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Since 2006, I have tutored over 500 students in mathematics, chemistry, and physics; in both the HSC and IB. In 2019, my top student achieved an ATAR of 99.85 and is now doing Neuroscience as a precursor to Medicine. In 2020 and 2021, many of my students scored in the high 90's and were admitted into medicine, law, software engineering, and actuarial studies.

I am a qualified secondary school teacher specialising in mathematics, physics and chemistry. I will teach you to become the best version of yourself by studying smarter, not harder.

Education is my passion, and my mission is to allow my students to reach their full potential. I am approachable, patient, and attentive to detail. I provide all my students with concise notes, practice exam papers, and teach fast problem solving techniques to save valuable minutes in exams.

​I look forward to meeting you and starting our education journey together.

[Group lessons **AVAILABLE**]

- Small groups with personalised attention ($40/hr per student for groups of 3+)

- 2U Advanced Maths (Year 11+12 available now)
- 3U Extension 1 Maths (Year 11+12 available now)
- 4U Extension 2 Maths (Available now)
- Physics (Year 12 available now, year 11 available from term 1 2023)
- Chemistry (Year 11 available from term 1 2023 / Year 12 available from term 4 2022)

- All course material has been written specifically for the new HSC syllabus.
- Most preliminary / HSC subjects consist of 2 or 3 hour lessons running for 10 lessons a term. Lessons includes theory, exercises, mock exams, a short break, and a Q/A session at the end (school work general questions welcome).
-​ Location will be at my home office or online.

[One to One]

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Henry Tang
B. Engineering (Biomedical) (Mechanical) & Grad. Dip. Education (Secondary) (Mathematics, Science)

I look forward to hearing from you.


Tutor since 2006. I have previously worked for North Shore Coaching, Matrix Education and Tutoring Advantage.


Board of Studies Teaching Accreditation in
Mathematics, Physics, and Science.

Working With Children Check Number: WWC0107857E

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)
(Australian Catholic University)

Bachelor of Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering
(University of Sydney)

Higher School Certificate
(Sydney Technical High School)


Henry was an amazing tutor, with an abundance of knowledge and teaching skills. His quality of teaching and guidance allowed me to gain a heightened understanding of the year 11 and 12 physics and math courses.
- By James H on 8th November 2019

Henry tutored me throughout year 12 in Chemistry, Physics and Extension 1 maths. An excellent tutor. Taught me physics better than my own teacher!
- By Eman on 8th November 2019

Henry has tutored me for 1 and a half years now, and has definitely made an impact on my marks come exam time. Henry has shared his engineering knowledge with me, which I will undoubtedly find useful in the coming years as an engineering student. Thanks Henry for all the help and marks you have provided me with.
- By Martin on 5th November 2018

Hey, I have just finished my HSC and feel really well in how i have performed due to Henry's assistance. I have had Henry for about 3 and years and he has tutored me in Maths (3u/4u), Chemistry and physics. He has used the time that we had, to explain quality information on the topics that I had needed help in and has given great advice in doing specific questions which might confuse the most. His tuition has allowed me to calmly look at questions and figure out the best path to solving them. highly recommend, really easily to talk to and communicate with
Thanks Henry :D
- By Benny on 2nd November 2018

I am year 12 Physics student who has only had the pleasure of having Henry for a very short time. In the short period I have had Henry my Physics results have noticeably and rapidly improved. Henry has extensive knowledge of his subjects and is able to transform any information into easy to understand terms. His ability to translate complicated physics terms into easy to remember car analogies ( because I love Cars) has saved me many times. Henry is a pleasure to be taught by and I highly recommend Henry as a tutor.
- By Michael on 31st October 2018

Henry is a excellent chemistry and maths tutor for HSC who is highly engaged and careful to make sure you understand the subject. He's helped me over the past year and I've seen an incredible improvement in my results. If you need someone to help you achieve your best and receive the great marks, then Henry is a exceptional tutor.
- By Jacqueline on 30th October 2018

I have been tutored by Henry for 9 months for General Maths 2. For me at least, he has been a great tutor, and a great help for me towards improving my results. I would would recommend him highly to anyone requiring help with School, particularly the HSC.
- By Lachlan on 24th October 2018

Henry has been an exceptional asset in helping me achieve my maths goals over the past two years. I owe a lot of my success to his consistent advice, assistance and time. I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking an extra boost in their learning!
- By Tiffany on 23rd October 2018

I have had Henry since the end of my prelim course in general maths, started with a rank 0f 20, now ending in the top 10. He always shows the best shortcuts out of sticky questions, is always ready for a challenge and always wants you to achieve your best!
- By Barbara on 23rd October 2018

I have been tutored by Henry for 3 years and have seen significant improvements in my results. Would highly recommend to anyone completing the HSC.
- By Gabriel on 22nd October 2018

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