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$30 per hour


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Year 12
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics General


Hi, I'm Gordon and I completed my HSC in 2016 at Sydney Technical High School. While my ATAR was 90.6, I achieved Band 6 in Mathematics Extension 1 and E3 in Mathematics Extension 2.

You may be asking this, Why am I doing this? It's because I'm currently tutoring 3 students in HSC Mathematics (Advanced) and want to help as much as I can but at a affordable rate for both you and me.


1. How can I help you (or my son/daughter) before trial?
With limited time, the best I could do is:
- General revision on the whole HSC Syllabus where I go through each part of the syllabus
- Set up test condition via test paper from other high schools, mark your test and discuss on where to improve and what to do for the final prep. Test management is key in mathematics exam.
- Give you my messenger so you can directly message me at any other time if you need some help.

2. What is your approach to tutoring?
I done tutoring for around 2 years. If there's one main thing I learnt from my experience, it's that each students are different. While some methods work for most students, it may not work for other students. After all, I went to Dr Du tutoring and although it's a high-level coaching, their teaching method is too quick for me so I diverted to another coaching which goes slower and explain more.
If there's one thing I offer to you or your son/daughter, it's calmness. I want to ensure that enough pressure are applied to you or your son/daughter such that they can work and progress without putting any stress. Basically my motto is "It's okay to be dumb at practice. Don't be so when the real time comes.".
I'm also transparent to my students in term of progress, what I and he/she suggest. HSC Is an individual work and I let my students lead his/her improvement with me guiding it.


  • E4 in Mathematics Extension 1


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 90.60.
Currently studying Bachelor of Computer Science at The University of New South Wales.


  • Art
  • Soccer/Football
  • Basketball


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