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Tutoring near Hurstville, Sydney, NSW & Sans Souci, Sydney, NSW


Hey! I'm Eric and I graduated from Sydney Grammar School with an ATAR of 99.90 (verified), and received Sydney University's Sydney Scholars' Award, valued at $10 000 per year. I came 1st in Extension Maths and 3rd in Chemistry at my school, as well as 1st in NSW for Classical Greek Extension, 2nd in Classical Greek Continuers, and 7th in Latin Continuers. I was also recognised on the HSC All-Rounder list, as I received band 6 in all my subjects.

I am tutoring:
Years 7-12 Maths [General, 2U and 3U for Prelim/HSC]
Years 7-10 Science
Years 11-12 Chemistry
Years 7-12 Latin [Continuers and Extension for Prelim/HSC]
Years 7-12 Classical Greek [Continuers and Extension for Prelim/HSC]
English (see below)

I am tutoring English and selling all of my band 6 notes (prices can be negotiated). This includes creative writing pieces, as well as quotes/analysis, and full essays from the texts:
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Great Expectations

I am aware that for some of these subjects (especially English and Chemistry) the course prescription has changed. However, I have crafted my notes to fit in with the particular demands of the rubric, so this will not be a problem.

Feel free to contact me! I'm a kind and considerate person who is committed to the success of my students! I know how hard and stressful the HSC can be, so I'm willing to do everything I can to help you get through it. I tutor in my local St George Area (particularly Hurstville, Kogarah, Sans Souci and Rockdale), as well as at the State Library in the city. However, I am often more than happy to negotiate other locations! I also have a NSW Police Check and a Working with Children's Check, valid until 2024.

Prices are $70 per hour for private sessions and $50 per person per hour for group sessions.

HSC Marks:
English Advanced 9o/100
2U Maths 98/100
3U Maths 49/50
Chemistry 93/100
Latin Continuers 97/100
Latin Extension 48/50
Classical Greek Continuers 98/100
Classical Greek Extension 49/50


  • 99.90 ATAR
  • HSC All-Rounder
  • Distinguished Achiever in 13 Units
  • 1st in NSW Classical Greek Extension
  • 2nd in NSW Classical Greek Continuers
  • 7th in NSW Latin Continuers


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 99.90 (verified).
Currently studying Commerce/Law at The University of Sydney.


Eric tutored my twins in HSC Chemistry for about 6 months up to the 2019 HSC. Eric was very patient and thorough in his explanations and he answered all questions in detail. He has a relaxed style and connected with my children. I would certainly recommend Eric!
- By Peter R on 15th November 2019

Eric is a very helpful and knowledgeable tutor who really helped me out in Science. He is very detailed and thorough in his explanations and he ensures that you fully understand each concept before moving on to another. Eric helped me gain the knowledge that was required for my Science course that I simply would not have gained through my normal classes at school. If you are struggling or would like to improve your knowledge and understanding of Science, I would highly recommend him.
- By Justin C on 11th November 2019

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