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I am an experienced Maths and Chemistry tutor and Education Consultant with a bachelor’s degree in Science. I am a member of a small team of very enthusiastic and highly experienced individual tutors for all major subjects and year levels and I can refer a suitable tutor for other subjects as well. My tuition program is based on recourses and experience of one of the top tuition company being in tutoring for about 40 years. So, I provide affordably but, an advanced level of personalized home and online tutoring.

My tutoring approach is on learning with understanding, rather than learning by memorizing and routines. In fact, I take students to work individually with them on whatever they need to enhance their knowledge and learning abilities and to ensure their success. Since the strong focus is given on understanding of concepts and prepares for the final exam, then my tutoring is concept based and exam-oriented and fully compatible with the school curriculum. Such tutoring provides students with an easy and enjoyable learning style, ensures solid foundation knowledge, filling the gap between schoolwork and exam and test requirements, developing students’ independent study skills, increasing their potential and rising motivation and confidence resulting in scoring marks above their expectation.

However, my tuition (called Capital Home Tuition) program for Mathematics year 9 and 10 and VCE Mathematical Methods is recognized as one of the best tutorial practices at the moment and available to all students in Melbourne (Victoria) and affordable to all family budgets (only $24/h). This specialized maths home tuition provides in-depth understanding of the content and some extra tutorial advantages such as: complete time flexibility (you set time for tutoring), consistency (no missing lessons), learning maths from very successful tutor and author of several books and hundreds of video lessons, no extra fee for extra time for explanation of concepts that you may forget and much more. This program includes free first lesson, highly experienced face-to-face personal tutor, pre-recorded video tutorial lessons, reference tutorial books, and four cumulative exams practice. Video lessons and books were created by an extraordinary maths tutor with about 40 years of tutoring experience and with outstanding success in tutoring thousands of students of all levels of knowledge and abilities, as well helping and training hundreds of other tutors and teachers. It is recommended to contact me for detailed information and the first free lesson before you make the final decision for your tutoring.

Contact me on 0451570226 or use this site to request your free first lesson. I will provide you with the best advises for all your educational need and continue supporting you all the way on your journey to success. All my rates are:

CAPITAL HOME TUITION $24/h (included all as explained above and available for VCE Methods year 11 and 12 and Mathematics year 9 and 10). Free first lesson

HOME TUITION $60/h or $90 for 1.5 hours (for all other subjects and year levels). Discounted first lesson

ON-LINE TUITION $45/h (all high school year levels and available subjects). Discounted first lesson.


Monash University


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$24 per hour


  • One-to-one tuition
  • Home visits
  • Online help (Skype)


Year 7
  • Mathematics
Year 8
  • Mathematics
Year 9
  • Mathematics
Year 10
  • Mathematics
Year 11
  • Chemistry Unit 1
  • Chemistry Unit 2
  • Chemistry Unit 3
  • Chemistry Unit 4
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 1
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 2
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 3
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 4
Year 12
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 1
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 2
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 3
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 4