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I have recently graduated a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) at the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne). During this time I worked with world renowned choreographers and teachers.

I currently work as a dance teacher to students of all ages and backgrounds. My teaching ethos is to respond to the needs and requirements of each individual and I will always do this with great care and encouragement.

I love learning! - so my aim is for you to find some fun and enjoyment in your subjects (which will take a whole lot of stress away, and therefore you'll feel a whole lot more confident in your exams!)

During my VCE years I studied English Literature, Classical Studies, Philosophy, Media, Photography and Global Politics, achieving high study scores (above 40) in Literature and Media.

I consider myself a pro essay writer/editor/researcher.
I can help you with structuring your essays and short answer exam questions, as well as annotation and reflection writing pieces.

Here is a few examples of the areas of study I am confident in my capabilities to help you.
If you would like help with a subject area that I haven't talked about here, please feel free to message me and I can give you some more info.

English/English Literature:
- Essay writing structure, grammar & complex use of language
- Critical analysis of texts and understanding how they relate to current/past society
- Creative writing task, finding your self expression and stylistic flair
- Developing your own interpretation of texts
- Understanding the nuance of language and the different ways which language can be used to communicate ideas

- Thorough understanding of areas of study: epistemology, ethics and metaphysics
- Articulating philosophical questions and constructing coherent arguments
- Understanding Philosophical ideas in their historical contexts

Classical Studies
- Identify and understand key socio-historical factors in texts
- Understand the relationship between socio-historical contexts: religion, family, gender, politics, class
- Links between Ancient Greek and current Western society's values and attitudes
- Understanding the literary techniques used to display ideas in texts & plays
- Understanding the purpose of different Classical works: tragedy, comedy, epic etc - and how these reflect on the historical happenings of the time

- Developing own artwork (complexity of ideas, polished and accessible execution)
- Responding to media works and analysing film techniques
- Responding to works by a range of artists
- Structuring short answer questions

Global Politics:
- Understanding global actors and their arms, roles and power in the world in 21st century politics
- The challenges faced by global powers
- Definitions of state, IGOs, non state, and TNCs etc.
- Structuring short answer questions and essays

- As a recent graduate of VCA Dance, I can help with a range of areas of VCE Dance including, choreography, performance, dance history & dance analysis

Exam Preparation/tips
- Dealing with anxiety and nerves before/during an exam
- Memory tips during an exam


  • Year 12 Certificate - 2013
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) - 2016


Year 12 completed in 2013.
Mark achieved: 83.50.
Currently studying Bachelor of Fine Art (Dance) at University of Melbourne.


  • Sewing clothes
  • Cooking Middle Eastern feasts
  • Contemporary dance
  • Reading; feminist literature, neurological science, fiction
  • Growing (and sometimes killing...) plants


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$35 per hour


  • One-to-one tuition
  • Home visits
  • Teaching studio
  • Phone help
  • Online help (Skype)


  • Art Unit 1
  • Art Unit 2
  • Art Unit 3
  • Art Unit 4
  • Classical Societies and Cultures Unit 1
  • Classical Societies and Cultures Unit 2
  • Classical Societies and Cultures Unit 3
  • Classical Societies and Cultures Unit 4
  • Dance Unit 1
  • Dance Unit 2
  • Dance Unit 3
  • Dance Unit 4
  • English (ESL) Unit 1
  • English (ESL) Unit 2
  • English Literature Unit 1
  • English Literature Unit 2
  • English Literature Unit 3
  • English Literature Unit 4
  • English Unit 1
  • English Unit 2
  • English Unit 3
  • English Unit 4
  • History: 20th Century History Unit 1
  • History: Australian History Unit 1
  • History: Rennaisance History Unit 1
  • History: Revolutions Unit 1
  • International Politics: International Studies Unit 1
  • International Politics: International Studies Unit 2
  • International Politics: National Politics Unit 3
  • International Politics: National Politics Unit 4
  • International Politics Unit 1
  • International Politics Unit 2
  • Media Unit 1
  • Media Unit 2
  • Media Unit 3
  • Media Unit 4
  • Philosophy Unit 1
  • Philosophy Unit 2
  • Philosophy Unit 3
  • Philosophy Unit 4
  • Studio Arts Unit 1
  • Studio Arts Unit 2
  • Studio Arts Unit 3
  • Studio Arts Unit 4

Tutoring students in

  • Year 12
  • Year 11