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You will quickly see that biology is my soul passion and I give my everything to teaching Biology to others. As your tutor, I want to grow your passion for the biological sciences and love to answer any of your questions that go beyond the scope of your course, for those with inquisitive minds.

My Biology Journey
- I have two Bachelor degrees in Biomedicine and Science (Psychology) @ Monash University. The day after graduating I began working full time in the neuroscience field.
- I have tutored year 12 biology for the last 5 years. 90% of my students receive study scores over 40, with two in 2020 receiving 43 and 44 through online tutoring and email support.
- I am currently studying a Masters of Clinical Embryology with the intention of branching into genetic research through IVF and individualised medicine.

I want to be available to all students from all backgrounds, so I am currently offering online-learning packages. I love online learning because it allows me to have all my resources at my finger tips during our sessions and ensures our routine will not be disrupted in the case of any future lock downs. My rates start from $60 per hour and you can choose to have unlimited out-of-hours email support.

Please include your phone number in your inquiry, and I will text you to get start supercharging your Biology results today.



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