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I currently have an office in Newtown (134 King Street), but also conduct classes at the libraries at USYD, and attend students homes in Glebe, Newtown and Bellevue Hill.


English Extension 2 specialist and mentor: with you from concept to completion.

Start with me from week one (first class is free), attend each class, put into practice the skills we cover and you will:

* improve every aspect of your Creative, Critical, Speech, or Poetry writing
* stress less
* be proud of your literary output; and
* achieve a high band E3 or 4.

English Extension 2 is challenging, but I will make it as enjoyable and rewarding as it should be (see some recent reviews below, or on my website

The HSC English Extension 2 Course is the most demanding (and rewarding) HSC English course available to high school students. It requires the completion of an extended composition (Major Work) which students live and breathe for almost 12 months, and a Reflection Statement (and don't forget about the internals!). For many students, it may be the most substantial single composition they complete in their lives (or at least until they are a postgraduate).

As a writer, I personally understand the sustained, and at times agonising, effort required to succeed in producing a Major Work, and the gnawing doubt that can affect a student’s ability, or confidence to complete (too many students discontinue! Though none of mine ever have) I bring this personal understanding to all of my students, and not only assist them in completing the Course to a high standard, but also producing work they can be proud of, and happy to read many years later.

I have guided students for over six years through the complex requirements of the English Extension 2 Course and under my guidance and mentorship all of my students have improved their writing/composition, research skills and their internal rank.

I specialise in mentoring students in the preparation of Short Story(ies), Poem(s), Speech writing and Critical Response.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and Art History) (2008) with First Class Honours (2009), and a Juris Doctor (2012) all from the University of Sydney. I practised as a litigation lawyer for 2 years, and left to pursue a career in writing. I am currently undertaking a Master of Creative Writing (30,000 word composition with exegesis).

As a brief overview, I assist my students with:

• all stages of planning and completing the Major Work, Journal and Reflection Statement;
• developing an extended composition which demonstrates depth, insight, originality, skills in independent investigation and textual integrity;
• your ongoing, systematic and rigorous investigation (independent research) into your chosen area;
• all of the internal assessments including the Viva Voce, Report, and Draft Major Work and Reflection on progress

Each class I provide students with a practical skill, that will not only assist in the Extension 2 Course, but also in their personal and academic lives beyond the HSC. I provide below a brief introduction, and summary, to my teaching timetable for short story composition:

First term of HSC Course (term 4):

• assist you in identifying an area of personal interest from your study of the preliminary and HSC English Advanced, and Extension Courses
• Workshop on research and research methods
• establish the foundations of your Major Work journal
• Establish a proposal and preliminary concept
• Prepare for the Viva Voce

First term into Second term (Term 4 to Term 1):

• Introduction to the rudiments of narrative (using literary examples):
• language, grammar, structure and punctuation
• Plot
• Setting
• Character
• Narrative point of view and narrative voice
• Tense
• Style and technique

The Christmas holiday, and term 2 are dedicated to sustained, focused and practical composition (executing, and finalising a full draft of your Major Work).

Term 2-3 is dedicated to editing of the Major Work (a minimum of 8 weeks) and finalisation of the Reflection.

First class to discuss your concept is free ( or


  • First class honours (2009) USYD
  • Walter Reid Memorial Prize (2012) USYD
  • First in Environmental Law (2013)


Bachelor of Arts (English and Art History) with First Class Honours (USYD) (2009) (20,000 word thesis)

Juris Doctor (USYD) (2012).

Master of Creative Writing (USYD) (current) and working on a book of short stories about my experiences as a litigation lawyer.


  • Modernist literature
  • Philosophy
  • Writing haikus
  • The beach on a Sunday morning


Without Blair the intricate wonders of the Extension 2 English course would have been lost on me. He aided me in my exploration of both the elements of the English Language and a wide scope of creative ideas. He encouraged me to practise a great deal of self discipline when it came to my writing whilst also exhibiting a wealth of understanding and appreciation for my efforts. It was extremely rewarding to have a mentor that was so passionate about not only the course itself, but also my work; to bounce ideas, changes, and problems off, in order to come to formative conclusions. I am positive that I got the most out of this course that I ever possibly could have, and I have Blair to thank for that.
- By Gabrielle on 11th April 2018

Blair’s expertise and creativity in navigating the Extension 2 English course has transformed what was an initially independent and gruelling subject into an incredibly insightful experience. His very detailed knowledge of guidelines and expectations of the course and modern literature is complemented by carefully structured guidance through the stages of research and writing. His dedication to his students is seen in his willingness to spend time in listening to thoughts and ideas, and subsequently, his creative and original suggestions about how such ideas may be incorporated. Above all, it is his empathy and patience with his students that make every lesson productive and enjoyable, and Blair a great tutor.
- By Annabelle on 13th December 2017

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$90 per hour


  • One-to-one tuition
  • Online help (Skype)


Year 12
  • HSC English Extension 2