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I am currently working as a doctor at Westmead Hospital. My name is Hayden C and I graduated from Epping Boys High School in 2014 with an ATAR of 97.65. I have been tutoring for 8 years and have had experience with more than 150 students in that time, with students ranging from top selective schools such as Sydney Boys High School, Fort St High School, Pymbles Ladies College, Girraween High School & Baulkham Hills High School. With the new syllabus change, many tutoring schools will not be adept at teaching the new content due to their desire to just ensure that students memorise content. As a result, my teaching style has always led to students achieving a minimum ATAR of 90. I specialise in all English subjects and Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics for Preliminary and HSC). Please note that Mathematics (Junior Year, 2U - Advanced and 3U - Extension 1) and Social Sciences (Business Studies, Legal Studies, and Economics) are also available.

I specialise in medical school entry with students over the past 5 years entering NSW medical schools. This is due to my experience with medical interview boards and inside information with the medical field. My company, 'TS Education', provides prospective students the opportunity to learn from students across all NSW medical schools (UNSW, WSU, UoN, etc). I also have access and connections to other doctors across NSW who can provide alternative perspectives and advice to my students for medical school entry and career paths.

If you would like more information about me and some of the services I offer, please feel free to google my company; The Studium Education. We are located in an office spaces in Eastwood, NSW.

Why choose me?

- I'm working but I love to teach! (AHPRA Registered Doctor- Australia)
- Exceptional experience in teaching (9 Years).
- Easy to understand.
- Does not just tutor but also provides guidance to young teenagers.
- Provides life skills not just textbook content.
- Guaranteed improvements.
- Access to teaching facilities - Whiteboards, Digital TV's, Private Rooms.
- Convenient Location - I own a business and office space in Eastwood!
- Flexible.
- Verified member and reviewed by many students. Please scroll down to read their reviews!

Prices for tutoring are outlined below:

1 on 1 Tutoring - $50/hr
Small Group of 2 (Or more) Tutoring - $25/hr PP

Please feel free to message me through the website booking or messaging system.


  • President of General Practice Students Network
  • Captain NSW State Cup EBHS Basketball Team
  • Distinction in Human Anatomy
  • Western Sydney Mental Health Ambassador
  • CEO of The Studium Education
  • Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award


Year 12 completed in 2014.
Mark achieved: 97.65 (verified).
Currently studying Completed - Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery.


  • Basketball
  • Gym & Hiking
  • Online Gaming
  • Music
  • Cars
  • NFL


Hayden tutored me through year 12 HSC physics and chemistry. However, it is safe to say that he enabled me not only to succeed in the subjects I just mentioned but in other significant areas of life!

Hayden's lesson, as one review mentioned, skip past the sugar coating and get straight to the point. Each concept is rendered down to it's purest form, which is crucial for a student's understanding. A small little hole in one's knowledge can prove disastrous in an exam situation. Hayden examines students at each moment, assessing the gaps in their understanding and adapting the lesson to cover those holes. As well as that, he doesn't just spoon-feed us with the concept. He regularly tests us, developing a sense of logic and awareness of a theory and it's implications. In each lesson, students are also frequently tested with HSC style questions, which often encompass little tricks here and there to catch us when we are not paying attention. As well as getting the problem right, he just has the experience to know what separates an in-depth, full mark answer from a slightly worse one. These small little things he does in each lesson throughout the year are what separates a high achieving student from an average one.
An additional reason to employ Hayden for tutoring would be the vast resources available to him. One big problem HSC students faced in the past year was the limited amount of resources and the new HSC syllabus. However, this would not be a problem for me, as Hayden developed expert resources that would always be available to us, such as exam papers, syllabus notes, and so on. Without so, my HSC performance would have inevitably been lower.

Hayden doesn't just assist with the subjects he is just teaching, and readily gives advice and resource regarding other subjects. This was very important for me, as I regularly consulted him for HSC English the weeks before the HSC exam, which proved to help me immensely. He also gives regular life advice and paces his sessions in a way that suits the student, allowing them to learn effectively.

