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Hello, I am tutoring 3/4 Bio & Further. I graduated with a 99.05 ATAR with raw scores of 45 & 49 in Bio/Further.

Despite obtaining these relatively high study scores, I was someone who spent the majority of their academic career attaining marks nearing the bottom of my cohort. Hence, I understand the struggles that many of you go through when attempting to understand material in a subject you are having trouble in.

I have a large amount of resources that I can provide you for both subjects, including past exams from various companies and my own question sets per topic.

For Further, the focus will differ depending on what you require. Lessons will usually operate with an emphasis on the understanding of concepts so that the student is able to properly draw the connection between the variables presented in a question in order to solve it. I will also be able to provide question compilations based on topic - so that you are able to revise and recognise what types of questions you are weak at so that we can discuss the relevant concepts.

I will also ensure that you are used to the format of VCE exams (e.g. time usage) and are comfortable with the usage of your CAS calculator.

For Biology, the lessons will be similarly flexible depending on your needs. I understand that at times, biology may feel like an intensely dry and overwhelming subject. With that, I intend to provide written notes specifically for tackling the ideas presented in a way that is simple and engaging so that you have no trouble remembering the plethora of definitions thrown at you.

I have a valid Working with Children's Check and am able to tutor at State Library and Bunjil Place Libary.


  • 49 in Further Mathematics
  • 45 in Biology


Year 12 completed in 2017.
Mark achieved: 99.05.
Currently studying Bachelor of Science at University of Melbourne.


  • Running
  • Music inc. Piano and Singing


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  • Chemistry Unit 1
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  • Chemistry Unit 4
  • English Unit 3
  • English Unit 4
  • Mathematics: Further Mathematics Unit 1
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