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Travel policy

I run group lessons primarily from a studio at my home. Separate rates apply to home visits


I will be very direct, if you want a tutor who will passionately and intelligently engage your child, you need go no further. English is perhaps one of the most difficult subjects to learn independently and more often than not kids are led to believe by prosaic teachers and mundane content at school that English is a boring subject.

That's not the case with me.

I teach all my students English the way I was taught, with all the rigour, fun and charisma it deserves and with all the intelligence, profundity and insight it necessitates. I've been teaching for 2 years, I've had 50+ one-on-one students and not a single one has left my class without a massive improvement in their marks and their outlook on English.

I'm a very philosophically and analytically inclined individual committed to bringing out the best in my students. If all I achieve, is a fond appreciation of literature and an increase in comprehensive skill, I believe I have done my job.

Now for some formalities...

It should be noted that the above price is the rate for group lessons of 3 or more and not that rate for one -on - one classes

I graduated top of my class in Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 English. I am currently majoring in Creative Writing at UTS in a combined degree with International Studies and Media Art Production. I have taught at Global Education Academy, an acclaimed tutoring centre, for two years now and I have had 50+ private students, all of which I have carried through to their senior studies and 10 of which I am still currently tutoring. If you need an authentic third person opinion, this is the personal opinion of my Extension 2 mentor.

Bill is a recent graduate from Caringbah High Selective High School with an exemplary and recently applied understanding of the HSC syllabus. He undertook four units of English and performed with pre-eminence, finishing 1st in the internal school ranks for English Advanced (98/100), Extension 1 (50/50) and Extension 2 (49/50). He is deeply accustomed to the nuance and finesse required for HSC English, maintaining a humorous and engaging demeanor whilst simultaneously interacting passionately with the philosophical and intellectual material of HSC English. Bill is well versed in the education of youth, having tutored various students over the course of his senior years, he is attentive to the needs of individuals and employs heuristic methods to most effectively engage the student and ensure their self-development.

- English Extension 2 Mentor Reference

More than any of these accolades, I care about giving children the education they deserve. I will always endeavour to make my lessons entertaining and I will never allow my students to be lulled into boredom or complacency.

Lesson Provisos
I believe in order for my students to fully engage with and retain the knowledge learnt they MUST have a lesson of roughly 90 minutes.


  • 1st English Advanced
  • 1st English Extension 1
  • 1st English Extension 2
  • 95 HSC English Advanced
  • 94 HSC English Extension 1
  • 96 HSC English Extension 2


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 97.55 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Communications Media and Sound Production Combined with International Studies at University of Technology Sydney.


  • Drama
  • Reading
  • Marathons
  • Weight Lifting
  • Photography
  • Philosophy


Bill is an amazing tutor who significantly increased my appreciation for english. As someone who initially hated english and could not format a proper essay, i now have an increased vocabulary and knowledge on proper language techniques. My appreciation for classic literature has also grown and hence i would recommend him to any student seeking tutoring!
- By Karuna on 5th November 2017

Bill is not only a fantastic English tutor, but also a ripper of a bloke! Before receiving tutoring from
Bill I passionately hated English and struggled to wrap my head around a lot of the concepts, and to my surprise I have a new found respect for English and an understanding I would've never achieved on my own. I'd recommend him to any student seeking tutoring in a heartbeat.
- By Steven Passfield on 1st November 2017

Awesome tutor very fair and so organised, seriously had a great time and improved more than my results. My confidence and love for English skyrocketed as well as my vocabulary ???? Oh and my wide range of language techniques. Hounestly a great tutoror in all areas
- By Cameron on 1st November 2017

This man is a very great tutor and friend. He offers insightful remarks upon the beauty of English through philosophy and initiates a kind of self-introspection. He greatly aided my passion for English by becoming a person I could talk to about my thoughts and analysis, whilst also retaining a professional air. I would not hesitate to approach and enlist his services!
- By Apurva Shukla on 24th September 2017

Excellent tutor! Very enthusiastic and passionate about english so the lessons are engaging and in-depth. Improved my marks significantly, increased my passion for english and seriously helped me with essay structure and making my creative writing a lot more sophisticated. I would highly recommend! He brings out the best in his students :)
- By Atoufa Mohanna on 3rd August 2017

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Character references

Being a fellow classmate of Bill i can vouch for his incredible talent at teaching and understanding English as a whole. He has an in depth understanding of the underlying concepts behind various texts and can convey their meaning to students in a simplistic yet elegant manner. With his help i achieved a high band 6 in English advanced and fostered an appreciation for studying English, something i would never have dreamed of. He is also a very friendly and down to earth person who definitely eased the stress i accumulated throughout my HSC year. As a result, i would definitely recommend Bill to anyone interested.
- By Rishi Sathiyaseelan on 1st November 2017

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$80 per hour


  • One-to-one tuition
  • Group tuition
  • Home visits
  • Teaching studio
  • Phone help
  • Online help (Skype)


  • Creativity, action, service (CAS)
  • English
  • English as a Second Language
  • Extended essay (EE)
  • Fundamentals of English
  • Geography
  • HSC English Extension 1
  • HSC English Extension 2
  • History
  • History Elective
  • Mathematics
  • Photography & Digital Media
  • Theory of knowledge (TOK)

Tutoring students in

  • Year 12
  • Year 11
  • Year 10
  • Year 9
  • Year 8
  • Year 7
  • International Baccalaureate