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Sunday 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Monday 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Friday 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Saturday 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Around North Perth

Sunday 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Monday 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
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Travel policy

During the UWA semester (March-June; August-November) I prefer to tutor at my home in Bassendean. Though, if we can match up times that we can both be at one of the UWA libraries, I’m willing to tutor there too! :)


❗️❗️Hii, I’m Jack :) ❗️❗️

I teach ATAR Year 12 writing subjects (Lit, Pols, History & Philosophy) with precision, graduating with an ATAR of 98.75 in 2018. Message me if you have any questions :))

Truthfully, the short answer to why you should hire a tutor for these subjects is you need to know essay writing AND the content inside-out, which becomes so much more efficient when we work together. There is a very high probability that by combining my resources & experience with your hard work that your marks will improve significantly.

For me, the reason I listed myself as a tutor is because I like seeing people improve! I also like talking about the content and technique (low key love it lol).

Year Twelve Exam Results 2018:

Philosophy & Ethics: 90.6%
Literature: 88.6%
Modern History: 87.6%
Politics and Law: 78.0%

For the disciplines of Philosophy, Literature and Modern History I received requests to have my final examination answers published in Good Answer Guides :))
I have physical copies of my WACE examinations, so if you would like examples of how to answer specific questions, I am more than happy to show you.


I’ve chosen to only advertise my top Year Twelve subjects because they are what I’m most comfortable with. Year Eleven Literature and Philosophy are similar enough to the Year Twelve courses for me to be confident teaching those as well.

As you’ll see in my listed tutoring options, I do one-to-one tuition. I prefer to meet up and go through what you need to know AS OPPOSED TO Skyping or phone help for it. I just personally think it’s more beneficial.

I’d like the first session to go for at least an hour and a half, where the first half hour is just working out where you’re at with everything & building rapport (this first half hour would be free obviously). It’s preferable, though if you only have time for an hour of tutoring on your first session that’s ok and we can go straight into content etc.

The hour+ can be spent generally in two ways:

Sometimes when you go over content in class it might go waayyyy over your head. Alternatively, your notes from earlier in the year might be muddled up, or your teacher could have skipped some topics.
When I go over content for Literature, Modern History, Politics and Law or Philosophy, I go through the syllabus chronologically, teaching point by point. We can tailor your learning lesson by lesson and can breeze through whatever you are certain you already understand and then take more time on harder topics. This is Year Twelve, it matters a lot whether you know and UNDERSTAND the content or not.

I would argue that this is even more important than some of the content. Some people will probably be on this website because they know all of the content for their ‘writing courses’ inside-out, but still get low to moderate marks, or, at least, marks they aren’t content with.
Once you’re comfortable with content for courses, I can teach you how to write concisely and how to do things that markers will give you +rep for. For the courses I’ve listed this refers to: Literature (Close Reading and English Essays), Modern History (Source Analysis Unit 3 and 4 Questions and HASS Essays), Politics and Law (Exam Short and Extended Answers and HASS Essays) and finally, my favourite, Philosophy (Critical Thinking, Passage Analysis, Community of Inquiry and Philosophy Essays).


If you would like anything outside of what I’ve said (e.g. you want someone to go through and give you feedback on an assignment) don’t hesitate to message :) though for the sake of learning I’d prefer to meet in person and go through it rather than just edit your Microsoft Word document and send it back.


For Literature, do not worry that I might not have studied the exact same texts as you. I can help with writing close readings, which do not (in the final examination) come from your class texts, and I can also help with structuring extended responses ✍

If you are looking for tutoring in Modern History, I am very familiar with how to write concise History essays, and how to write comprehensive source analysis answers, irregardless of whether you’re doing Australia, China, Russia etc.
The context I am familiar with is Australia 1918-1955 (Unit 3) and The changing European world since 1945 (Unit 4). I am not familiar with other contexts.


I thought I’d write some stuff here instead of listing under hobbies ☃

At the University of Western Australia, I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)*. I am majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, with a direct postgraduate pathway into Juris Doctor (Law).

I really love doing my 'writing subjects' and since school has ended I've enjoyed tutoring them. In the rest of my free time, I'm usually studying or with my friends. I am very fortunate to still be close with my group from when we went to school together :)

Thanks for reading - no, seriously, if you got this far well done!!

Note: I do have a valid WWCC.

*It’s like a Bachelor of Arts for me, except I have other additional requirements to maintain grades above 75, learn a language, go on exchange and finally I do a research placement in my second year.


  • Western Australian Certificate of Education (Graduate 2018)
  • Prefect of Guildford Grammar School 2018
  • WACE Certificate of Distinction
  • ATAR Subject Certificate of Excellence in Philosophy and Ethics (top 0.5% in the state)
  • SCHOOL Subject Prize for Philosophy and Ethics (Year Eleven & Twelve)
  • SCHOOL Subject Prize for Modern History (Year Eleven & Twelve)
  • SCHOOL Subject Prize for Politics and Law (Year Eleven & Twelve)
  • SCHOOL Academic Honour Society (Junior, Intermediate and Senior)
  • EXTERNAL World Scholar’s Cup Prague International Round (10th Place Individual Debater)
  • EXTERNAL Mock Trials Participant
  • EXTERNAL Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award
  • UWA Semester One - GPA 7.0


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 98.75 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Philosophy, majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at The University of Western Australia.


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$40 per hour


  • One-to-one tuition
  • Group tuition


Year 7
  • English
Year 8
  • English
Year 9
  • English
Year 10
  • English
  • History
Year 11
  • Literature
  • Philosophy and Ethics
Year 12
  • Literature
  • Modern History
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Politics and Law