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Graduated from Sydney Technical Highschool in 2016 with a 98.05 ATAR. Achieved a Band 6 across all subjects and graduated as an All-Rounder. (Subjects: 4U Mathematics, Advanced English, Physics, Business Studies)

Hey there! I'm Kevin Lu and I'm currently studying a double bachelors degree in Actuarial Studies & Commerce at the University of New South Wales.
I have 2.5 years experience in private tutoring HSC candidates and am looking for a new set of students for the year.

I teach under a certain philosophy that each student is a different student. I understand that everyone learns in a different, unique way. Being a recent candidate for HSC myself, I am up to date with the syllabus additionally teach my personal study tips to each student for HSC success.


K-10 Subjects:
Mathematics + English + Physics
Opportunity Class Test preparation
Selective High-School Preparation

Y11-HSC Subjects:
General/2U/3U (Highly recommended to have a 2 hour session)
Advanced English
Business Studies

Location: Hurstville (My Residence)
- One-on-One Tuition Session: $50 K-Y10 | $60 Y11-Y12 | $65/hr 3U HSC Math | HURSTVILLE
- Group of 2-3: $40/hr per student K-10 (20% DISCOUNT) | $50/hr per student Y11/Y12 (17% DISCOUNT) - Rates are negotiable. Message me at 0449610833 for any inquiries.
- Online Private Tutoring: Prices vary dependent on subject, please contact me for more information.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Get tutored as a group for a much cheaper rate of $40/hr (K-Y10 only) or $50/hr (Y11/Y12) for any subject.



My lessons include but are not limited to:
- Weekly revision quizzes on core topics and syllabus dot points.
- Direct assistance with school homework and assignments.
- Access to a huge archive of past papers and notes that I've personally collaborated for my students.
- Access to my own personal study notes and tips 'n' tricks for the HSC.

Feel free to contact me via text or email if you have any further questions regarding my tutoring or just want to chat about the HSC in general.

Mobile Number: 0449 610 833


Outside of private tutoring, I have a profound interest in startup companies and emerging technologies such as blockchain & AI. Most recently, I’ve worked as one of the founding team members of 8x Protocol, a decentralised recurring payments solution.ll/text or email if you have any questions regarding my tutoring or just need to chat about the HSC in general.

Mobile: 0449 610 833


  • 2016 HSC 98.00+ ATAR
  • 2016 HSC Distinguished Achiever
  • Accredited UNSW Business School Peer Mentor
  • Actuarial Studies + Commerce Student at UNSW
  • 3 Years Experience in Private Tutoring


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 98.05.
Currently studying Actuarial Studies & Commerce at The University of New South Wales.


  • Basketball
  • Food
  • Coding


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$40 per hour


  • One-to-one tuition
  • Group tuition
  • Home visits
  • Phone help
  • Online help (Skype)


Year 12
  • Business Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2
  • Mathematics General
  • Physics