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Year 7
  • Mathematics
Year 8
  • Mathematics
Year 9
  • Mathematics
Year 10
  • Chinese
  • Mathematics
Year 11
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Heritage Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Extension 1
Year 12
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Heritage Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Extension 1


Hello, my name is Gordon and I graduated from Blakehurst High School in 2017 with an ATAR of 97.55. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws/Actuarial Studies at UNSW. I am experienced; currently private tutoring maths for years 10-12, but can also tutor english, bio and chem. My HSC results are as follows:

-Advanced English 94/100 (Tempest, 1984/Metro,Yeats,Art of Travel)
-2u Maths 97/100
-3u Maths 49/50
-Bio 91/100 (Communications)
-Chem 88/100 (Industrial)
-Chinese in Context 88/100

I believe that success doesn't come naturally, as I was a dropkick back in the junior days, and understand the struggle of going through the hsc without a solid foundation, especially in english and mathematics. Hence, I am more willing to take in people that have the potential to succeed, and are willing to work hard to reach their goals.

The resources given will be from the tutoring centres I went to during my senior years, for english- the brain, maths- dr du (A2/3) and sciences- talent 100.

I understand that there are many more tutors out there that says similar things as me, however, I truly understand how lower ranked school students feel, with the competition and pressure of being dragged down and hence I would love to tutor students from lower ranked schools only. I am located in the hurstville area and if you need a tutor for the above subjects, feel free to email me: gordonlee441@gmail.com or send me a text message: 0412346054!


Year 12 completed in 2017.
Mark achieved: 97.55 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of actuarial studies/Bachelor of laws at The University of New South Wales.


Putting aside his excellent teaching styles, since all the other students of him has already stressed about that above, Gordon is a very approachable, friendly person who was always committed to my learning even outside of lecture time. (i.e.) I still remember 1 week before my Trail maths exam, i was just reviewing all the past paper I've done and asking questions to Gordon, to which he replied to all of them in details. (*he answered all my questions through messenger apps)- Do you know how much effort it takes to explain some difficult concepts through that? But he did it again and again just for me. Over time, i think our bond just grow so close and I see him as a big brother to me now.
- By Ricky Wang on 5th September 2018

Since switching to Gordon as my tutor from major tuition centres such as Dr Du, and The Brain, my marks have significantly improved and needlessly to say, my ranks have improved drastically, from ranking almost last in a cohort of 186 to top 30 in all my subjects Gordon tutors for me; English Advanced, Mathematics Extention 1, Chemistry and Biology, and this has only been the first term of Year 12. The reason being for these drastic change in ranks are due to the personal catering for me, as he understands my strengths and weaknesses and creates target-questions in order to improve these points which is incredibly rare for other tuitions and tutors to do. He explains questions with crisp-clear detail allowing you to understand quickly and thoroughly which is the most important quality to hold as a tutor. Gordon also thoroughly understands the problems and struggles of a student in a low ranking public school, where marks significantly affect your rank, and your rank is greatly dragged down which may ultimately affect your atar. Overall, i sincerely recommended to contact Gordon for his tuition services, as it most definitely will be a major decision in your life you will not regret.
- By Meggie Yao on 8th February 2018

Gordon as a tutor has helped me grasp a solid foundation of 2U mathematics as i enter year 11. Being a significantly sharp man, he stressfully advocates the importance of hard work in life, as nothing comes easy. Overall, Gordon is a very relatable person. He deeply understands the struggles and stress of a student in a lower ranked public school, where the fear of marks being dragged down are inevitable. Conclusively, i solemnly recommend the premium services of which Gordon provides to everyone.
- By Roy Wong on 6th February 2018

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