sneha on 1st January 2024

Emily was my tutor for 18 months. She was very prepared for our weekly 1hr sessions and impressed my parents with following up each week with a brief recap of the session. She was also flexible with needing to change times. Thanks Emily for being my secret weapon.
- By Claudia Paul on 29th December 2023

Emily tutored me in both Chemistry and French and I am eternally grateful for the support she gave me in both of these challenging subjects. I began French tutoring with Emily in year 10, and after only a few weeks under her guidance my confidence in the subject began to increase, and my grades started to improve consistently. This is due to Emily always having pre-prepared resources such as listening extracts or essay topics which would be complete and corrected during our classes. Emily provided me with much needed feedback from each of our classes which helped me improve my French skills. Emily's passion for French and her breadth of knowledge make her an extremely valuable person to have by your side whilst studying French. I honestly do not think I would have been able to score well in my French assessments if I did not have her by my side, helping me, as well as providing in depth, insightful, and targeted feedback in all aspects of the language. Emily is also an exception tutor for Chemistry. Chemistry is incredibly conceptual and can be hard to understand - Emily creates a learning environment where she is able to convey the subject matter in a clear and concise way. This helped me so much throughout VCE chemistry as my understanding of some of the topics was not the greatest. Thanks to Emily’s help, one of the concepts I struggled with the most became one of my strongest areas when completing practice exams. Emily always listens to what struggles you have and gives you a step by step walk through, whether it is certain concepts or how to answer a specific question type. Emily’s knowledge of the course is spectacular and is something I definitely benefitted from throughout VCE. Emily also went out of her way to answer any questions I had outside of our designated tutoring times, even while juggling her own commitments and studies. I do not think I would have been able to pass the subject without her help. Emily has a warm-hearted and genuine approach which allows her students to thrive and flourish in their studies and gives her students the foundation to succeed as a student heading into, and completing VCE. She is not only an exceptional tutor and mentor, but an incredible person who always gives 110% to her students - whether that is to motivate them after an unfortunate sac result, or to provide them with help, even outside of tutoring times. Emily is always invested in the progress and growth of her students and makes her tutoring sessions engaging and fun. I have no hesitation in recommending Emily as a tutor to anyone who is struggling in their studies of french and chemistry or just needs additional help!
- By Patrick Monteiro on 20th January 2022

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Emily as a French tutor. From being very close to dropping French in Year 12 to excelling and receiving a raw 43 and a perfect VCE oral score , my success can be attributed vastly to Emily’s tutoring. At the start of this year, I was doing extremely poor in French, but I must credit Emily for being the one who brought my marks all the way up and the huge improvement. Emily has been an amazing French tutor for me this year. Throughout the year, she provided excellent help and above that, she is a tutor who genuinely cares- something that makes a world of difference and can really help you excel. She was always approachable, responsive to my texts and any help I needed in other aspects- including trying to get into medicine or VCE in general. Throughout the year, we worked on all aspects of French, including the oral, written and listening components. I improved significantly due to all of her preparation, effort and help as she went above and beyond to ensure that I was able to excel in my French skills. She is extremely fluent in French, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic French tutor
- By Trisha Matthew on 18th January 2022

Emily was my chemistry tutor for year 12 and honestly I wouldn’t have passed without her! She has an incredible ability to effectively explain even the most difficult concepts in a way that I could easily understand. Emily was always willing to help, even outside of our tutoring times while she was juggling her studies at university. She has a wide range of resources on specific topics, which was extremely beneficial to help consolidate all the work. In summary, Emily is a great tutor whether you’re struggling with the subject or just want some additional help.
- By Madi Booth on 11th January 2022

Emily was my French tutor through Year 12, and she is undoubtedly the reason I successfully passed French, and completed my sacs and exams to the best of my ability. Emily provides exam techniques, sac advice and help, alongside constantly improving my writing and language skills. We worked every week together, and I felt more confident after every session, working on a variety of speaking, writing, listening and reading tasks, to properly prepare me for all sacs, the Oral exam and final exam. Emily was not only a tutor, but became someone I really trusted to support me when I was nervous or unsure, as she guided me through a very difficult year, and helped me overcome many challenges, mentally and academically. My tutor sessions with Emily became one of my favourite aspects of studying French as she boosted my confidence and skills greatly, adapting to feedback from my teachers, areas of work I wanted to improve on, and using multiple ways of teaching to assist me. Emily would put in so much detail and work to ensuring my sacs were completed to the best of my ability, giving me ample resources to study, and advice on how to improve, constantly correcting my work and answering any and all questions. I loved working with Emily through the year and would highly recommend her, for her work ethic, caring support always, many resources, and her attitude towards wanting the best for her students. French was my hardest and most challenging subject, however Emily built up my confidence and skills, allowing me to do my best in the subject.
- By Kristin Valiotis on 19th January 2021

