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  • Group tuition
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Year 7
  • Commerce
  • English
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
Year 8
  • Commerce
  • English
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
Year 9
  • Commerce
  • English
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
Year 10
  • Commerce
  • English
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
Year 11
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • Visual Arts
Year 12
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • Fundamentals of English
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2
  • Mathematics General
  • Visual Arts
  • Visual Arts Life Skills
Year 13
  • Business and management
  • Economics
  • English
  • Visual Arts


I am a private tutor residing in Yagoona, Sydney. I have over one year of professional experience in tutoring students from Year 2 to Year 12 in English and Mathematics. I'm enthusiastic, friendly and flexible. I also completed first year of university (studying acceleration 1st-year, 2nd-year and 3rd-year Economics and Econometrics and lectured by Mr. Spiro Vlachos from UNSW) in Years 11-12 (2016), consistently scoring distinction marks and above. At the end of Year 12, I jointly received the Federation Scholarship in Law and the Relocation Bursary valued at $10 000 and I was one of the first students to achieve and bring home to Sydney dual national ranks in Australia all before I turned 18 (6th nationwide in Academia - came close to duxing the country - and 1st in Arts in early 2018) due to the combined mean of my HSC (completed at Sefton High), ICAS competitions (back-to-back distinctions and above), overall high school results (Years 7-12), other miscellaneous external awards and projects, first-year acceleration university results and interview/oral examination and was shortlisted for a prestigious national scholarship, UMAT mentoring and ongoing pastoral care. I additionally completed HSC acceleration in English in Year 9 externally (was one of the youngest students in my mixed acceleration 9-12 class and was taught by Ms. Cara Benedet from Sefton High), duxed my cohort at Birrong Girls High out of 137 girls (2014), successfully received an offer and transferred to Sefton High at the beginning of 2015.

Furthermore, for 2018 I was internationally shortlisted by the John Locke Institute for Economics (Oxford & Princeton) and the Honorary John Locke Junior Fellowship at Oxford, was declared as one of the best and brightest students in the world and further received High Commendation from Director Martin Cox. I additionally was honoured and humbled to be accepted into the Oxford University's Exchange Program to study Business and Entrepreneurship as well as gaining successful admission into one-year exchange at Princeton University to study in France and New York. In 2019, I was additionally one of 24 selected penultimate university students to be named as an Aspiring Woman of Westpac out of 1 000 applicants.

I aspire to go on to do postgraduate study in the social sciences at the University of Sydney and Harvard University in the future (I was offered conditional entry into Harvard in Boston to study Liberal Arts but I said no for now). Not only that, I was additionally given multiple early offers into various art, film, fashion and music schools, multiple invites to apply to scholarship programs and landed my first professional artist contract to work in Victoria at the end of 2017. I am highly experienced in composing art and original music portfolios and have assisted others with successful admission into music schools.

I'm all about making private tuition as well as elitist education more affordable for students everywhere. With my experience studying at a total of 8 different schools and programs ranging from community schools, selective streams, HSC and university acceleration as well as sitting high school and additional acceleration university - level exams in simultaneous exam blocks and studying for the SAT's, I am able to tutor a wide variety of students (especially those who are undertaking external acceleration/gifted programs) and further assist with time management skills. I can help out with developing a weekly schedule that allows a student to ensure they are always operating at peak and optimal performance as I have had to do this when undertaking undergraduate studies and working on multiple creative projects at the same time in Years 11-12.

I recently ranked in the Top 100 tutors nationwide for 2018 and a huge thank you to everyone for making this possible! I offer affordable tuition for state and national curriculums, as well as extensive application and interview prep for ICAS and Olympiad competitions, university acceleration programs (for those in Years 10-11), entry into Ivy League and Oxbridge schools, creative and performing arts schools and scholarship/sponsorship programs. I further offer tuition for university acceleration courses in Economics and Econometrics for acceleration undergraduate students.

