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Hi My name is Antonia! I am currently in my second year of university at UTS and am studying a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Laws. I graduated from Santa Sabina College in 2020 & achieved high band 5's and 6's in all my subjects. I have been tutoring since December 2020, and have worked with 15 students during this period.

Despite the challenges of covid and online learning, I have been able to work with students to achieve strong results and feel much more confident in their abilities and school work. My lessons are interactive, engaging, digitally-driven & always individually tailored to students' needs.

I am passionate to help students become motivated and dedicated to their studies to get the best out of their school years. It is essential for students to recognise the value of tutoring and being able to receive constant support and guidance in areas of weakness (or areas that they are less confident in) early.

Through my high school experience, I quickly learned that to succeed in the HSC you need to prepare as if it is a marathon instead of a sprint. In other words, the foundations of each subject area need to be strong in order to encourage success and healthy challenges. This takes practice and constant application - not only with ‘extension work’ but with regular revision of all syllabus areas… this helps foster greater confidence and accuracy!

I make my own resources that align with the NSW syllabus & curriculum and provide homework to complement lessons to ensure full understanding. If additional help is required my schedule is flexible enough to allow for longer sessions.

- Studying a Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Laws at UTS
- I have been tutoring since December 2020, and have worked with 15 students during this period
- My HSC subjects included: English Advanced, Maths Ext 1, Economics, SOR 1, Design & Technology (ranked 1st) & Modern Greek (ranked 1st at Ashfield through the SSCL)

Locations: Zoom

Yr K-6 = $55 per hour
Yr 7- Yr 10 = $60 per hour
Yr 11- Yr 12+ = $80 per hour


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: N/A.
Currently studying Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Laws at University of Technology Sydney.


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