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Tutoring near Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW & Chatswood, Sydney, NSW


Hi! I’m Monica and I graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 95.1 with a Band 6 in Advanced English and E4 in English Extension 1. I am also a published author of ATAR Notes' Text Guide on The White Tiger (HSC Prescribed text).

I have a passion for literature and the world that revolves around writing. I know that not everyone is the biggest fan of English, so my main aim is to help you stop perceiving it as a daunting mass of words!

I specialise in HSC English tutoring. Here is a brief summary of tutoring with me:
- What I would do with you is read over/watch your texts for familiarisation but the main step of learning you will experience is by explaining to me your own understanding of the texts. Or else once you’re put in an exam setting with a random question - it will go wrong if you have flaky knowledge.
- This then leads to analysis and essay writing. These were my strongest points in English; it’s actually really simple once you get it.
- What I will teach you is the trick to the ‘formula’ of constructing essays, to answer the question in a minimal number of words. That’s where articulation and sophistication come in, so you can say more in less, which you will improve as you write.
- I will give you copies of my essays and my exam responses so you can see and learn from the style and structure to suit your own methods!
- I also have access to a plethora of resources from notes and practice questions all ready for you.
- With achieving task requirements, I’ll help you go through the rubric and pick out important things that are needed to be interwoven in your essays in relation to each specific module.
- Not only will I be a tutor, but I will also be a mentor for you to guide you through your final year/s of schooling!

Additionally, I tutor HSC Studies of Religion 1 & 2 and Society & Culture.

I am also experienced in tutoring Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN Writing.

You can contact me for further availability and location enquiries.

I tutor at Macquarie University Library and Chatswood Library. Upon availability, I am also able to do Gordon Library. Please contact me if you would like to request another location.


  • ATAR 95.1
  • Band 6 English Advanced (96/100)
  • E4 English Extension 1 (48/50)
  • Band 6 Society and Culture (95/100)
  • Band 6 Studies of Religion (95/100)
  • 1st Place internally for English Extension 2, 2nd place English Extension 1, 3rd place Society and Culture
  • HSC Distinguished Achiever's List
  • Published Author of "ATAR Notes Text Guide - The White Tiger"


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 95.10 (verified).
Currently studying International Studies/Media (Communication and Journalism) at The University of New South Wales.


  • Writing and Literature
  • Social Justice
  • Design & Built Environment
  • Photography
  • Tennis


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