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I recently completed the IB Diploma and have a strong grasp in the new syllabi alterations. During the two years, I felt overwhelmed when it came to understanding and applying content, hence I can relate to similar sufferings. I hope that under my tutelage this will become more relaxing to ultimately benefit the student. I also understand the stress that is associated with the internal assessments and can therefore assist over the period of writing and submitting drafts. I received high marks on my internal assessments across my subjects. Some of these include, Business and Management HL (22/25), Economics SL (42/45) and Mandarin B SL (27/30- Oral, 23/25- Written Assignment). I also achieved high overall grades in Business and Management HL, Economics SL, Mathematical Studies SL and Chinese B SL. I also received a grade A (36/36) for my Extended Essay on English.

Some noticeable marks achieved include, (grade shown after comma)
English HL Paper 2 (21/25, 7)
Chinese B SL Paper 1 (40/40, 7), Paper 2 (22/25, 7)
Mathematical Studies Paper 1 (83/90, 7), Paper 2 (81/90, 7)
Economics SL- Paper 1 (39/50, 7)
Business and Management Paper 1 (42/60, 6)
Biology HL Paper 1 (32/40, 6), Paper 3- AHL- Ecology and Conservation (31/40, 6)

I also provide acceleration for those looking to take on the IB. Tutoring for the fundamental reading, writing and arithmetic areas are also available for younger year groups (Years 4-10). In-person tutoring as well as Skype lessons are available in both a one-on-one and group lesson format.

On top of academic experience, I am also capable of teaching cello for leisure and lower grades -received Certificate of Performance (CMus) after completing Grade 6 with Distinction.

Years 11-12, IB, IB Help, HSC, HSC Help - $60
Years 7-10 - $50
Younger years - $40


  • Certificate of Performance, Cello
  • Member of School Orchestra
  • Member of School Chess Team
  • Competed at State games- Fencing
  • Gold Award, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Bronze Medallist University Games 2017-Taekwondo


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 97.60.
Currently studying Architectural Studies at The University of New South Wales.


  • Cello
  • Travel and cultural immersion
  • Sports


I had James for a few lessons to get my head around a few concepts in mathematics and business. The methodology he goes through in explaining terms is excellent, making it easy to follow and understand for application. He is also willing to help in other aspects, with him helping me in my ongoing IA's and EE proposals for year 12.
- By Jacqueline on 5th April 2018

James helped me throughout the last two months of the IB coursework for mathematics and allowed me to enjoy the content as well as learn it a lot quicker than if I had tried to learn myself. I was getting low grade 4's in the subject, but James was able to pull me up to a high 6 in my final exam in November.
- By Harry on 5th April 2018

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