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I guarantee I WILL make things easier for you.

More than that, I hope to make the process enjoyable and interesting too. Being possessed of insatiable curiosity, and enthusiasm for learning, I think my greatest strength as both a teacher and tutor is having some of that curiosity and enthusiasm rub off on my students.

I recently resigned from my teaching position mid-contract - a first for me in my entire life (I'm 37-years-old) - after being utterly repulsed at the education system in place in Australia. The last time I taught in an Australian secondary school was in 2009, so the mass-scale, mechanized, bureaucratized, almost industrialized nature of the profession in 2021 disgusted me. There was simply no way I could encourage meaningful "teaching" and "learning" to a total of approximately 140 kids per week. I would estimate that I spent approximately 60% of my paid working hours babysitting/crowd-controlling, 30% entering data, and 10% actually teaching. Unpaid overtime hours, of which there were many, were dedicated to marking, pointless meetings, and chasing up behaviour management.

As such, I feel I can make much better use of my skills as an educator in the field of private tutoring.


  • I was awarded a scholarship and bursary to attend the University of Melbourne, and stay at Ormond College
  • I have been published in the Guardian, The Times (London), The Middle East Quarterly, The Commentator, The Washington Times, and many more
  • Lived in 10 countries, traveled to 40+? Is that an achievement?


University of Melbourne (Ormond College)
Bachelor of Arts (Majors: Philosophy, History; Minors: English, Classics)
Graduated 2006

University College Dublin
Faculty of Arts – Exchange
History and Philosophy
January 2005 – December 2005

University of Melbourne
Faculty of Education
Graduate Diploma in Education
Graduated December 2007

Moscow Higher School of Economics
Faculty of Humanities, School of Philology
Intercultural Communication, M.A.
January 2018 - ongoing


  • Reading, weight-training, standup comedy, classical and neo-classical music, folk music, good films, Dark (series), podcasts, FOOTBALL (soccer).... Aubrey Plaza....


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