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Tutoring near Endeavour Hills & Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria

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Blake tutors around Endeavour Hills
Blake also tutors around Brunswick

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Travelling an extra 15 minutes or more from Endeavour Hills will incur a $10 flat fee.


First Class Honours in Mathematics from the UK, at the University of Glasgow. This is equivalent to a four year honours mathematics course in Australia with High Distinction.

I am starting a Masters in Pure Mathematics at Melbourne University in 2018. I have tutored early high school maths through to third year university mathematics, as well as being employed as a maths tutor for a university summer school for high school students entering university. I also took part in the student run (volunteer) maths help room for students in first and second year university. This was extremely rewarding and enjoyable. Finally, I have also been a volunteer English and Mathematics teacher at a monastery in Indian for 4 months. This experience was very rewarding and has left me wishing to continue to tutor and mentor.

I believe that strong academic performance can be obtained by hard work together with good instruction. I pride myself at helping students see the enjoyable aspects of the subject, spurring on the development of natural motivation and fascination with the subject, without which makes mathematics difficult for some.

Throughout my first three years at university I obtained high distinctions in all my mathematics subjects. However, this was quite difficult for me, having a poor high school education many years previously, I had to relearn all of high school mathematics on my own, before returning to university. As a result I always felt behind the curve, and that I had to work twice as hard as many other top students. This has put me in a great position for tutoring, especially for students that find the subject quite difficult, since I have approached my learning from a perspective of a struggling student. This means I am acutely aware of where troubles in understanding come from, and exactly how to overcome them.

Whilst tutoring students I attempt to keep a 50/50 ratio of student speaking or writing to tutor instructing. Keeping the student interacting and speaking provides a perfect way to do two things simultaneously: 1) checking the student understands the material on the spot, and 2) as the student interacts then they reinforce what we are covering to help with recall afterwards.

I also emphasise mathematical spoken language, since writing and speaking involve two different parts of the brain. Interacting with the student via both mediums allows for the student to become a lot more comfortable with the abstract symbols, both in writing and reading. Once the student understands how to properly ‘talk’ mathematics, then reading it on their own (subvocalisation) becomes possible, and hence the symbols become much easier to handle and less daunting. I believe this is one of the major aspects left out in high school education, and can make the difference between being intimidated by the symbols or feeling comfortable with them.


  • High Distinctions in all my Mathematics Courses at Glasgow University in the UK
  • Tutoring a student in year 8 from the middle/bottom of the bottom class to obtain a 100% mark in a test, putting him in the higher class
  • Obtaining the Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship at Glasgow Unviersity
  • Being employed by the University of Glasgow as a summer school maths tutor
  • Obtaining 100% in an engineering mathematics test in first year university


Year 12 completed in 2008.
Mark achieved: 80.00 (verified).
Currently studying MSc Mathematics at University of Melbourne.


  • Photography
  • Playing and Coaching Squash
  • Psychology


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$40 per hour


  • One-to-one tuition
  • Group tuition
  • Home visits
  • Online help (Skype)


  • Mathematical Studies SL
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics: Foundation Unit 1
  • Mathematics: Foundation Unit 2
  • Mathematics: Further Mathematics Unit 1
  • Mathematics: Further Mathematics Unit 2
  • Mathematics: General Mathematics Unit 1
  • Mathematics: General Mathematics Unit 2
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 1
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 2
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 3
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Methods (CAS) Unit 4
  • Mathematics: Specialist Mathematics Unit 1
  • Mathematics: Specialist Mathematics Unit 2
  • Mathematics HL
  • Mathematics SL

Tutoring students in

  • Year 12
  • Year 11
  • Year 10
  • International Baccalaureate