Pouya M Very responsive
Tutoring near Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, VIC & Clayton, Melbourne, VIC


I am a recent graduate of Electronics Engineering from RMIT. I am very passionate about teaching others and have always been known to go out of my way to assist my friends and class mates. I enjoy transferring the knowledge and skills I have to others.
I am very confident with electronics, computing, programming and calculus. I am also very keen to explore new options, I am a quick leaner so if there is something which I have not listed, feel free to ask about and I will see if I can teach that to you.
I believe learning should be enjoyable and fun!


  • Finished university at age of 20
  • High achiever in programming classes
  • Acknowledged by lecturers as coming up with innovative ways to complete tasks


Honours of Computer and Network Engineering


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