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▪ 14 Years of Tutoring Experience ▪︎ 99.70 ATAR from Baulkham Hills High ▪︎ USYD Law Graduate

Hi everyone! My name's Dani, I graduated from Baulkham Hills High with an ATAR of 99.70, and I'm a graduate of Law at the University of Sydney (graduated May 2014).

I'm a professional private tutor with 8 years of full-time experience tutoring high school students, and over 14 years of experience including part-time. I also worked for tutoring college Five Senses Education for over 3 years. I tutored part-time through my law degree and I loved it so much that I turned tutoring into a rewarding full-time business not long after graduating.

I know the formula for doing well in high-school, and I've spent 14 years teaching students how to master it. I love teaching and I love my students - I'm still very good friends with a lot of my students who have graduated in years past.

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For my in-person students: my home is filled with plants, animals, sunlight, a comfy armchair for my students, and in every lesson, we begin with a chat about how your week has been. I want my space to feel comforting and welcoming so that you are inspired to express yourself with confidence and think laterally (which means to think outside the box). For online students: I hope some part of this environment carries into our on-screen lessons too 🌿🐶🐱🐰☀️

Our work in each lesson begins with a discussion about what you're learning at school and how well you've understood the content. Each lesson is tailored to your needs, but I also make sure we are fully prepared for each upcoming assessment. When we have time between assessments, we work on general English skills (such as thesis writing, essay writing, creative skills etc) and/or individual Maths topics, using a database of content and practice exams that I've gathered together over the years. I like to take my time ensuring students master every step of this work before moving on.

I'd describe my teaching style as somewhere between coach, cheerleader and mentor. One of my students described my lessons as unofficial "therapy" that also gets results. In addition to helping with academics, I try to instil my students with an understanding of how unhealthy our competitive, capitalistic society (and education system) can be, and I encourage each student to be more aware of their boundaries and perform to their best without sacrificing their mental health. As a result, I do not tutor students whose parents (or who themselves) impose unfair amounts of pressure on the student to gain unrealistic marks.

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It is important to me for my English students (and Maths students who wish to discuss these matters) to be well-versed in social justice matters such as systemic racism, feminism, LGBTQ+ issues, structural inequality and notions of privilege. I have been disturbed to find that sexism and misogyny are on the rise among Gen Z male students. I encourage all my students to develop empathy, read widely and watch a range of quality movies and TV shows (I provide a text list tailored to each student).

This holistic approach ensures that my English students are well-equipped to delve deep into their school texts and are able to compose sophisticated answers to complex questions, in addition to being thoughtful, informed members of the public.

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As a result of my integrated methods, my students' marks improve by an average of 10-15% overall, with some improving by as much as 25%, especially if we have had years of lessons together to gradually build up the necessary skills and healthy routines.

If you would like me to provide references, I would love to put you on the phone with some of the happy parents and students I've known over the years.

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Though I specialise in senior school and HSC prep, I can help anyone in Year 7 to 12 in the following subjects:

ENGLISH Standard, Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2
MATHS Standard, Advanced, Extension 1

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• $135 per 1.5 hour lesson for Standard/Advanced

• $90 per 1 hour lesson for Extension 1
• $135 per 1.5 hour lesson combining Extension 1 and 2

• $110 per 1.5 hour lesson for Standard/Advanced
• $80 per 1 hour lesson for Extension 1

All lessons are one-to-one.

Please note: despite my hourly fee displayed at the top of the listing, I no longer offer 1 hour lessons for Standard and Advanced subjects. I've found that 1.5 hours per week is the perfect lesson length for a 2-unit course (with extra lessons for 1-unit extension courses). This really helps me feel comfortable with taking full responsibility for a student's progress in the subject.

I would recommend one class per week and I've found that two or more classes per week in the weeks before major exams (trials, HSC) are very beneficial.


  • All-Rounders List in 2007 (under the name Dulakshi)
  • Lord Florey Student Prize 2007 for Academic Excellence (presented by Hon Julia Gillard)


Bachelor of Law from the University of Sydney (graduated)

Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy Major) from the University of Sydney (graduated)

Graduated from Baulkham Hills Selective High School with an ATAR of 99.70
- English Advanced 95/100
- English Extension 1 47/50
- English Extension 2 49/50
- Maths Advanced 96/100
- Maths Extension 1 48/50


I got 98% in English Advanced and 94% for English Extension 1 which is a testament to your tutoring. The HSC Mod A exam which everyone hated was my fave because the extract question was in our essay we wrote so I was like "I owe my life to Dani 😂😂". I could not have done it without you, thank you so much.
- By Dhara on 21st January 2022

I just wanted to thank you very very much for the efforts you've put into my english for both year 11 and 12. I managed to all-rounder my subjects, and got 93 in English for both internals and externals, so levelling out to a 93 for my overall English Advanced mark. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the efforts you've put in, the countless of times you've roasted and complimented my intro, bodies and my "amount of highlight" have come out to help me sooo much in the exams. I'm genuinely so proud of my marks and that's thanks to you.
- By Rishanthi S on 20th January 2022

I was lucky enough to have Dani as a tutor between Year 9 and Year 12 (I'm now in my fourth year of law/commerce). Dani is more than just a tutor, she went above and beyond whenever I needed help with anything. My English marks improved so much in the first few years and I ended up getting 96% in my final mark (beating her own English mark hahaha, she's still salty about that) She would listen to my personal issues and give amazing advice, she was a wonderful mentor. I couldn't have achieved my marks without her :)
- By Teresa on 24th March 2020

I received a 91/100 in English and 45/50 in English Extension 1 thanks to Dani's help. I started lessons in year 11 and my marks improved in the first term and kept improving all through year 12 as well. She is really passionate about English and she makes things really clear when she teaches. With each assessment she put so much effort into helping me get above 90. Thank you!!!
- By Vanya on 21st February 2020

Daniella helped my son through his final three years of high school. She was the first tutor he actually enjoyed going to. His band 6 in English was thanks to her. She is warm and funny and a pleasure to know. Thank you from our family!
- By Claire on 28th November 2019

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ONLINE LESSONS Due to Omicron, I have again switched to online lessons only. I will most likely continue to remain online for several weeks after covid numbers have significantly decreased. IN-PERSON LESSONS Once case numbers are much lower, for anyone who prefers face-to-face lessons, I will be offering that too, with a few covid safety precautions. I only work from my home in Baulkham Hills, which is less than a minute's drive from Stockland Mall. Also I have a huge dog who lives indoors, so I need all of my students to be very comfortable with big dogs. (Previous experience with big dogs is a huge plus)