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My name is Will Bennett and I'm a year 12 High School student. I am currently completing my HSC in 2018 for English Extension 1 and 2, English Advanced, Chinese Continuers, Japanese Continuers and Multimedia.

I started studying Mandarin Chinese 8 years ago and began Japanese 5 years ago. I want to begin teaching people the two languages I've loved learning so much to inspire fluency goals amongst adolescents. To ensure growth in a student and growth in myself as someone who is still continuously learning these languages too.

I offer private tutoring to anyone from K-12 depending on his or her level in Mandarin/Japanese. Adults are welcome as well. I will competently and regularly teach you a 'tailored to your needs' course in Mandarin or Japanese whilst also giving memorisation and educative skills useful in later life. I need to ensure you are constantly improving and never uncomfortable with the amount you're learning so I will be patient and listen to your needs as a student. I understand what it is to be a student, being one myself, so I know what it is required of students completing any secondary course in Mandarin/Japanese and also a Year 11 and Year 12 standard of Chinese Continuers/Japanese Continuers.

Most tutors have a filial background that allows them almost perfect proficiency in the language they teach. This is something that I lack as I am of an Anglo-Saxon background. However, something they lack is the ability to understand how to learn a language from scratch. I know how to learn a language. How one can get their head around difficult grammatical hypocrisies or the slight nuances of particular words. Being skilled at English helps me with this understanding and will help me help you.


  • Lived in Kagoshima, Japan for 3 months on a student exchange
  • 5 years of continuous first place rankings in Japanese in High School
  • Receiver of the Sutherland Shire Chinese School Academic Award 2014 and 2017
  • Co-hosted the Sutherland Shire Chinese School's Annual Eisteddfod in Mandarin
  • Attended one of the top Private School's in the Kagoshima prefecture during exchange


Year 12 student.
Currently studying at Cronulla High School.


  • Dancing
  • Learning Mandarin, Chinese
  • Learning Japanese
  • Filmmaking
  • Acting


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$25 per hour


  • One-to-one tuition
  • Group tuition
  • Home visits


Year 7
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
Year 8
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
Year 9
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
Year 10
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
Year 11
  • Chinese Beginners
  • Chinese Continuers
  • Japanese Beginners
  • Japanese Continuers
Year 12
  • Chinese Beginners
  • Chinese Continuers
  • English
  • English as a Second Language
  • Fundamentals of English
  • HSC English Extension 1
  • HSC English Extension 2
  • Japanese Beginners
  • Japanese Continuers