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Hi all! I'm Eeleen Tey -- I graduated from QASMT in 2016 as the dux of Higher Level English (finishing on a total score of 89%). I've worked as an English tutor for 2 years and done private sessions as well as English workshops. I've also dabbled a bit as a content creator in the popular English website LitLearn.

I'm currently studying Medicine at the University of Melbourne, so I'm offering online tutoring (paper marking or Skype tutoring) during 2019. I will also be looking to run some in-person workshops over the school holidays.


IOP workshop
What will be covered:
- How to have an attention-grabbing start
- How to make your speech interesting, yet still structured in an essay style
- How to check your thesis is good
- Deconstruction of an exemplar speech
- 2 hours
- 5 people maximum per workshop
- $70
What to bring:
- Spare paper
- Pens
- Scored 28/30 on IOP (final IB score, post-moderation)

WiT workshop:
- What will be covered:
- Foolproof WiT structure
- How to vet your thesis (to strike that perfect balance between a thesis that is "too vague" and a thesis that is "too broad")
- How to make a cohesive argument
- How to vet your analysis (to make sure it's detailed enough, and in the style the IB want)
- Detailed breakdown of each criterion to make sure you can hit it
- Deconstruction of an exemplar essay
- 2 hours
- 5 people maximum per workshop
- $70
What to bring:
- Spare paper
- Pens
- Scored 25/25 in WiT (final score given by the IB, post-moderation)
- Have been tutoring WiT for 2 years (have coached over 20 students)

Paper 2 workshop
What will be covered:
- How to have a firm interpretation of the 3 prescribed texts
- How to analyse texts in a Paper 2 style
- Deconstruction of exemplar essays - why they worked and how you can replicate them
- Practice writing session and immediate, direct feedback by myself (not wishy-washy "peer feedback")
- Tips for how to study for Paper 2 - covering quote memorisation, practice paper schedules, and anything else you want to ask me about
- Structured learning and question time so you get your full money's worth without the lesson being bogged down by other peoples' questions
- Take-home resources such as my quote banks and annotated exemplars for later reading
- 2 hours
- 5 per workshop
- $70
What to bring:
- Spare paper
- Pens
- Scored a 7 in Paper 2 (can't remember what the score was though :/)
Past feedback:
- "Attending Eeleen's workshop has been a great help to me! My knowledge of the three required plays has significantly broadened. I now know what to expect and how to write my exam. I feel as though I now know how to prepare for IB English Literature. Thank you so much Eeleen!” — Aakanksha Sahu, QASMT 2018 graduate


If either of the two workshops sounds interesting to you, contact me to discuss times at: Can't wait to help put an end to your IB confusion and misery soon!


  • • Bachelor of Medical Science – GPA 7.0/7.0
  • • International Baccalaureate Diploma – Score 44/45 (ATAR = 99.85)
  • • Griffith Award for Academic Excellence: 2017
  • • Griffith School of Natural Sciences Academic Excellence Award: 2017, 2018
  • • QASMT Honour Roll: 2015, 2016
  • • Dux of Biology Higher Level: 2016
  • • Dux of English Higher Level: 2016
  • • Dux of French Ab Initio Standard Level: 2016
  • • QASMT Academic Excellence Gold Award: 2016, 2015, 2014
  • • University of New South Wales International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (UNSW ICAS): English Medal Winner (top of state), 2014
  • • Australian Biology Olympiad: High Distinction, 2016


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 99.85 (verified).
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine.


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$50 per hour


  • One-to-one tuition
  • Group tuition
  • Online help (Skype)


Year 11
  • Biology
  • English
Year 12
  • Biology
  • English
Year 13
  • Biology
  • English