Over 90% of all students I teach are frequently ranked in the top 10 for their respective schools and subjects (Note: these students do 2 hours with me each week) with an overwhelming majority ranking first in their cohorts for English.

I am also a tutor at Pre-Uni and a full-time sponsored commerce student at the University of New South Wales (double majoring in Business Economics and Marketing) and a national ambassador for Australian education.

My lessons range from 1 hour to 3 hours (depending on what the student/parent chooses). Parents are welcome to sit with their child for the first lesson.

PRICING: $30 per hour
ASSIGNMENTS: Also available for assignment help and test prep.
HOLIDAY LESSONS: Also available to teach during school holidays.
I hold a valid WWCC.


  • 2018 Crimson Education Student Academic of the Year (Inaugural Australian National Finalist - Ranked 6th)
  • 2018 Crimson Education Student Performer of the Year (Arts) - Highly Commended Inaugural Australian National Finalist (Ranked 1st)
  • 2018 High Commendation Award Recipient (Economics) - John Locke Institute (Oxford University & Princeton University)
  • 2017 Year 12 High Achievers Law Scholarship Recipient (Relocation Bursary & Federation Scholarship in Law) - University of Tasmania
  • 2014 DUX of Year 9 - Birrong Girls High
  • 2014 International Youth Debating Competition Champion (United Nations)
  • 2018 Jackson Emerging Artist Prize (Listed International Artist)
  • 2018 Top 100 Tutors Award
  • 2017 Vice-Chancellor Leadership Scholarship (Shortlisted Candidate) - Western Sydney University
  • 2019 UNSW Heroes Team Finalist
  • 2020 Morgan Stanley Women in Banking Scholarship - Shortlisted Candidate
  • 2013 Distinction in ICAS Science (Ranked 1st at Birrong Girls)
  • 2014 Distinction in ICAS Science (Ranked 1st at Birrong Girls)
  • 2015 Distinction in ICAS Science
  • 2015 Distinction in ICAS Writing
  • 2015 High Distinction in Australian Geography
  • 2014 Excellence in Writing
  • First in Year 9 Commerce (Birrong Girls)
  • First in Year 9 Science (Birrong Girls)
  • First in Year 9 Mathematics (5.3 Pathway - Birrong Girls)
  • 2016 Distinction in ICAS Mathematics (External)
  • First in Year 9 Visual Arts (Birrong Girls)
  • Highly Commended in Year 9 Geography (Birrong Girls)
  • Highly Commended in Year 9 History (Birrong Girls)
  • First in Year 7 Mathematics (Birrong Girls)
  • Highly Commended in Year 7 Technology (Birrong Girls)
  • Highly Commended in Year 7 Visual Arts (Birrong Girls)
  • First in Year 8 Science (Birrong Girls)
  • Highly Commended in Year 8 Geography (Birrong Girls)
  • Highly Commended in Year 8 Mathematics (Birrong Girls)
  • First in Year 10 Visual Arts (Sefton High)
  • First in Year 11 Visual Arts (Sefton High)
  • First in Year 12 Visual Arts (Sefton High)
  • 2019 Inaugural Aspiring Woman of Westpac
  • 2016 Economics & Econometrics Acceleration (1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Units - External)
  • 2013 Battle of the Brains Team Winner (Semester 2 Round)
  • 2019 Changemaker Certificate - Social Impact Hub (UNSW)
  • 2018 Orion Digital Internship Program (UNSW)


Undergraduate University Acceleration (Years 11-12)


  • Visual Arts
  • Community work and volunteering
  • Film-making and music composition (songwriting)/production
  • Modelling
  • Fashion Design
  • UFC


I have been a student of Monica for more than two years. Monica is undoubtedly one of the best English tutors I’ve had. She is the reason why I went from B to an A and most importantly the reason why I was able to come 10th in my school. Monica puts in 100% and inspires me to do the best possible. I am so grateful to be Monica’s student and I believe many others should be tutored by her.
- By Stephanie on 16th December 2018

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