Arvind S Very responsive
Tutoring near Crawley, Perth, WA


I am year 2 Doctor of medicine student who can assist with ASSESSMENT preparation. I am passionate about mathematics. I can teach at university of western Australia and online if preferred. I do group classes as well at 30/hr/person. I aim to help my students improve and learn to enjoy the subjects they study.


  • Perfect score for mathematics in university(specialist)
  • HD for multivariable calculus university


Year 12 completed in 2014.
Mark achieved: N/A.
Currently studying Medicine at The University of Western Australia.


  • Teaching
  • Badminton coaching


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He does a fantastic job at explaining the fundamentals of the subjects and helps students understand difficult concepts with ease, while adapting to their learning styles.
He goes above and beyond to help students and i’m sure he’ll be the right tutor for you!
- By Amanda S. Manage on 18th May 2022


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