Emily tutored me this year in VCE 3/4 French. I am beyond grateful to have had such a warm-hearted and genuine support network throughout the difficulty of this subject. Emily was always organised and had pre-prepared resources which really enhanced my listening, reading and writing skills within the language. Emily would also offer up her personal time outside of our sessions to willingly assist with any corrections and queries of mine. Her consistent positive spirit helped me to build up my confidence and drastically improve my abilities before the exam period to ensure I was able to achieve my best. I would highly recommend Emily as a VCE French tutor!
- By Nicola Tangalakis on 16th January 2021

Emily tutored me throughout year 11 and 12 in French, Chemistry and English. Her warm and friendly nature as well as her genuine investment in my progression as a student made the sessions extremely enjoyable. Her diligent planning of every session and the extra resources given to me were essential in my vast improvement in the subjects that we covered. Emily was willing to go the extra mile as she was always available through phone or email outside of our sessions to answer questions that I had.
- By Leon Wilson on 12th January 2021

Emily tutored me in year 12 this year in Chemistry, French and English. Emily was always prepared. Every lesson, she provided me with personal resources and assistance for whatever I needed coupled with her sharp knowledge of the coursework. Emily was able to answer all of my questions, helping me throughout the year and I can say that my grades improved a huge amount for scores that would not have been achievable without her assistance in all three of my subjects Emily tutored me in. Emily also had a patient manner that reduced a lot of my stress around course content that I didn't understand at school and I always knew I could bring her anything to go through no matter what it was about. She was of particular help during the lead up to my french oral with an evident passion for the language, not only helping to construct strong sentences and pronunciation but also boosting my confidence in an area I was struggling in at the beginning of the year. Each week Emily always showed interest in what I was doing at school representative of not only her teaching ability but also her attitude and caring personality being very easy to converse with. Emily continued with personalised teaching in every class showing real passion and genuine investment in my own work and scores at school, looking for areas to improve. Overall I couldn't ask for more in a tutor. Her continued support, interest and insightful feedback in my development over the course of the year was proven in my final results, while even going above and beyond in offering me advice for anything about my future at university.
- By Nick Weller on 5th January 2021

Emily tutored me throughout Year 12 VCE English and I am exceedingly grateful for her kind service. Emily was prepared with insightful resources before each of my sessions and was equally knowledgeable in each area of study. Without having completed English Units 1 and 2, I lacked confidence in my ability. However, Emily worked closely with me to not only improve my academic ability but increase my confidence which ultimately led to my success in the subject. I could not recommend Emily’s impeccable work ethic and raw talent more!
- By Catherine Meagher on 17th December 2019

Having spent time with Emily during my year 12 studies, I can say that I have been beyond satisfied with what she has been able to offer. Every session has been very productive, expanding my ability to write, understand and analyse my texts. Not only did my marks improve greatly, but my confidence to complete tasks in English also grew. Emily demonstrated great work ethic, persistence and patience; particularly evident through her willingness to further develop my strengths as well as helping me work on my weaknesses and struggles. She offered a strong interest in what I was doing during the week in regards to my English classes and provided me with her knowledge and personal experience on the current VCE course and how to excel, through her extra resources, materials and essay-writing skills as well as her personal techniques. Our lessons were always insightful. I feel that I have made constant progress from our first lesson, and continued to do so throughout the year. Emily was passionate to assist and guide me through my English studies and her calming, inviting and friendly nature made me comfortable to ask any questions. Emily spent time outside lessons preparing for our sessions and readily responded to my work submitted via email. She not only mentored me through English, but was always sure to check in on my other subjects before every session and provided me with valuable techniques and coping methods to undertake throughout year 12.
- By Amy Bounos on 3rd December 2019

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