In short, I would never hesitate to recommend Hayden to any student or parent who seeks a tutor, as his teaching had changed the game for me!
- By Adithya Manoj on 24th March 2020

I had Hayden as an English tutor throughout Year 12. He is a very experienced and proficient tutor, with a great understanding of his subjects. Lessons are always focused on learning and application, and he provides direct feedback throughout on a student's work. One of Hayden's great strengths is his management of groups. He can engage with each student individually whilst keeping the rest of the group on task through his activities and learning exercises, which can range from creative writing to note formatting. Hayden marked a great deal of my practice English essays, and each time he concisely explained the direction I needed to take to improve and ace the next one. This allowed me to improve throughout the year, which was reflected in a large rank increase between Term 1 Yr12 and Final Reports.

Hayden has lots of learning resources including past papers and questions, but he understands the English modules well enough to create questions himself if needed. Importantly, Hayden is charismatic, understanding, and approachable, and certainly empathises with students on the stresses and expectations of the HSC year, which makes him enjoyable to work with.

It is safe to say that without Hayden, I would not have been able to achieve a Band 6 in English in my HSC year.
- By Charlie Ransom on 15th March 2020

I would not have thought that I was going to get to where I am now if it wasn't for my cousin recommending me Hayden Chan. Initially, I had average marks across my subjects but after Hayden took me under his wing, tutoring me in Physics and Chemistry, I have made massive strides in marks as well as in my confidence and desire to perform well. Apart from his impressive knowledge of the subjects, he has also taught me strategies and methods in the subject to complete the work efficiently and effectively and how to cope with life issues such as stress and workloads.

Hayden has shown the capability to be very flexible and charismatic, towards the HSC syllabus adjustments but also towards his student's strengths and weaknesses. He is able to capitalise on his student's position and further improve their strengths as well as work on their weaknesses by adjusting the material to suit his student's need. This alone makes him a great teacher but, is further improved by the amount of teaching resources at his disposal. Ranging from quiet venues, whiteboards, smartboards and past papers, Hayden always had the right tools to make his teaching easier to understand and enjoy but perhaps his greatest resource is himself.

Hayden's greatest attribute is the positive and charismatic vibe he brings with him to each and every of his classes. As a past HSC student and a HSC tutor for 6 years, he deeply understands the amount of stress and workload experienced by his students as well as common problems that occur around the HSC period such as expectations and doubt. The ability to communicate and understand your own students is essential and Hayden captures this in his casual yet professional interactions with his students. Personally, during this time, I considered him to be a role model as well as a close friend that I could go up to and ask for advice, suggestions and feedback and I still do to this day.

For a reasonable price, I believe that you are getting more than what you have paid for and for that reason, Hayden Chan is my go-to recommendation for a HSC tutor.
- By Gordon Luong on 27th February 2019

As a current undergraduate student in my final year at UNSW, I can say it wouldn't have been possible without Hayden Chan. Hayden guided me through my HSC in 2016, tutoring me in Physics, Mathematics and English.
His impeccable knowledge in all these fields means not only can he explain the deeper intricacies of each subject, but he can digest such concepts to a point where they can be communicated in very simple terms; a hallmark of a great teacher.

Hayden also has a large arsenal of teaching resources. When I first began my tuition with him, his teaching venues were often spacious and full of materials I could use. If you named the year, Hayden had the past paper for it.

But from my experience, I believe Hayden's greatest quality comes from his understanding of the constantly-changing HSC environment. Hayden teaches in a flexible manner that can often either skip past the sugar coating of a topic, or drill in the core necessary concepts that you will still remember years from now (*Cough* special relativity).

For such a fair price, I'd highly recommend sitting the HSC with Hayden Chan :)
- By Colby Lu on 27th February 2019

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